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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Life is full of blessing and curses."  Sensing a bit of a downturn in the mood of the conversation Dara added some energy to her words.  It was not her intention to dull the pleasure of her company.  "Thankfully there are many more blessings, even in the tests."  Dara's finger pointed directly at Sara to make her point.  "Blessing and curse, but abundantly more blessing."  She looked at Domitius to include him in her statement.  "But anyways, I don't want to intrude on your conversation any more than I have.  You have been most kind to include us to this point.  Would you like for us to leave you alone now?  As much as I am enjoying the conversation I would be loathe to do so at your expense so please if you would like your privacy I will think of nothing more than granting it."
OOC: I am not trying to write myself out but as I said in character I do not wish to intrude if you two wish to continue on your own.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
Domitius was somewhat taken aback by Dara asking if they wanted her to leave. He looked across at Alisa and he knew there would be many an afternoon they would spend together, what was supposed to have been an afternoon in the sallet had certainly not turned out as expected.  Still he felt the need to slow things down and take some time to reflect on the events of the afternoon.

"Actually ladies it is I who must away, I was due in the sallet some time ago and it seems time has run away from me.  The swordmaster will give me a hard enough time as it is.  Alisa perhaps you would care to join me tomorrow for luncheon? I shall train in the morning."
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
It was not lost on her that the invitation was for Alisa and not all of them, not that she would even conceive it being any other way.  "If they give you trouble just tell them you found a newcomer who was lost and needed extra help.  And if they still give you grief I'll gladly come and explain to them."  She gave him a warm smile before turning to Alisa.  "I suppose I shall also depart, though if you would like to continue our conversation I have no plans from here."
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
There was a side to Alisa that was not unlike a druidess, in outlook.   She and her goddess fought for the right, for life.   Yet, she as well grasped the larger picture of existence and nature as a whole.  Darkness and pain were a part of it;  they did not go away on a wish, nor vanish because one was unwilling to look.   Those things had to be confronted, and they made joy and love shine all the more brightly by contrast.   Still, she was of course not going to fight the shift Dara made to the conversation.   Nor pry into the trials of one whom she barely knew.

The way in which Dara looked and smiled at Domitius wasn't lost on her. A woman didn't miss that in another woman.   And, how could she blame her?   She didn't like to think of a single mother being alone.   And, she and Domitius had only just met.  When he invited only herself, her heart sang, and she felt a certain victory.  Alright!  Who wouldn't-?   But she was determined not to be petty, and not to be so fool to think she could claim a man the first day she met him.     Time would tell what was or wasn't between them.

"I'd enjoy that," she smiled at him. "See you tomorrow, then."

To her Varisian acquaintance, "Well, Dara, my purpose in coming here is to meet others who are servants of the gods.   You see, there is no temple of Acavna, no fellowship with other clerics who serve her.   There are none, so far as I know.  No man is an island; neither is any woman, or any cleric.   So, I suppose you could say you are part of my purpose.   But, if you wish to go, I will study some of these holy works.  Or, perhaps read up on the adventures of Barnstable Fallowell."    She gave Domitius a departing wink, on those last words.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
Dara looked to Lydia.  "Do we have anything planned after this?"

The dear friend and companion's reply was, "No, but I suspect Sara will want to eat soon and then go down for a nap."

With that, the priestess of Sarenrae turned to the priestess of Acavna.  "Until powers beyond my control demand me to do otherwise..." an obvious reference to infant Sara, "I would enjoy taking some time to learn about Acavna and maybe there is something I know that you couldn't find in these old tomes.  I thought I knew the entire pantheon but listening to you, I see I have much to learn."

Out of politeness to Domitius and Alisa, Dara stepped back to allow the two to say their goodbyes before getting into anything more than what she'd said.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Excellent, an hour after noon at the Dragon's Den then.  Ladies enjoy the rest of your day."  Domitius gives a small bow and heads out of the library.

Once outside and away from the library he stops to feel the warmth of the sun on his face.  He pauses to attempt to find his center before entering the sallet but each time he does his thoughts turn to what had happened in the library.  Giving up with a sigh but a smile on his face he heads into the sallet for the beating he knows is coming his way.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Of course," she inclined her head, at the reference to Dara's daughter.  "I'd offer my help in that, but plainly you already have a very able assistant," she smiled to Lydia.   "Surely one of those blessings we were mentioning."   

"Yes...the goddess Acavna.   I too had never heard that name, prior to adolescence.  Old Deadeye is the chief god in the place I grew up, the Medvyed lands. Our lands are forested, good hunting, but not a lot of land on which to farm.   So, Erastil's worship is understandable.   It all began with whispers...which at first I tried to shut out, but quickly found I could not.   And soon did not want to."

Rather than type some monologue about Acavna, I'll give the page I mainly use as reference -  https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Acavna -  that's the basic Dara would learn from Alisa here.   
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"May the light of Sarenrae and Iomedae forever guild your path, Domitius."

Dara turned to Lydia and waved her to come over with Sara.  "If she becomes a problem just let me know."

