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Character Creation
Character Creation:

System: We'll be using the Star Wars Saga edition rules. Any book is allowed but individual races, feats, talents and classes may be banned.

Stats: 28 point buy, the system is explained on page 18 of the core book, called 'planned generation'. Alternatively you may use the following 'array'. 8,10,12,14,16,16.

Level: We'll be starting at level 7.

Starting Credits/Equipment: Use the following values for starting credits instead of those given in the core rulebook:

Noble: 6d6 X 500 Credits
Jedi: 2d6 X 500 Credits
Scoundrel: 3d6 X 750 Credits
Scout: 3d6 X 500 Credits
Soldier: 10d4 X 250 Credits

Any military or restricted equipment does not require you to pay the black market fee. Any equipment designated as Illegal requires you to pay the X5 black market fee.

Background: We will not be using the destiny system, instead we will be using the background system, starts on page 16 of the rebellion era sourcebook, if you do not have this book, i can help you choose a suitable background.


Talents: The 'wealth' talent (Noble) will not be available.

Prestige Classes: Most prestige classes will be allowed, unless they should disrupt the feel of the game or if a particular prestige class is considered particularly broken. (There is only one).

Special: Any specific race, feat, talent may be disallowed if I feel that it creates a character with an unfair advantage over the others, or it disrupts the setting and disturbs the feel of the game.

Destiny Points: As we are not using the destiny system, players will not gain destiny points.


We will be using the errata, and I found this useful website to let you read through it.

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