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Setting Info
Marches - Noun
1. Plural of march.
2. The area along a border.

The land of Fraonia is peaceful. There hasn't been a war in nearly a hundred years, and crime is extraordinarily rare. However, there are still a few who yearn for adventure. Who desire to see the sights that no civilized man has seen since ancient times. These adventuring folk are almost unheard of in Fraonia, but can still find somewhere to go. To the far west, is the region known as the West Marches. It is the absolute border of Fraonia, and is mostly unmapped. Those who wish to adventure into the West Marches, to try and discover fame and fortune, typically gather in the closest settlement to it. That settlement is known as Verdee. The adventurers make the Roaring King tavern their home, and set off looking for what has been lost to time.

To the east of Verdee is nothing worthy of note to adventurers. The east only holds retirement, and farming. The west of Verdee holds danger and excitement.

To the South-East of the Marches is the vast sea of Fraonia. The coasts are often patrolled by soldiers, and are crime-free. The middle of the sea is less patrolled, and is often considered to be the last lawless region of Fraonia. There are rumors of pirate groups living on flotillas in the sea, but no-one has ever proven this (whether for lack of trying, or lack of desire to reveal what they know).

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Setting Info
The Residents Of Verdee/The Marches

There are several residents of Verdee worthy of note. The town's secluded location attracts all manner of folks to it, some less sane than others.

The residents of the Marches are even less sane than those in civilization. Thankfully, they are few and far between.

The owner and barkeeper of the Roaring King tavern. Grump is an aging half-Orc who is one of the original adventurers. He never lets anyone know his age, but his body occasionally shows the affects of the constant wear placed on it in his youth. In his adventuring days, Grump saved an Azer from several Drider. In return, the Azer forged a beautiful enchanted axe for Grump. The axe still sees occasional use; showering patrons of the Roaring King with sparks and bathing them in it's faint red glow as a warning against violence in the tavern.

Physically, Grump stands around 6' 4". He is completely bald, and his arms and torso are covered in scars. Despite his name, and occasional lack of manners, Grump can be quite friendly towards patrons.

Thorbold Grimaxe
The owner and shopkeeper for Thorbold's Mining Emporium. Thorbold is a middle-aged Dwarf who is always accompanied by his pet donkey (aptly named Donkey). Rumors float around telling that Thorbold fled to Verdee after a mine he was digging collapsed a minor noble's castle. Whether the rumors are true is entirely unknown, but his love for mining is quite clear. A shrine to the Kobold God of mining and traps, Kurtulmak, sits on his shop's counter. Thorbold is kind to most everyone who enters his shop, but dislikes Elves and Chip the Satyr.

Physically, Thorbold is just over 4' tall. He has a flowing mane of red hair, and a braided red beard that is close to a foot long. Even though he now runs a shop, he is most often seen still wearing mining gear.

Chip the Satyr
Chip is one of the two shopkeepers of the Lib & Lyre. The Satyr follows the usual vices of his kind, including a love of women and drinking. His companion, Todrus, tries to keep him in check. Chip is quite proficient in magic, and runs the magical side of the Lib & Lyre. He is kind and courteous to all, and often discounts his services and goods simply because he likes people.

Nature's Force discovered that Chip's brother, Dale, has a grove in the Marches that he uses for all-night parties.

Chip is always tidy appearance wise. He has a short beard and mustache, always finely trimmed. His short horns are filed every day, to keep them from getting gnarly. He always wears the finest clothes he can, and usually has a lyre nearby.

Todrus the Minotaur
A friendly Minotaur is always an odd sight. Todrus is no exception. As one of the shopkeepers of the Lib & Lyre, he hands the alchemical side of the business. An expert potion brewer (despite the average intelligence of a Minotaur being quite far below average), he often has no problem making advanced brews. His conversation skills are not known to be terribly fine, as he usually speaks only short sentences. Todrus is quite firm in his prices, and is practically immune to haggling. Even though he is quite firm on the outside, Todrus is known to fear Grump.

Recent events have shown that Todrus seems to have a crush on Ownka Buhru.

