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Sun 24 Jan 2016
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State of the Galaxy:
This is not required knowledge, but just some pointers to the current state of the galaxy for anyone who hasn't kept up with the expanded universe.

-The New Republic has been reformed into the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Commonly called the Galactic Alliance.
-The Galactic Empire (Or Imperial Remnant). Is only 1/5th the size of the G.A. Though it spends considerably more on military infrastructure.
-The Jedi temple on Coruscant sits empty, though not destroyed, as the Jedi have abandoned it.
-The G.A. government wishes to incorporate the Jedi Order into it's other law enforcement offices.
-The Jedi have refused to be governed by the bureaucracy for fear of corruption and this has created considerable friction.
-The Jedi Order is currently run by it's council of masters from Shedu Maad, a planet hidden in a nebulous region called the transitory mists.
-The Empire is now allowing non-humans to join it's military ranks.
-The Empire's 'Old boys network' is doing all it can to keep non-humans out of positions of power.