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Thu 22 Aug 2019
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Hello...May the Force be with us!

The Basics

1. This Star Wars game will use Revised Core Rules system.

2. Only the classes contained in the standard player's handbook will be allowed in the beginning. Races and Classes in other book may be considered. No Force Adepts please.

3. All other supplementary handbooks will be approve on a case by case basis.

4. Players will start at 5th level. Stats will be 16, 16, 14, 12, 10, 10, in whatever order you wish. Also, Max VP for every level.

5. Players will start with the maximum amount of credits based on their class.

6. Looking for good character development and role playing. Two paragraph backstory minimum.

7. I would like a well rounded party for this game, team players please.

8. I will accept Jedi characters. You may take Jedi levels if you can find a Jedi to train you (in game).

9. Evil/Darkside characters are allowed. Good/Lightside characters are allowed. That said, before you decide to fight each other remember, you are all being hunted by the Empire. You stand a far better chance of survival if you work together.

10. Trust in the Force.

11. Please, do not argue with me. My decisions, once made are final.

12. I...hate...no selling.
I would like everyone to watch this before moving forward.

14. Please declare in your RTJ if you are Rebel or former Confederate. This should be obvious from your backstory, but I want to be sure.

Character Introduction and Background

The year is 4 BBY, some of you are remnants of what once was the Confederacy of Independent Systems. With your government broken in the clone wars, you have been holding out in an old separatist facility.

Some of you are Rebels who have just stumbled into this facility with the Empire hot on your heels.

In any case, this new group of Rebels and former Confederates have little time to decide what to do, as the Empire will soon be upon them all.

Will you and your party continue to hold to the old ideals, and fight for what the old Confederacy fought for? Will you fight to restore the republic?...or will your party find their own path in life?


Expect me to make two GM posts a per calendar week. In turn, I will expect two well made posts from you in a calendar week.

I realize that real life happens, and I will try to be flexible with my own posting schedule and with the schedules of others. After all, it's just a game and we are here to have fun and enable our fellow players to have fun. :)

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Thu 22 Aug 2019
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GM Order 66...

If I do not receive word of your absance, and a player has failed to post for more than 1 weeks, your character will be written out of the game(killed horribly or walking off never to be seen again, etc). Said player may come back with a new character, but must RTJ all over again.

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