When Sara arrived she wasted no time pulling herself up using Dara's leg.  She stood there looking around curiously, frequently looking at Alisa as she did.  Dara listened as Alisa told her tale growing more and more interested as it went on.  "That sounds better than a number of stories I have heard in the caravans," she replied when the story ended.  "Wow..."  Of course the tales spoken in caravans were often times lies, deceptions or plain entertainment but this... unless Alisa was a liar of masterful skill which Dara truly did not believe.

"My calling was unexpected.  My house grew up in the faith of Iomedae.  My mother died in childbirth so sadly I never got to know her.  My father was a true man of Iomedae and with her death he stepped away from his duties to become the father an infant daughter required him to be.  He raised me in Lady Valor's faith and service but it was Sarenrae who called me to Her service.  Of course my father was not exactly pleased with it but he took it in stride and understood that the gods had their methods and made no effort to interfere or change anything.  When I came of age he game me my mother's Kapenia."  She lifted the long embroidered scarf to show what she meant though she had to gently push Sara's grasping hand away from it.  The only thing that would have made this better would have been sitting just off the road by a fire with a glass of wine under the stars.

"While my father's calling was to be a soldier, I always knew mine was to be a part of the beginning, of new life.  I know that I am driven because of my mother's death and the pain it caused my family.  For many years I learned all I could about conception, pregnancy, delivery and the first years of life so that if I could spare even one family the loss of a mother or child, it would make everything worthwhile.  The caravans were the obvious place.  Lots of travel, many chances to hone my craft and expand it into other fields such as injury, animal attacks and so on." She paused.  "I'm not boring you, am I?  My people are nothing if not storytellers so if you wish, just tell me to stop."  Dara's smile was warm and happy as she recalled her own experiences after listening to such a wonderful story before.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
Alisa smiled at Sara, waving, "Hello, little princess --  welcome to Brevoy!  She's so adorable!" she said to Dara.

"No, you do not bore me, and I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.   I too was raised by my father, without a mother, save for the first three winters of my life.  I know how hard that can be.   I lost mine for very different reasons.  She still lives...as far as I know, but is no longer part of our lives.  I have some vague yet deep memories of her;  she would sing to me, in Azlanti, which is the native tongue of her people, the grey-elves of the Spire.    Her hair was white, as my own, and her eyes were the most vivid violet color." Alisa shrugged. "She broke my father's heart into many pieces when she left us.  Me too, even though I was so young." She shook her head.

"The Spire is like a whole other world.   She thought she wanted to live in this one, but ultimately could not. I came later to know that Acavna wanted a cleric here, and this helped my heart to heal.  My father took longer, but he found new love four summers ago, and is doing well enough."    She paused, to smile and wave at Sara once again.

"I always thought Desna the traditional goddess of Varisia.   Back when I and my friends imagined running off there, we would say very informal prayers to Desna, to make it happen for us!    Anyway, your calling is very noble.  I'm sure that your father must be very proud.   And your mother too, may her soul know peace and bliss." Alisa made a brief blessing, with her right hand.

"Are you still in contact with your father?  Do you write him, or such?"   

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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"They say time heals all wounds.  There is a bit of truth to that though it never does fully heal.  Thank you, but it was a long time ago and I never did know her so the loss is more burdening of my father than I.  I am sorry for your loss as yours is, at least I presume, much more acute than mine as not only do you have a living memory of her but a divine calling from her legacy that surely must remind you of her."  When Alisa waved at Sara again the child took interest.  The distance between the two women was small but for a child of less than a year it was a chasm.  Still, Sara let go with one hand, secured her balance and then released her other to take a few hurried and unsteady steps before grabbing Alisa's leg as if it were a lifeline to keep her from falling into the eternal abyss that was the floor.  Wide, innocent green eyes peered up at the half-elf as the child took in the new face, her brain committing everything to memory as she moved.  There was no disputing the heritage of this one, she had Dara's eyes and while the hair was still short and light, it definitely showed enough red to promise a full mane in another year or two.

"Desna is the more common goddess, yes.  As a traveling people She is definitely felt by many including myself.  While my heart is with Sarenrae I do pray to Lady Luck from time to time asking for Her blessings for a safe trip and I have on more than a few occasions worked with Her worshipers towards a common goal."  Her voice lowered slightly as she added, "Perhaps She answered your prayers to some extent.  You are away from your home, on the open road traveling to wherever you are destined to go.  And that fellow Domitius is handsome enough though I dare say no more on the subject."

There was a brief pause as Dara watched her daughter move around Alisa's feet exploring and making gestures at wanting "up".  "So if I understand your story, Acavna is supposedly dead, yet there is a minor following on the world still?  Did She send you out on an evangelical road to spread Her word and Her faith?"
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Mm.  Time is a charlatan, sometimes, but there are still some wounds that it mends, yes."  She shrugged-  "Of course, I still think of her, at times.   My calling makes me feel much better about it --  I believe Acavna wanted a cleric in these lands, and this was the means.   I would not want to live at the Spire -- even though it is most truly Acavna's holy place. I'm too much like my human family for that.   And, there is no opportunity there to make a difference out in the world."   

Alisa smiled down upon Sara as she made her way over, steadying her with a gentle hand, just as she'd once done with her young cousins.

"She looks so much like you!"  she couldn't help but remark.

