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(OOC) Cart Items
It has basic food and small supplies for the group. If wanting to know if there is anything in particular, PM me!

(sized for small creatures minus the arrows)
05 Leather Armor-Small
01 Chain Shirt (Masterwork)-Small
05 Short Swords-Small
05 Short Bows-Small
05 +1 Arrow Bane Arrows-Animal (Can be used as normal)
02 Cure Light Wounds Potions
01 Short Bow (Masterwork)-Small
01 Spear-Small
-- Several arrows w/Quivers (x6)

Several daggers, old quarterstaffs, misc gear. Mainly survival gear (hammers, nails, misc stuff)

-I'll assume you left the gear from the last of the goblins on them? Nothing of value other then some shortswrds/shortbows/ect.

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