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Races on the Glacier
Most of the races in the 2nd edition PHP exist in this world as well, along with a few others of my own creation, just to make things interesting and because they seem to fit atmosphere of a Pleistocene campaign.  They are very different, however, from what you might expect. The lack of agriculture and technology in the Pleistocene affects each of the player races and thus some thought needs to be given to their cultural differences:

Dwarves are rare, secreted in their deep places. At best they are a rumour in the legends of some other peoples, but very few will have ever ecountered them.  They alone, among all the player character races, have developed some primitive metallurgy. High-level tribal leaders may have crude metal weapons (+2, at least in comparison with the typical stone weapons) and studded leather armor. This benefit places dwarves higher on the technological ladder than any other race and they will not willingly give up their secrets to any outsiders.  They are alone in their mountain homes and they prefer things that way.

Elves are +1 with spear, sling and bow (the sword having not been invented yet). While all races would have discovered ritual fermented or narcotic potables, to the elves belongs the specialty of making wine from wild grapes.  Also most elves have a mystical bond with a wolf or wolves. (In this campaign are similar to the Wolf Riders from the Elf Quest series for those familiar with them).

Gnomes the best stonecutters in the usual AD&D world are the best flint workers in the Ice Age. All their stone weapons and tools are +1 relative to those produced by non-gnomes.  Gnomes in this campaign are not the happy pranksters of AD and D fame.  Gnomes of the Ice Age are stunted, misshapen little beings that dwell under stone, in dark caves, or in holes and hidden places in the dark pine forests.  They are swarthy, wild eyed, creatures that rarely grow full beards, most able at best to grow patchy areas of unruly hair.  Even more xenophobic than the other races, they tend to be fatalistic and resourceful by nature.

Half-elves are virtually non-existent as the races of man and elf seldom encounter one another.  Still they are possible, as outcasts and loners.  Such half breeds would be viewed as dangerous and any parents of such would be driven from their tribe's protection and would have a very difficult time finding anyone to trust them.

Half-orcs have the same stigma as half elves, in fact most likely they would be killed outright unless their parent or parents escaped their tribe.  As such they would be rare at best, outsiders from birth.  They have the advantage of familiarity with poison, as do their orcish ancestors.

Humans there are three distinct races of humans in this Ice Age campaign:

* The MAAG also called the Tall Men.  These are the Cro-magnons, the most advanced of the humans.  Naturally smart and resourceful, they receive a +2 to any one stat at the beginning of the game.  Their religion is shamanistic and totemic and they are the most numerous of the three races.  Only the MAAG warriors may learn the secret spirit gifts.

* The DAWR also called the Bear Men and the Strong Men.  They are the Neanderthals, the hardiest of the humans.  Naturally strong and enduring, they receive a +1 to their initial STRENGTH and CONSTITUTION.  Their religion is shamanistic and totemic.  The Cult of the Bear is most prevalent among them.  They are the only race who may be BARBARIANS, however their shamans can only reach fourth level of ability.

* The GUUNG also called the Monkey Men.  They are the Australopithecus, the smallest and most primitive of the humans.  Naturally quick and agile, they receive a +2 to their initial DEXTERITY.  A dying people, they have no organized RELIGION, but are spiritually aware and have many strange practices and cults.  They can only be warriors, thieves, bards, or druids.

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