"Something again you must hear all the time.   The red hair of your family --  is it a common family trait? -- is most lovely.  When I was a child, how I hated my hair!  I used to pray to wake up and see it had been imbued with some striking color.  Gold, black, or red.   In our lands, white is associated with the fey.   It brought attention -- some good, more bad.  Like the time a group of rowdy farmer's children all wished to touch it for luck.  I went home crying, with dirt, mud, and straw in it. Today, as it is the color of the moon, I wear it with honor."   She held out a few fingers for Sara to grasp.

"Oh, she's so strong and healthy!  Long, happy, life ahead for this little one, I predict." 

Then on to Desna-  "Ha! I'd not thought of it like that.  Perhaps, you are right.   She adorns and watches the night, as my own Lady.  I'll offer her proper respect, in my nighttime prayers."   

She did wonder why Dara 'dare not' say more on the subject of Domitius?   Why bring him up again at all, only to infer she could not speak about him?  Was she testing, to see how serious Alisa was about him?  It was a hard question to answer, the first day on which you'd met someone.    The sensible answer would be 'not serious at all.'     And, yet...

Dara did not answer the question she'd posed about being in contact with her father.   She supposed that, like the matter of Harrow readers, there might be some pain there.   She hoped not;  bereft of a mother, Dara surely needed her father.

Once Sara expressed interest, Alisa picked her up, placed her upon her lap.

"Mama and Lydia take good care of you, don't they precious one? So happy!"  Back to Acavna:

"I'd like to think there are others.   But, none that I know of, so far.  I consider it one of my sacred duties to one day find and train acolytes.  Before that, it is upon me to show that Acavna still exists, still cares, still is a force of good in the world.   That is why I left home.   I'm not so much evangelizing, as demonstrating, at this point.    Does Varisia have a temple of Sarenrae?   And did you ever belong to it?"
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"So we are a lot alike in a way going out in the world to make something of it and of ourselves rather than sitting at home watching time go by."  Her eyes drifted away happily.  "There is something to be said about being out on the road preaching the holy word of Sarenrae and ministering to families who look for a comforting and steady hand to guide them through the transition from being husband and wife to mom and dad.  Some have a calling they do out of duty but for me, oh I love it.  Absolutely love it.""

With the comment about resemblance Dara replied, "She does in a lot of ways but she also looks a lot like my dad too.  He told me that my mother was the one with the red hair but my grandfather and uncle also were red so it runs in the family."  Listening to the story of Alisa's childhood Dara cringed before saying, "Children can be vicious sometimes like that.  Truth be told I really like it.  It's different and quite stunning in its own way.  I bet you with some purple or red ribbons or even a combination of colors to contrast it and it would be... or wait, even better, yellow like the sun.  Sun rays coming from the moon, the marriage of night and day."  Dara reigned herself in some, especially when Alisa started to attend to Sara.

"Be careful with her.  You show her attention and she'll hang on to you forever."  True to word, Sara held the fingers and wobbled around on her feet for a moment while looking up at Alisa.  It was only when Sara decided to treat the offered fingers as food did she lose her balance and fall on her bottom.

Sara made no effort to flee when Alisa picked her up.  Sitting in her lap and listening to the half-elf speak, Sara just stared intensely at her.  Who are you?

"Varisia has a great many temples, some more known than others but yes.  And no, I never belonged to one.  No, that's not entirely true, I learned the basics of my practice while at one.  I did not so much as belonged as... well... I guess I did."  Sort of did, sort of did not.  "Varisia is a land of many peoples.  Chelaxian colonists in Korvosa, the Shoanti natives, the elves of the west, the native Varisian people and many travelers and traders."  There was a moment's pause.  "My father once told me I should belong to a temple, to participate in the shared faith and strength of congregation.  I did not answer your question about him before.  I do keep in touch with him though it has been some time since I have.  I have been finding myself on different caravans which take me further away from Korvosa and the further I get, the more I realize I have no desire to go back.  The last time I communicated with him was through the use of a wizard in a caravan who was kind enough send an ensorcelled missive for me to let him know everything was fine and we were still far from the Worldwound.  He would always tell me, 'It's too dangerous for a pregnant woman to be anywhere near that place.  The negative energies will corrupt the child and you'll end up birthing a tiefling.'"  Dara's voice was deep in an impersonation of her father, not in a negative way though.  If anything it was endearing.  "I do need to go back there but with all the troubles surrounding the city I would rather he leave.  Part of me..." she paused in uncertainty, "part of me would love to settle down and bring him to a new place and a new land but his love and service to the Pantheon of Many will make it hard for me to entice him.  Though... this kind of place..." she gestured to the room around her and the temple as a whole, "this might actually be something he would enjoy.  He always wanted to get back to a proper temple... What do you think Sara, do you think grandpa would like it here?"

Sara wasn't listening, she was too busy trying to get at the white hair on Alisa's head.

OOC: Ok finished the reply to something more my liking.  Sorry for not answering the father part, I missed it the first time so I made good on it now.

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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
No problem on that -  wasn't sure if that was player or character, but Alisa would have noticed, so I put it in.   

Alisa nodded, "I can imagine that sort of work is very rewarding and special to perform. And that the families you aid are very grateful for it."

