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Understanding Marvel Heroic
There's an MHR cheat sheet PDF under the Game Links.

There's a dice pool assembly cheat sheet there, too.

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Understanding Marvel Heroic
 When CreatedHow CreatedBased OnDefault SizeAttached toUsable byDefault durationCAN'T pool withGone after
AssetAction SceneSpend effect from successful rollEntire rollEffect die usedYou (or your choice)Possessor or narrative senseOne roll or conflict*Other Asset diceDuration exceeded, destruction (via hostile action roll), narrative sense
ComplicationAction SceneSpend effect from successful rollEntire rollEffect die usedOpponentAnyone acting against your opponentOne roll or conflict*Other ComplicationsDuration exceeded, destruction (via hostile action roll), narrative sense
StuntAction sceneSpend PP prior to rollPower trait or SpecialtyD8YouYouOne roll onlyOther Push, Stunt, or Resource diceOne use
ResourceTransition scene, or Activate Opportunity in Action sceneSpend PP in Transition scene, or Activate Opportunity in Action sceneSpecialtyD6 for Expert Specialty, D8 for MasterYouYou (or your choice)Until beginning of next Transition sceneOther Push, Stunt, or Resource diceNext/Current Action scene or destruction by successful enemy action roll

* You can spend a PP to extend it to the next scene

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Understanding Marvel Heroic
Various sites with write-ups you can peruse for ideas on Distinctions, power benchmarks, etc.

Marvel Heroic Wiki
Exploring Infinity Fan Made Datafiles
Martyrs and Madmen datafiles
That 70s Game datafiles
Thac0s at Midnight datafiles
The Doom Pool datafiles
Lost Files of Marvel (tons of datafiles)
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Understanding Marvel Heroic
MHR Cheat Sheet
Dice Pool Assembly cheat sheet

MHR Example of Play
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Understanding Marvel Heroic
Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP) benchmark comparisons:

Marvel Super HeroesMHR

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Mon 6 Aug 2018
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Scene Distinctions
Heroes and villains aren't alone in having Distinctions. The Scene (or the location the Scene takes place in) may also be described using Distinctions. These are defining qualities of the Scene that could help or hinder the characters in it. Examples of Scene Distinctions include Cluttered, Flooded, Noisy, Pitch Black, Quiet, and Unstable.

A Scene Distinction is often a sensory condition, like Noisy or Pitch Black. Other times, it suggests physical or environmental color, such as Cluttered or Flooded. Not all Scene Distinctions need to be so precise or direct; you could toy with Tranquil Mood, Stacks and Stacks of Crates, or Creepy Atmosphere.

As a player, it's your choice whether or not to include a Scene Distinction in your dice pool, and whether you're going to use it for a D4 (and get a PP) or a D8. Scene Distinctions count as Distinctions when putting together your dice pool--if you're already using one from your datafile, adding in one from the Scene costs you PP. On the other hand, if you're having trouble finding an applicable Distinction from your datafile, you can use a Scene Distinction instead.

Scene Distinctions are similar to complications because they often seem to represent negative or hindering conditions in the environment. You can even target a Scene Distinction in the same way you target a complication (it counts as a D8 for these purposes) if it makes sense, e.g.

You could target Crowd of Onlookers and if you were to succeed against the Doom Pool with a D8 or better for an effect die, you could describe how you clear the onlookers out.