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Ghost in the Machine
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 20:40
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
This thread will keep you appraised of the current date and time in game.

GAME STARTING TIME IS 08:00 PST 02/15/2016

Please post your characters starting location as well as brief blurb of what your character would be doing at the start of the game.
Clive Greenwood
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 21:00
Bedford Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA

9 am on a Monday? Clive has been at work for a few hours, in a warehouse in the industrial Bedford Park neighborhood in the west side of Chicago. The warehouse is owned by Coca-Cola and contains different-sized bottles and cans. Clive's job is to put cases onto shipping pallets and wrap them in plastic for eight hours a day.

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Laurene Watson
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 21:05
Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Laurene rolled over in bed, reached across to the nightstand and flicked the switch that turned off the alarm that was buzzing. She sat up briefly before remembering that it was Presidents' Day and classes were cancelled today. So instead of getting up, she laid back down, rolled to her left, and spooned the person laying in best beside her.

OOC: This "person" is specifically not specified, so anyone who wants to jump in can.

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Phillip Marlow
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 Atterney at Law
Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 21:19
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
Brisbane, Australia

Marlow dried himself down, and wandered into the walk-in wardrobe to choose a suit.

As always, Brisbane was already muggy and humid.
Checking the weather app on his phone, he smirked.   8am and it was already 26 degrees, with 73% humidity.  It was going to be another hot humid day.  That was a Queensland summer for you.

He dressed in a blue suit: not to dark, not to light, and began getting his bag ready for that day.

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Ryan (Spoon) Witherspoon
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Sun 14 Feb 2016
at 21:26
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
0800 – North Wasco County School District 21, The Dalles, Oregon
Spoon finished checking the schedule for the weeks work, he had six days to get ten days’ worth of work done. The school board appreciated his dedication to the job, not minding him taking a week off as he was paid hourly and that meant they did not have to pay him for that week. The only stipulation was he had to stay caught up on the work load. Spoon grabbed the work truck and headed to the first school, mow the lawns, check the sprinklers, fertilize, double check the sports field then it was time to go to the next school and repeat.
Stacia Olivia Bogrov
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 02:26
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
2/15/16  Rockport, Massachusetts (40 miles from Boston)

Stacia poured herself some coffee and stepped out onto the porch. It was cold and windy but the view in the small town she lived in was always something to see. She smiled and waved to a few of her neighbors before heading back in. She had a busy day today. She was donating her time to help out some local farms that had some livestock that needed looked at, not to mention a few domestic animals. She felt the phone vibrate on her hip and pulled it out knowing it would be her father sending her a text reminding her to visit soon. Another Monday...
Jason Doulos
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 "to all that are afar..."
Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 02:50
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
Hengduan Mountains, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China

It is midnight before the last of Monday's labors end, and the older looking man gratefully takes a seat in front of the fire.

He bows his head silently in prayer, giving thanks for his food, and for the day's mercies.

The day's busyness had been a mercy.  Leading the morning and evening devotions for the orphanage.  Ministering to the sick in the medical clinic.  Roving the countryside to visit the neighbors, and minister to the shut-ins.

But now, thoughtfully eating his supper in front of the fire, the crystal-clear memories flood back...

:: One year ago today.  I miss you, dear wife... ::

After several silent minutes, his fingers automatically brush his cheek, and he gazes uncomprehendingly at the glistening teardrop upon his fingertips.

He sighs, and shakes his head, and silently prays again.

:: "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..." ::

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Dan Markus
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 03:00
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
Toronto ON. Canada 11:00pm

After having received the message from Ghost in the Machine it scared him to the bone.  How did that person figured it out.  He never show boated his abilities he kept it well hidden.  If that person knew who else.  The moment he had received the message he sent his sister back to his parents.  That worried them but he rather them be worried then have something happen to his sister.

It was 11:00pm and he spent another sleepless night in his apartment worry about things he had no control over.  He would drink but with his high stamina it was like drinking expensive water.  So there was no point to it.  So now he just left with wondering what to do next.

He could go out, Toronto did have a bit of night life but there wasn't much he could do with out getting himself into to trouble.  So he just sat on his couch watching Netflix hoping some inspiration would hit him.

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Ivan Hockensmith
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 ... of gluttony
Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 03:02
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
13 Feb. 2016

Location: Seattle, Washington. The second floor of Hitchcock Hall at the University of Washington.

