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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 00:05
So you want to play in Naruto d20: The Next Generation?

Then you need to send me a RtJ.

What's in this RtJ you ask?

1. Player Age

2. Number of Days per week you can post

3. "Slow Days" or days that you cannot post

4. A character concept - it can be a rough one, or a very well defined one, but I would like to get some sort of idea of the type of character you'd like to play. I'm intending this to be a fun, light-hearted game similar to the early chapters of Naruto and the Boruto arc. We'll focus on academy hijinks, gennin drama, and other such things.

5. Character Plan - Please list what "direction" you hope this character can take, especially such things as possible interactions/adventures,  multi-classing, or possible prestige classes.

6. A small writing sample. Nothing major, just something to give me a good idea of what sort of role player you are.

The best RtJs will be asked to join the game. This is not first come, first served.

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