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Wed 17 Feb 2016
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Character Creation

System:         Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Campaign:       Chosen Published Adventure (Solo)
Starting Level: 1
Race/Class:     WotC Published
Posting Rate:   Varies based on your need

You can use any officially published WotC material for character creation, or you can take one of the pre-generated characters from the campaign. For abilities, you can roll using 4d6 (dropping the lowest 1), can take the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8), or even try your luck and roll some stats 3d6 top-down style.

As for the campaign, I recommend Lost Mine of Phandelver as it sets up a nice starting point for most of the other adventures and gets a good base. In addition, even after it, I'll start you off on your next adventure at the first chapter. Often I'll start that out without reducing the challenges. I prefer WotC published adventures but am open to discussing other options.

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