Ribbons:   "Haha, I know you Varisians love your ribbons!    I usually do my hair for work --" indicating the formal braiding it was held in, " --  it is  the way priestesses wore their hair in the visions of Acavna's temple, in old Azlant, that I have been given to see.     I duplicated it as best I could.   Still, I do let my hair down, so to speak, when I'm at leisure, and ribbons might be fun to try out."     

When Sara looked upon her questioningly, she said her name "A - lis -a," breaking down the syllables and pointing toward herself.    "Priestess, like mama."     She then listened as Dara elaborated on her homeland, her father, and other things.

"Ah, the Worldwound.   I do not know a great deal about it -- but what I do know would compel me to stay away."   She scowled a little.   "An abomination, that thing -- the essence of the Lower planes was never supposed to spill into and befoul our world."   She shook her head.  "If only there were a way to seal it, for good.   It is awful."   She frowned a moment, before moving to better topics, smiling again-

"I think this is more of a shrine than a temple.   But, no less sacred for that, and probably more charming.  Without knowing your father at all --  I have to think that it would be a good thing if you did convince him.    Both for his sake, as well as so you do not have to worry about him.   There are certainly many endeavors in these lands that could use the sort of man you describe him to be."

Noting that Sara was striving to get at her hair, Alisa lifted her up so that she could touch.    "I'm trusting you won't pull it, Sara!   You're far cleaner than those others who assailed me, at least."   Once she'd done a bit of that, Alisa set her down again and said --

"Triple blessings upon you, little princess --  Sun, Moon, and Stars."    Then she touched a finger lightly to Sara's nose with a "boop!"
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Ribbons are more than a decoration which is why they are so popular.  The colors you wear are said to enhance a part of yourself.  We are a colorful people because everyone wants to display and enhance an element or group of traits within themselves.  I like to wear a lot of blue because it enhances the attributes of health and well being, as well as beauty to some."  Dara went into her belt pouch and showed a rainbow of colors.  "Red, orange violet... everything serves a purpose.  I wore the orange ones most of the way here and I used to wear the red a lot until Sara was born.  The others not so much."  She found a violet one and removed it from the collection.  "Violet is a divine color.  It's the color of divine inspiration.  Typically it is associated with the fortune teller and harrow reader but I think it suits your path in life as well as I think it would look good on you.  May I?"  Dara's intention was to put the ribbon in Alisa's hair if she were to be permitted to do so.

As Alisa spoke to Sara, the child seemed to grow more fascinated and enthralled.  She held out her hands towards Alisa which made Lydia giggle a bit.  "Now you're on trouble.  She wants you to hold her."  Dara's companion was obviously the quiet one of the two and seemed content to let Dara take the lead in the social situations.

"Who can say if such a thing could even be done?  Only the true wrath of those who are righteous and just might have a prayer at such a task and even then it would take a lifetime or more to truly see it done, not to mention for the land to heal.  We might be content to see that it is confined before it can expand more.  Even then the evils born of the place will forever curse the surrounding countryside.  The scariest thing I ever saw was in a caravan a year ago when a child born f a succubus and a man joined up.  We spent days wondering why so many were becoming weak and ill.  I could find nothing because it wasn't sickness.  It wasn't until someone sensed her true evil and revealed her for what she was that she was driven off.  By then she'd bent two of the guards to her will.  The battle killed one of them and three others before she and the other guard fled.  It's the first time I ever saw a demon and she was only half-demon.  I hope I never see a real one."  There was fear in Dara's eyes as she recounted the story.

When Alisa spoke of endeavors of this land, Dara's curiously was piqued?  "Oh?  May I ask what kind?"

Sara took Alisa's hair in her hand and tugged, not too hard but not pleasantly.  Looking at the white, she seemed enamored by it until Alisa set her down.  Immediately Sara's arms were wide again and her feet jostled from side to side in agitation.  She didn't want to be put down, she wanted to be picked up again.  Unable to speak, she let out a series of whines and protests trying to get her wish to be picked up again.  Dara moved to pick the child up but only if Alisa didn't wish to.  "You've made a new friend," Dara said warmly.  When Alisa poked her, Sara giggled and almost fell backwards before she recovered her balance.  Those deep green eyes of hers never left Alisa as her small head remained rolled back and locked on the half-elf.  She let out several more happy noises before returning to her protests about being on the ground and not in her... someone's... arms.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
It's gotta be quick in, quick out today --  will get this one tomorrow..it's not a three sentence answer...
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
Alisa placed a swift hand behind Sara, when it looked as if she might go down on her rump. Reflexes honed aiding her Aunt Baerna to care for the younger of her two children.

"That's intriguing," she said as regards the properties Dara's people attributed to the colors.   "Does the red pertain to health?  Or, to bearing life, more specifically?"     

As to adorning her own tresses, Alisa considered a second, shrugged, smiled, said "Alright."  Once Dara offered the violet ribbon, and told the meaning of it, she reached out a hand, touching it gently with her index and middle fingers, and said in a hushed voice as much to herself as Dara  "The color of mother's eyes -- I wonder what she saw?"  Her gaze went back to the Varisian-

 "Well, let's do this all the way, if it's not too much work?  I mean, it may look a little off on top of the braid. How about -- if we work it into the braid?  I'll need to undo it, of course -- but I've been doing my hair this way since I was thirteen.  I've got it down pat, it won't take too long to redo, and you can help me to work the ribbon in?" 