Although he lives in civilization, Todrus still wears no clothing. His horns are damaged, in a stark contrast to Chip's. He is usually seen moving crates of alchemical ingredients around the Lib & Lyre.

Atl Hatae
Much like Grump, Atl is also an original adventurer. The roughly-two-hundred year old Wood Elf dated Grump and adventured with him, before being lost for twenty years in the Marches when her own expedition ended disastrously. Atl's hatred towards Grump for not searching for her has not faded one bit. To get out her excess anger, Atl started an arena once the Legends of Verdee helped her return to town. Atl is quite pleasant to most, but has developed a grudge towards Orcs for obvious reasons.

Atl stands 6' 2", has tanned skin, and braided blonde hair. Atl is never seen without her studded leather armor and her enchanted bow; both always ready for action.

Sophia spent her early life in a small village in the West Marches. Raised by her father, a skilled wizard, life was fine in their village. Unfortunately, this seems to have ended in tragedy when Gazgut opened a portal to a different plane in a nearby ruin. Devils over-ran the village over-night, and killed Sophia's father along with the rest of the villagers. Sophia herself survived by hiding in a wardrobe until the Sage Six arrived and rescued her.

Sophia is a human girl roughly 12 years old, wearing a pale blue dress, with her long black hair sporting a pair of matching pale blue bows -- one on each side. Various scars cover Sophia's legs; signs of her perilous arrival in Verdee with the Sage Six. Sophia has some magic knowledge due to reading her father's spare spellbook.

The Buckman Brothers
The Buckman Brothers themselves could easily be mistaken for highwaymen. Their once pale skin has been weathered and tanned into a ruddy brown complexion by a life in the outdoors.

Anton is the eldest of the three and the owner of the coach and definitely the brains of the outfit. His chilled features are shaded from the sun by a tricorn hat, and his leather armour almost completely hidden by his long leather coat. He keeps a shortsword at his side, and a longbow next to him on the coach which he mostly uses for hunting food in the wild.

His brothers, Marlow and Tamar both sport leather armour carry maces and heavy crossbows with which to defend the carriage. They are much more muscular than their older brother, mostly because their father had them do all the manual labour while Anton learned the family business.

Despite their appearance, the Buckman Brothers are friendly enough to anyone willing to pay for their services, but they have little patience for time wasters.

Growing up in the poorer areas of the city taught them not to ask questions and they are unlikely to engage anyone in lengthy conversation. there is a strong family however, as is common in working class families; and if any one of them is threatened, his brothers will quickly come to his defense.

Gazgut The Goblin:
Gazgut is a mysterious creature that has now been encountered by a couple of groups. What little is know about him is that he looks fairly standard for a Goblin, loves insults, and holds little value for life above his own. There are some rumors that Gazgut has become a Lich, but no evidence supports this. He seems to be somewhat of an enemy to adventurers, potentially targeting them for traps or general violence.

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Grump's Guide To The West Marches
A small notice is pinned to the Message Board in the Roaring King, penned by Grump himself. It's well known that Grump once explored the West Marches, and is the last left of the previous explorers. He doesn't seem to like talking much about it, but has pinned this note to try and aid the new generation of adventurers as best he can.

#1: Don't pick a fight if you can help it. Getting holes put in you needlessly is not fun.

#2: Don't stand in front of the guy in plate armor. He's probably there for a reason.

#3: No-one carves statues of terrified adventurers. If you see such things, keep your ears open and your eyes closed.

#4: There is no such thing as a janitor for ruined forts. Watch for slimes.

#5: Be skeptical of everything. You never know when a second look will save your life.

#6: Talking things out can work. Just don't try and hold a conversation with a Gibbering Mouther.

#7: If the rest of your group stops suddenly, they noticed something you didn't.

#8: If you intend to hunt animals, moving quietly may be better than running in like a maniac.

#9: It's nice to be a hero, but don't be suicidal. Standing alone against a great threat is a sure-fire way to die young.

#10: Just because a land is peaceful and patrolled does not mean it's perfectly safe. Keep your wits about you.

#11: Even if a location has already been cleared out, it's worth a look. It's far easier for a wandering creature to take up a disused residence than it is to make one on its own.

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