Waiting outside of room 220 for it to open at 8 am, Ivan was dressed in the only other decent clothes he had that would fit besides his brown rubber fur costume; a big grey jumpsuit like a maintenance worker or repairman might wear. And big black galoshes that were actually a bit too big. The deep green backpack over one shoulder was full of books, graded homework to be returned, and other school sundries. He eyed the door, still hoping that whoever he was tutoring today wouldn't freak out about his looks. He had enough flak from the professors there.
Gabrielle (Gaby) Baccarin
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 03:19
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
Corpus Christi Texas
Camino Real Trailer Park
Site 12F

Gaby opened her eyes as the rays of the sun hit her face. She was momentarily disoriented, panicked. Where was she? But she quickly realized it was home. The shitty trailer. Her memories of the night before came flooding back. The private party, going alone, do stupid but she needed the money and the frat boys seemed harmless. Some quick dances, flirty play, there were worse ways to make money.

But the boys were already out of control when she got there. They got grabby, then threatening, real bad. She tried to get out before it was too late, but they locked her in. That was the last thing she remembered. What happened? Had one of them hit her? How had she gotten home? What hap... Whoa!

She got a shock as she looked down at her body, naked lying on the trailer floor. She scrambled to her feet in shock, banging her head against a dangling light. She was...huge! Her head nearly scraped the ceiling of the small trailer and her body was... Jacked. Muscles everywhere! She still had her curves, if anything they had been exaggerated nearly to the point of being ridiculous, and they softened her extreme look, but she was enormous, a hulking figure in the cramped space of the trailer.

Her clothes lay beside her, shredded and bloody. And suddenly her thoughts were no longer what had those boys done to me, but rather, what did I do to those boys?
Lee Min-Ji (Minnie)
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 06:00
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
Silicon Valley, California
Google Campus

Mr. Sandman~
Bring me a dream~
Make it the cutest that I've ever seen~

Min-Ji typed furiously at her desktop as her earbuds droned soothing, and yet somehow energetic music, into her mind as she worked out a more efficient equation to fit into her program. She paused a moment as she mentally double checked her calculations before she continued on.


Min-Ji continued typing as she looked up, eyebrows raised at her co-worker, Timothy.

"We have the project update meeting in 10."

Min-ji nodded. She didn't forget, but appreciated that her co-worker was looking out for her.

"Thank you," she said in heavily accented English," I'll meet you there, Tim."
Gwendolyn Chen
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 Gorgeous babe
 with nothing to hide
Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 06:30
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
12:00 EST -- New York City, NY

Gwendolyn was checking her goggles and testing the different functions under Felicia's watchful eye. The scene was a bit of strange. A young and strikingly pretty asian woman in blazer and skirt trying out goggles with wires sticking out under the supervision of a redheaded teenage girl wearing a set of coveralls. They were going over their plan yet again just to make sure they had the basics covered. They knew it by heart but they both wanted to be careful.
Kai Sheridan
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 23:54
Southfield, MI, USA
This morning found Kai out jogging east along Civic Center Drive with his infant son Connor, who lounged comfortably in an expensive, high-end jogging stroller. Normally he'd be in school at this time, and Connor would be with his maternal grandparents, but today was President's Day. Thus, most public schools in America were closed. This allowed Kai to supplement his regular afternoon jog with Connor with a morning one, albeit at the expense of a fight with Connor's maternal grandparents who were than thrilled about having their usual time with Connor taken away. Such was Kai's life these days.

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Crystal Lyons Reyes
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 Student athlete
 .. with Secret Identity
Tue 16 Feb 2016
at 02:10
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
2/15/2016 10:00 AM Corpus Christi, TX, USA
Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

"Dios Mio!" Crystal thought as she listened to the Professor close out the end of class. Gathering her books and laptop, she wondered where Ms. Watson was. "Let me guess," she thought, "Laurene forgot we're in college not high school and classes aren't cancelled today." She sighed quietly as she paused at a nearby bench and sent her roomate a text.

Laurene, I hope whatever you are doing is more important than your classes because you're missing them right now. School is today and your teachers are expecting you. Just a friendly reminder.

Crystal stood up and smiled as she felt a warm breeze from the Gulf of Mexico cares her face.  With a friendly wave at a passing teammate from the Islanders Track and Field team, she began to jog towards her next class.

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Jonah Sullivan
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Tue 16 Feb 2016
at 04:48
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
BoysTown, Chicago, IL

Jonah is just slowly waking up, having just ending week long run of a show. He was dreading having to spend the next couple of days making casting calls and auditions for what would most likely end up being a chorus role... or no role at all.

He stretched and sat up in bed, letting his form flicker between light and shadow, wondering if he will ever make it big.

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Dan Markus
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Fri 22 Apr 2016
at 14:25
OCC: Date/ Time/ Location
If you guys get a chance,

Watch Ajin: Demi Human on Netflix.  It isn't a bad series so far.  Ajin's are people who can not die.  They are very few and are being hunted by the governments of the world.  They also are branded criminals.