If Dara held no objections, Alisa began unbraiding her hair.  She smiled down on Sara.   "Lydia -- if you might take her, just until we're done?   This will go faster if she's otherwise occupied, I think.    Though, surely we can do something for her too?  So she won't feel neglected?"

While they worked -- Alisa's fingers deftly redoing the strands, as she'd done so many times before, ribbon beginning to take the place of a strand within the plait -- she returned to other topics-

"I spoke in general, about those endeavors.   What you've seen of Brevoy may look peaceful, so far --  but truth be told, it is a land on the verge of tearing asunder.   Once, it was two very differing nations, whom warred constantly, and bitterly.    Such a legacy, sadly, will take time to vanish fully, if ever it does.     And, there are the so-named Stolen Lands --  frontier which has ever been hard to settle.   Some say because it borders too near a fey like place known as the First World.  This doesn't stop the ambitious from trying, however. Brevoy needs more order -- men strong enough to create it, yet compassionate, caring enough not to become cruel, petty overseers in the process. I thought, perhaps -- from the way you describe him -- your father might be that kind of man.  Not that I'm wishing him into danger -- because I understand that's what you hope to get him out of."

Once it went back to the consequences of the Worldwound, and the half-demonic being who'd endangered a whole caravan, Alisa remarked feelingly "I can imagine it was awful! Demons and devils are the worst of evils.    Worse even, than the undead -- most of whom are both the evil as well as its victim."   

Alisa paused to wink at Sara, "Mama and I are going fast as we can, sweetpea!"

"Yes...who knows if the Worldwound might ever be closed?   Or what great risk and sacrifice it would need?"     She was quiet a moment -- thinking of the goddess --  the sacrifice she made.

"You mentioned acting out of love, instead of duty...sometimes, I think, the two must blend together. I do not think Acavna -- I wouldn't presume to speak for her --   but I cannot imagine, that she loved what she had to do to avert the danger to this world.  I don't imagine a god looks forward to pain or death anymore than we do.   But, it was duty driven by love -- her love of those whom she'd pledged to defend." 

Her voice broke on that last word, eyes tearing up, ceasing to braid for a moment -- it often evoked deep emotion when she thought or spoke of the Lady's sacrifice. She blinked it back -- it was for moonlit prayer and contemplation, not a clear, sunny day such as this. Doing something light and fun with this trio of Varisian ladies, whom she was much beginning to like and admire...

"Thank you for this.   Naturally, I plan to return the favor, some way.    I don't guess an Azlanti braid is of much interest!  But, I do know quite a few other lovely styles -- most of them a little more contemporary," she added in humor.
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Fuzzy: Iomedae's Library
"Red is a strong color, it is one of the more potent colors pertaining to life, strength and to love but more of a sensual and salacious kind rather than that of a husband and wife.  It isn't like I decided to change my colors either, it just happened gradually when I learned I was with child.  Now I wear red but usually as a compliment to other colors so that I invoke and symbolize something more rounded.  Am I making sense?"

"The ribbon, it suits you."  She giggled unexpectedly.  "I'll make a Varisian out of you yet!"  A bit more seriously, "Perhaps this is the color you are most in in tune with.  If your mother had those eyes and you find the color appealing to you, perhaps it is wisdom that is among your more prominent traits."

Lydia came to Sara and collected the child.  Of course she fussed and complained about being removed from her new friend but Lydia soon had her calmed by a series of tickles, pinches and a plethora of baby talk.

"We haven't started with ribbons in her hair just yet," Lydia explained to Alisa.  "From time to time Dara and I make an effort but too often she grabs at them and manages to get one free.  She nearly swallowed a ribbon one night which gave us quite a fright!"

"When we do, we use short ones and get them good and tight.  It's quite disconcerting to see a child choking and gagging and even more so when you're pulling one from out of the back of their throat."

The lesson on Brevoy was not what Dara had been expecting.  She'd heard some of it but not with the urgency that Alisa had spoken of.  "Dad is a good man and while he is still young, he is surely growing too old to be involved with such martial activities.  Still, I would like to think that if he came here he might bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience from which to draw on to give as counsel to some who might listen.  Of course I am biased but any man who would give up almost everything to raise his daughter has his head in the right place.  That kind of devotion and sense of duty would potentially be useful though without knowing the people here I can only guess if it would be practical.  It is not like I will even be here in the next few weeks.  The road has always been my home and while I would like to see Sara be raised in a stable environment, who can say what the future holds.  Harrow readers have always told me I am destined for great things and that the trials I will face ahead will only strengthen me but I always thought those applied to Sara.  She's quite a trial!"  Dara went silent again making that "I'm talking too much" expression Alisa had seen a few times now.  "So long as she grows up healthy and happy, that's what is most important to me.  Sarenrae, grant me the strength."

"Demons and devils are demons and devils but Sarenrae loathes the undead most of all."  Dara went no further on the topic.  She didn't like any of them which was evident by the slight scowl she wore.

