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The Storymaker
Sat 16 Jan 2016
at 03:05
Rules! (Read 2nd)
Bear with me any mistakes that I make. Hopefully it turns out well but please enjoy. (This is a restart, however things have changed)

There is some rules that your gonna have to follow. These are the basic rules but can be changed if necessary.

1. Respect others who shall be in this roleplay with you.
2. No godmodding
3. Make sure that no one is left out unless told otherwise.
4. Listen to your superiors (which means listen to the GM) If you don't then you will be kicked from the rp.(Unless you justify for your action.)
5. No one liners.
6. You can be a new trainer or an experienced one
7. If your absent, then either tell me so then we can work something out. Ill give ya 2 warnings for absent 3rd time will be a remove if your slowing down the game.
8. Have Fun

You have 2 warnings then you will be kicked upon reaching the 3rd warning.

Any questions about anything PM me  and ill answer them as soon as possible thx!

List Your Favorite Pokemon in Bold in the "Other" section to prove you have read the rules.

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