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Sun 24 Jan 2016
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House Rules:

In order to keep the game flowing smoothly, but still allow initiative to be an important part of combat. Each encounter will have an initiative DC. Every character that manages to beat or equal the initiative DC will be allowed to take a round of actions before the enemies take action, all enemies will count as flat-footed during this round. (Barring any rare exceptions). Then enemies will take their actions. Then all players (Both who beat the DC, and those who didn't) will take their actions. Then enemies, and so on. So initiative yield an extra round of combat in a sense.

Order of Actions:

Characters that beat the initiative DC act first.
Enemies act second.
All player characters act third.
Enemies act fourth.
All player characters act fifth.
Etc etc.

Hit Points:

When rolling your hit points either for char creation or a level up later. Simply roll the dice and see if you have more then half your potential maximum. If you have more, then keep your rolled result, if you have equal to or less then half your potential maximum, you get half your potential maximum.

Example: John rolls a d8 for hit points and he get's a 6, he get's 6 hit points. Marie rolls a d6 and receives a 2, she get's 3 hit points.

Constitution modifiers are added after this of course.