"Demons and devils are beyond redemption," Lydia added when Dara would not.  "The undead are also beyond redemption but not beyond salvation in some cases.  Destruction of the undead frees the soul to find their way to Pharasma and continue with the circle of life and death.  Sarenrae teaches Her faithful to not allow the undead to remain in their state of perpetual unnatural existence where as with the creatures of the Hells and the Abyss, there is little but destruction for them."

Dara remained silent as Alisa spoke of love and duty and respected her emotions surrounding those most honorable and heroic traits.  Speaking very softly and with a voice overflowing with kindness she said, "Much as I would give my life for Sara, and without a second's hesitation, so too does it seem that Acavna gave Hers for Her children, the people of your mother and the mothers before her."  Dara put a hand on Alisa's as a gesture of support but did not attempt more.  "You're very welcome for everything.  And I thank you for offering your fellowship here today.  Desna teaches us all to enjoy one another's companies and life stories as we travel and it is Her blessing to us all when we can enjoy times of peace and relations."  Dara looked to Sara as she spoke to Alisa.  "If you do not object to a mother feeding her baby while you work, I would be more than thrilled to accept your offer.  It would be a wonderful gift to have such a braid."  Turning back to Alisa, Dara finished, "She's been an angel so far but I know she won't be much longer."
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Alisa had nodded as regarded her clarification on the meaning of colors.

"Oh yes, I'm following you.   And learning something, as well."

On the topic of Acavna, Alisa paused and thought briefly, as she'd cleared her eyes of the vestiges of tears. The pain of her mother's abandonment had lessened with the coming of the goddess --  she'd realized that years before. Associated it with awakening purpose, and spiritual fulfillment. Which it was. And yet, there was something too, like being enfolded in a mother's arms, now that she'd been prompted to look at it so...

She smiled. "I don't mind, and I think that will work.   My concern would be that she will think we are playing a game, and try to pull your hair.   But if she is happily feeding, it should not be an issue.  Go ahead and get set up with her, as comfortable as you can be, then I'll begin."

She arose, gave Dara time and space to situate herself with her daughter.  She took a comb from her belt pouch, as well as a piece of thread, the sort used to complete her own braid, set them nearby.

"You know, based on the shape of your face, I think we'll do a waterfall braid."   It was a little more technical than others, yet simple once you had the pattern down.   "However, because of your red color, and in honor of Lady Sarenrae, I'm going to dub this the firefall.   I'll incorporate a ribbon --  your favored blue, I'm thinking?    Or green, to match your eyes?"   Or if other, Alisa ran with whatever the choice was.

"My cousin Cassine, very style conscious, loves this braid best.  I learned to do it well for her."     

Alisa began by taking the comb, and gently creating a deep side parting in Dara's hair.    She continued the conversation as she worked - -

In terms her own ribbon, and wisdom being her prominent trait, "I do love that color a great deal, and am pleased with the choice, so thank you for suggesting it."   She shrugged.   "Of course, I strive to cultivate my own wisdom --  I think it is for my actions, and how others see those, to speak as to whether I am at all successful in it. You know, I felt it as a burden early on -- to try and be wise. I'd be the first to say I've only fairly average brains.  I've met many more clever or shrewd than myself. But I do try, and I find it allows me to improve myself in ways that make me happy, as well as better enable me to fulfill my role."     

She was now braiding in the front, dividing the hair into three sections, ensuring they were as equal as possible.   As Lydia spoke of what nearly happened to Sara, she responded "Goddess!   Should have thought of that.   Yes, let's avoid that, alright.    A child in danger is always a moment of heartfelt panic!"

"I understand you, about your father.  My own too made sacrifices to ensure I was properly raised, after my mother left.  Though, he was aided by my aunt, whom we were fortunate to have help fill the void."     She frowned a little.  "My awakening to Acavna put a little distance between us.   My father is a fairly devout worshiper of Erastil, as many in the Medvyed lands.   He did not warm to the idea of his child being whispered to by a long forgotten god.    Thought I was crazy, at first -- then later some strange sort of sorceress.   Eventually, he could not deny what it is.   But, it's never been comfortable for him.  Never.  Of course, it ties me to my mother's people. He'd like to forget them."

The technique of the three stand braiding she was doing, was to place the left strand over the right one, then the right strand down the middle of the braid. The trick that made the cascade was in dropping one section of hair at the bottom, as you went. As they'd done on herself, one strand replaced by the ribbon...

"A trial, perhaps, but one of love," she said concerning Sara, with a wink and smile to the little one.    "I know little of Harrow readers -- only the general talk.    I prefer to take the future as a matter of faith, not of prophecy.    But we are tested, as I did say earlier.  As for Sara, a devoted, deeply loving parent is the greatest blessing in any child's life. She has that, as a very good start."   

When Dara asked Sarenrae to her grant her the strength, Alisa inclined her head formally, adding "May it be so."

She had nodded at Lydia's words.   "Yes, your Lady is the foremost foe of the undead.   They are a horrifying threat, that must be put down when it's met.   All clergy of holy powers share that task. But I agree with Lydia, and find room to pity them, unlike the beings of the lower planes, whom come into existence rotten."

Alisa repeated her work, till she reached the back of Dara's head, securing the ends with the thread she'd set aside, and had a complete result...

