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Captain choices
Rogert Starhark:

Coming from a family with a tradition of military service even during the old days of the republic, Rogert is en elderly man with shortly cropped white hair and an impressive greying moustache. He has a calm and steady demeanor. Having lived through several wars in his time and fought in almost as many, he has no desire for more wars or battle. Calm and collected, he's reliable, skilled and a solid reliable choice, as well as a fairly accomplished negotiator.

Bonus: All characters get +2 on any persuasion or perception check, as well as a +1 bonus to their will defense.

Sarah Novacall:

Though she eventually transferred to command, Sarah's background is an engineering background. She was once the chief engineer of a star destroyer which was damaged during an intense battle, drifting in space with all the command crew lost, she was forced to take command of the repair effort and had to keep the surviving crew alive somehow while effecting repairs to the massive ship. Afterwards she decided she enjoys command as much as she does tinkering. She went to the academy and achieved her rank through diligent study. She's middle aged, calm and fair. Though her military experience is rather lacking.

Bonus: All characters get a +2 bonus on any Mechanics or Knowledge(Technology) checks made. Additionally all vehicles gain 10 bonus hit points.

Steven Dovall:

Steven is a man from the old empire, dismissive towards non-humans, rigid and unyielding to anyone who doesn't wear an imperial uniform, and a highly skilled tactician. While he's not an easy man to get along with, there's no denying his skill in battle, he's managed to achieve several impressive victories in space battle. He might have been an admiral if not for his abrasive attitude and disdain for the current administration.

Bonus: All characters get a +2 bonus on any endurance or Knowledge(Tactics) checks. Additionally all attacks do +1 damage.

Archos Sevrein:

The only non-human option, Archos is a cerean captain who also holds a degree as a medical officer. Before his new assignment he was captain of a medical frigate which served in the outer rim, giving him some familiarity with the area you start out in. He's also a skilled surgeon and can perform complicated surgeries if required. He also speaks a great number of languages and some have called him a walking protocol droid.

Bonus: All characters get a +2 bonus on any treat injury or knowledge(life sciences) checks, and at the start of every mission, all characters get a free medpac added to their supplies.