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Wed 17 Feb 2016
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Game Information
I prefer to run any 5e published adventure but will convert it for a solo adventurer (but if a different adventure is desired we can talk about it). Since you are alone, you will have a hireling who will follow you on your journey. This may not be the only one as the story progresses. You won't be able to control them directly but can direct them to take actions as needed. Any obvious actions, such as fighting or moving out of the path of immediate danger, won't be needed as they will be and act as a person, not a stump.

Your hireling will start with bare bones equipment and throughout the adventure will rely on you to provide better provisions for them. You can choose the type based on what you need. A couple examples would be ranged or melee fighter, caster, healer, or whatever generic role you may be able to think of. We should be able to work something out.

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Wed 17 Feb 2016
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How I Play
I like to believe I play on both side of the line of role|roll play. Though, in honesty, I live by the dice and sculpt the roleplaying from that. I love the idea of randomness and will let the dice go as they may.

In regards to rolls, I have a couple integrations I have added when it comes to critical hits & fails. If a nat 1 or 20 is rolled, I'll have you roll a second, unmodified d20. If it is also a matching 1 or 20, some extra effects may occur. If it's anything else, you simply get the double damage on a critical hit as normal. Critical failures, on the first nat 1, will assume it was a poor attack and will incur a -1 AC on you for the first attack against you that turn.
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Wed 17 Feb 2016
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Knowledge, Skills, & Checks
When it comes to any sort of knowledge, skill, or ability checks, go ahead and roll! If you're doing something that you feel may need a check, this can remove some of the extra time for me to ask for it. If you roll one check but another was needed, I'll simply modify your result based on the needed one's proficiency & bonus.

As for monsters & creatures: The more common one's you'll likely know a fair bit about. But others may base more on what you see or hear of it. You can roll knowledge checks which may provide more information that you have learned or know regarding strengths, weaknesses, and traits. The specific intelligence ability check (arcana, religion, history, etc.) may vary based on the creature.

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Open Door
Lastly, if you have any suggestions or issues I implore you to let me know. I don't get offended at anything...ever. So don't be afraid to critique or offer up anything you might have.

The rules thus set are not cast in stone and can be edited. Since this is a solo adventure I am much more pliable to changing them to fit what will be more enjoyable for your adventure. Because that's what this is: your adventure.

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Thu 19 Jan 2017
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I will be granting inspiration to you at the beginning of each chapter. I otherwise find it to difficult to remember and gauge when it is deserved as most on here are good role-playing.

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