Along these lines --http://hairstyleshowto.com/wp-...waterfall-braid7.jpg

GM, if you follow all this, next level I'll put a point into Craft - braiding, to make this all legit! It's just RP fluff, though.   No plan for Alisa to try and make money.  It's a braid you do at home, not an expert stylist trick or such. 

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With practiced motions Dara took her Kapenia and slipped it over a shoulder.  Taking Sara she said in a motherly tone, "You hungry?  You ready to eat?"  She worked a breast free under the cloth and slid Sara's head under it feeling the child's mount seek out and latch on.  Adjusting to get comfortable, she nodded to Alisa.  Dara showed little worry about privacy for the activity, she'd become used to breastfeeding in all kinds of places and did not look uncomfortable in doing so in Alisa's presence.  Now if Domitius was still there she might have taken further measures but in the presence of another woman there was not nearly a pressing need.  Looking to Alisa she confirmed, "You're ok with this?"  She did not expect there to be an issue, the question was more a courtesy that a concern.

"'The firefall?'  An interesting name for sure."  She used her free hand to reach into her satchel and looked for the right ribbons pulling out a couple of pink ones.  "The color of kindness and love, an honor and testament to that which we have and continue to share in this place.  I can think of no better choice."

Dara went silent as Alisa started to comb out her hair.  It'd been a long time since she'd had such a pleasure and to find it here and now was a blessing from the Lady Iomedae upon her.  When Alisa began to speak again it almost startled her back into awareness.  "Wisdom is so much more than a shrewd brain and the ability show an aptitude towards cleverness and wit.  Leave that to the bards, I always say.  Wisdom is more about choices, experiences and knowing the best and correct thing to do in a certain situation.  Is it truly wise to venture off alone, for example.  Sometimes people confused wisdom with intelligence but is a learned person necessarily a wise one?  No.  Book smart people can often find themselves in a bind because they were not wise enough to temper their exuberance with caution and preparation.  In my view, wisdom is learned and often times earned through age and experience.  I would ask you to not think that you lack poise and a measure of savvy because another might out think you."  She paused a moment as Alisa worked out a snarl.  "Have faith in yourself, your ability to discern right and wrong and to make the best decision for you and those whom are important to you."

Lydia agreed, "A fright indeed.  One we learned a lot from."
Dara subconsciously hugged her daughter a little tighter as the memory played out in her mind.

"It is always amazing to hear how people are called to their faith and into the service of the gods.  In a sense we are a lot alike in that we were raised in the house of one only to have another come and claim our souls.  I always wondered what purpose Sarenrae has for me in taking me from a life under Iomedae.  The question would go doubly for you as well.  A goddess long dead whispers Her calling to you.  And you answer.  Blessings to you Alisa for your faith and devotion, if the world had more like you it would be a far better place.  And blessings to your family for their support of your calling even if it brought pain and discomfort on them for doing so."  Dara pondered her next words knowing that this was a delicate topic that surely invited discomfort if broached without anything short of the most delicate touch.  "May I ask... how did She call you?  Whispering into your mind is a start but how did you know?  For me, it took a long time to truly know."  Adjusting in her seat slightly she continued, "For me, I did not know for a long time.  When my father would teach me how to fight, it was always something that I thought was part of Iomedae's service, yet when we finished and went to the shrine to pray I never felt the same connection as my father.  It is hard to explain but where as his prayer always extolled the virtues of honor and heroism, I always felt as if my blade served another purpose.  Even know I carry it as it is my duty but I do not draw it to be a hero of legend, servitor of honor and justice, rather I carry it because I feel more akin to the idea of protection and to use a commonly overspoken word in my faith: redemption.  I have drawn my sword in anger before but I have never killed more than an animal with it.  Still, when I would pray to Iomedae it was always Sarenrae that I felt in my heart filling me with Her ideas and visions, tenants that resounded within me more so than any other deity ever did."  Her free hand went to her neck and the holy symbol within the necklace she wore.  She stroked it lovingly as she said, "The fact that there is more than simply striking something down because it is evil carries more weight than any honor and glory ever could.  I would give up my place in a hall of heroes if it meant I could confront a wayward, lost soul and bring them back into the light.  Life is more than living for oneself.  Life is too precious to be so selfish."

"The future is many things, some we understand and some so far out of the realm of comprehension that we can only have faith in that it will come to pass.  The Harrow is a form of divination passed down from generation to generation as a means to tap into the flow of those forces and energies and offer a window into a possible path that the threads of time entail.  One harrower told me that the easiest way to understand things is by thinking of a spinning wheel.  The future is an infinite number of strands that are spun into a present that we live every day.  Some forces can manipulate the strands such as the gods changing our fates, others can view individual strands of the cluster of strands just before they are woven into the present but the vast majority of us are left with only the ability to see the finished product, the events that unfold with each passing moment of time."  Dara stopped rambling, she was just so comfortable right now in this place sharing stories and some rather personal adult time that her mouth seemed to keep running of its own accord.  With Alisa's kind words about being a deeply devoted parent, Dara looked down at the part of Sara not concealed.  "I'd do anything for her.  It's amazing how life changes when you bring a new one into the world.  I can't imagine a day without her, even at her worst."

