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Sun 7 Feb 2016
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The World of Naruto: TNG
This is Naruto, but it isn't your grandpa's Naruto.

Gone are the days of communicating through scrolls and messengers: we can call, text, email, and IM our shinobi buddies. Need to travel a long way? No need to hop and walk, take a train, or an airship! We've got TV, internet, video game consoles, cell phones, heating and cooling!

The world of Naruto as seen in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, and in the last chapters of Naruto itself is one not so different from our own; except for the ninjas.

One of the primary conflicts facing the modern ninja is contrasting the old shinobi ways with modern conveniences. Why practice for hours to send a message when you can text? When you have so much leisure time, and the world is at peace, why bother practicing ninjutsu?

This is the question that the modern shinobi child must answer (or have answered for them by their clan).

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