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The Emperor
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Wed 10 Feb 2016
at 18:06
House Rules
1: During character creation, no stat will go over 60. This includes chapter bonuses, and spent XP.

2: You must purchase a skill before getting a second talent. Both this, and the first rule, are to prevent characters from min/maxing right off the start. It's no fun if there's a character who deals 22E damage with each hit, rolls against a TN of 80, and is Rank 1.

3: You will not roll armor history until your sheet has been approved and all other rolls and spent XP are done. That is the final step of character creation.

4: Any roll that is a 91+, regardless of TN, is a failure.

5: Bolters do an extra +2 damage. This is to make them more in-line with the Bolt Pistol stats we are using. If anyone is interested, the stats for the Bolt Pistol come from the Living Errata

I will add more rules to this thread as I come up with them, or it is decided a new one is needed.
The Emperor
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Wed 10 Feb 2016
at 18:07
House Rules
How combat will work.

We will not be rolling initiative. Combat will work in turns. The players will act, then I will act. He who posts first, acts first. Make sure to talk over any plans in the OOC if you want to work such things out. This is done so we aren't all waiting around for one person to post their turns actions.

Pay close attention to the following part! I don't want to see you mess this up!

In combat, please follow a specific pattern. First, post a description of your action.

Brother Genork rose from the ground, having been knocked down by the close explosion from the grenade. Obviously angry over the assault against him and his brothers, he raises his Bolter and fires a round at the Xenos.

Then, in orange, a short description of your specific actions.
Half action to aim at enemy. Half action to fire single round.

Paste your roll below this, in red.
Brother Genork rolled 58 to hit Enemy.

Show (in detail), whether you succeeded or not. Post your DoS or DoF.
BS 49 + 10 Aim = 59.  Hit with no degrees of success.

Finish your rolls.
Hit Enemy's left leg.
Roll damage. Re-roll any righteous fury.

Please remember to follow this! I don't like reading a post, and wondering why a person with a Ballistic Skill of 49 hit when they rolled a 58. Sure, this seems like a lot of work to simply shoot something, but it's far easier than having me constantly checking several character sheets just to make a single post.