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Wed 11 Sep 2019
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Lightsaber Workshop
This thread is devoted to those who wish to build a lightsaber. Please describe your efforts in creating your blade. Two paragraphs IC minimum. This is a milestone moment for your character, make it beautiful.

Four rolls will be needed to be successful (all DC 10). A Constitution Check for Control DC 10, a Wisdom Check for Sense DC 10 and a Intelligence Check for Alter DC 10. Passing these rolls will allow your character to imbue the Crystal(s) for your lightsaber. Imbuing the Crystal(s) requires a Force point.

Finally a DC 10 Craft (Lightsaber) check to put the assembly together right. You may make this roll untrained, if you have no skills.

You may use a force point to gain a bonus on any roll you fall short on. You may not take 10. Please include your rolls at the bottom of you post.

Good luck and may the Force be with you.

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Firren Luug
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 06:05
Lightsaber Workshop
Firren fiddled around with making a crystal, which he intended to cast a yellow-orange blade.  However, it was deeply flawed and began crumbling to ruddy orange dust.  Firren quickly and calmly reached into the internal matrix of the crystal with the Force and shifted it ever so slightly into a stable pattern.  He set the dust to one side, and the crystal to another.

He took the dust from the early crumbling and beat it into the molten plasteel of the main portion of the lightsaber handle, resulting in a dark copper color.  He then fused white and black stones together around the handle to form the grip and shaved away portions of each stone, resulting in what looked like a snake-scale grip but which was actually far, far harder.  He organized the full assembly including the crystal into the handle and flipped the switch.

To his surprise, the re-ordering of the crystal's matrix had left it devoid of color and a pure white blade leaped forth.  He smiled at his lightsaber.  Like many things in the Force, what happened was not what he had planned but it was wonderful.

OOC: my saber is pictured in my profile - RPOL won't let me post the pic here because it has over 80 characters consecutive for the web address of the image file.

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Orlan Zane
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Wed 11 Sep 2019
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Lightsaber Workshop
Orlan went to visit the geoforge, a small Viridian crystal in hand. Meditating on the the wonders of the Force, he focused on the recent events. Being reunited with other Jedi that had survived the massacre, chased by the empire, finding the Wrathchild, defeating the Dark Jedi, and the Wrathchild returning for them... only to find a geoforge onboard. The Force truly worked in mysterious ways, Orlan became excited at the prospect of seeing what the future held.

It was then that Orlan realized his thoughts were racing. Taking a deep breath, he refocused his attention. Control was the first step after all. Next came Sense, Orlan attempted to feel the Force flowing through the small crystal. Unfortunately, it came slowly and difficult. It took a good while before he could attain the proper feeling, Sensing was always his weakest aspect, but eventually it came. Attuning the crystal came next, Altering the flow of the Force between himself and the crystal.

Finally properly attuned, Orlan sheltered the crystal in the electronic shielding that was necessary. Floating the variety of casings, electronics, and mechanical components around the shielding, he brought the pieces together in a finished saber at last. Taking the saber from the forge with the utmost reverence, he hadn't thought that he would ever return to his training. It was then that he realized tears ran down his cheeks.

22:33, Today: Orlan Zane rolled 15 using 1d20+4.  Craft Lightsaber.

22:23, Today: Orlan Zane rolled 13 using 1d20+4.  Intelligence.

22:23, Today: Orlan Zane rolled 8 using 1d20+3.  Wisdom.

22:23, Today: Orlan Zane rolled 13 using 1d20.  Constitution.

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Wed 11 Sep 2019
at 09:34
Lightsaber Workshop
The bird man enters the forge at some point, making sure the others are not within. He sits down in the center of the room, crosslegged. Val'Si closes his eyes, resting his hands upon his hips. He tilts his head, as pieces of debree come towards him. They look old and worn down. With eyes closed, the lightsaber begins to form.

After a moment, the lightsaber took shape and hovered in front of Val'Si. His eyes open as he studies the new weapon. But it was not complete. Not yet. Reaching out with the Force, the crystal slowly was created. Once done, he puts them together in unison and the weapon was complete. The creature reached out, and the weapon dropped down into his hands. He ignited the weapon, and a bronze blade emerged.

Val'si stands up, holding this new weapon. He looks at it, tilting his head. The feathered beast puts it at his side opposite of his other blade and he turns to leave.

Luther Dusk
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Fri 13 Sep 2019
at 06:39
Lightsaber Workshop
Luther sat infront of the geoforge meditating for two days. As this time went on Luther shaped the crystals for his saber. Passion flowed through him like a mighty river and that passion poured into the crystals. He thought about Val and his battle-brother Rawl. He thought about his time as a slave during childhood and then his training during the clone wars.

Stoking the fire of his passions, Luther began to think about the future. Passion, strength , power and freedom, that would all be his in time. Shaping the blade guards, Luther then began putting the main pieces of the hilt together. Taking the two crystals, Luther used one as the primary crystal and the other crystal to fine tune the blade.

With the crystals done, Luther put together the weapon. It was a heavy duty lightsaber, that has a rugged and savage look to it. Fitted with a set of blade guards, the red blade was a terror to behold.

OOC: I'm in the same boat as Firren here. But the lightsaber pic is on the Description page. :)

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