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Rebel GM
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 06:46
Level Up!!!
Level up. You are now 5th level. Please post here once you are done updating your character sheet. Once everyone is done, I will start the new chapter and there will be a time jump of about two months. You will be able to work on crafts if you have them. There will also be choices (missions) to vote on (sandbox).

Jedi characters...and Luther, if you wish to build your lightsabers you may do so. Since this was one of Dooku's ships, a small Geo-furnace is aboard where you can make crystals (of any color you wish). I will also say there are enough parts. Since this is mostly for RPing fun, I will make the checks easier. I would also like a pic of the lightsaber hilt put on your Description page once done. If you have questions, just ask. ;)

Also, Luther please make a Fortitude saving throw. PM me the result. :)

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Valsolis Zikriya
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 15:44
Level Up!!!
In reply to Rebel GM (msg # 1):

I'm done, pending finding some equipment (Val needs a better blaster!)
Tana Yon
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 17:51
Level Up!!!
Same - all done, pending equipment purchases and some downtime activity results.
Orlan Zane
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Tue 10 Sep 2019
at 22:15
Level Up!!!
All done pending downtime activity
 Rebel, 52 posts
Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 00:02
Level Up!!!
All set. Need to find a decent lightsaber pic!
Firren Luug
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 01:52
Level Up!!!
Also set.
Luther Dusk
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 05:23
Level Up!!!

Done. Fort roll sent.
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 15:02
Level Up!!!