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Ghost in the Machine
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Tue 22 Mar 2016
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Clive, Jason and Min-Ji
Chicago 02/16/2015

Jason and Min-Ji stood on a busy Chicago street trying to decide what actions they should take. The voice in Jason’s head, the one he assumed was that of the Ghost in the Machine, remained silent. They had spent the night in busy public places and both of them were tired.

The only clue they had was one last bit of implanted knowledge from the thumb drive Jason had been given. An address in Chicago and a time. The location was an all night diner/ internet cafe. They watched as diners came and went, hoping for some clue to what they were doing there.


Clive needed to keep moving. Staying to long in one place was dangerous. He dropped some cash on the table and stood. He’d spent some time checking email drops and other information sources. Using a computer at a Net Cafe was a risk, but the internet was huge and he kept up a rotating series of emails so the risk was manageable, he felt. He left the Cafe and suddenly paused. A couple stood across the street, looking incredibly out of place. A older caucasian man and a twenty-something asian female. Something about them drew his attention…


Jason sighed and shook his head, He was about to tell Min-Ji they'd have to try something else when a man walked out of the Diner across the street. He did a double take as he realized it was Clive Greenwood! The man the Ghost in the Machine had sent him to find.

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Clive Greenwood
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Tue 22 Mar 2016
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Clive, Jason and Min-Ji
Clive stood and gazed at the strangers under half-lidded eyes for a moment, watching, waiting, seemingly relaxed and unconcerned.