The solemn moment was followed by a bit of silence as Alisa wrapped up and Dara seemed lost in thoughts of the infant girl in her arms.  When the work was done, Dara very gently removed Sara from her place and covered up again before removing her family scarf.  Sara had long since fallen asleep and Dara had barely moved her before a burp erupted from her tiny mouth.  "Well that was easy."  Lydia was at her side quickly obviously wanting time to hold the sleeping child.  One could easily see that Lydia viewed Sara as much her own as Dara's by the way she doted over the infant.  Taking her, Lydia found a corner to cherish the sleeping angel while Dara began to feel the braids on her head.  "Do you do this for a living?  Because you could definitely make a little money with your skill."  Dara removed a small, steel mirror from her satchel and looked at her reflection.  "Oh my... wow, that looks... Alisa that's amazing.  Thank you!  I..."  Dara turned to the half-elf and seemed to be stuck wanting to do six different things at once but locked with the indecision as to which to actually do.  She'd hug the woman but that might be weird, so she would sit there and smile but that wasn't enough to satisfy her need to truly express the level of gratitude she felt.  So she sat there staring at Alisa unsure of what the best way was to express herself though the look she had was potentially enough depending on the individual.
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Alisa had nodded as to Dara's take on wisdom, reckoning it was the truth.

"Well said...I agree. These days, I do not worry.   I take things on faith, and do the very best I can, with what I have.    It is simple that way.   If not necessarily always easy."

When Dara suggested the world would be better with more like her, Alisa was a little surprised, smiled somewhat wryly.    "Thank you for that.   I do not hold myself to be anyone special.   I don't bother thinking a great deal about why Acavna wanted me in particular;  if she needs me to know, then I've no doubt she'll tell me, as she has told me other things."   

Alisa didn't consider the next topic as delicate as Dara had guessed, and in fact didn't mind speaking of it, particularly not to another cleric, whom would understand better than most.

"How did I know - ? Yes, there were the whispers --  but also pictures.  Like memories --  but, not my own.   Some which came to me in dream, at night --  some others in a sort of lucid dreaming, while awake.   Many of those --  were of a place that I came to understand was her temple, in old Azlant.   I saw her clergy.   Serving her, as well as going about the smaller things in their lives.   And I --  I just felt -- just knew that my place was as one of them.   It was so soothing for me to see these things, there was such a sense of it being right.  Perhaps like trying a new food, finding it the most delicious thing you've ever tasted, and asking yourself 'so where has this been my whole life?' "

She quirked a playful smile, her expression then becoming more serious:     "And then, I learned how she'd perished -- such a noble, loving, selfless act -- and then been forgotten across the centuries.  And, I felt her strong sorrow that she'd been unable to continue to defend and protect as she once had.   And that she very much wished to do so again --  but that it would not be wholly possible without help."   Alisa shook her head, eyes misting again.

"I could not have refused that, never.  No part of me wished to.  It would have been like...refusing someone you love, at the moment they need you the most."

She'd listened very intently as Dara had spoken of the shift away from her father's patron goddess, toward the worship and service of Sarenrae.

"I hear you.   Personal glory is nothing to me.   I could care less.  I don't know how I'll be remembered one day after I'm gone, or even if I will be.   And it doesn't matter.   The work and leaving this world a better place is what does.   I believe in ripples ---  as when you toss a stone into a lake, and the ripples spread outward.   I believe that good, as well as evil, both work in a similar way.   We perform an act of good, there is no telling how many others it may finally touch.   And, those so encouraged and helped, how many others they may touch in their lifetime.    It is why I feel no one need be discouraged from acting, because they are 'only one person.'    One person can make a great difference, I know it for truth." 

As to the choice of religion and god, she added-  "Clearly, you did what was in your heart, in turning toward Sarenrae.   Choosing a god is so very, very personal.  I know that as well as any, following one whom many would deny even exists. One day, if I have my own little ones, I will not compel them to Acavna's worship at all.  Should it be in their hearts as it is in mine, then so be it.  I will simply support and nurture them in whatever is right and true within their heart and soul."

She listened as Dara spoke of the Harrow...and those forces that were said to underpin it.   Alisa had no experience or knowledge by which to judge or offer insight, so she merely nodded, again learning something new, which she liked to do.

When Dara remarked that she would do anything for Sara, Alisa smiled on them, and acknowledged "I know you would. Supernal blessings on you both.  I may be no prophetess, but I do believe there are good things ahead for both of you.   All three of you," she amended,  glancing with a smile to include Lydia.

Complimented on her work, she waved a hand modestly, "Ah, I've had to meet my little cousin's high standards, so I know a thing or two!    But, I have to say I'm much pleased by the result!    Of course, art is easier with quality material.   You have beautiful hair, lovely features, far from the most challenging subject."

Once it seemed things got a little awkward, she leaned in and gave Dara a hug --

"We practice the old ways, in my homeland.   We are not a cool nor distant people --  and believe strongly in community, and caring for those who are part of it.   And as priestesses, those striving for the light, I think it's safe to say you and I share a community." 

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Dara Algot
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"The thing with the gods is we never truly know why they call us, it is only for us to have faith in the fact that they did call us and that they have our best interests in mind when they do make that call.  Even now I do not know why Sarenrae has called me to Her service.  I do what I can to spread Her word, practice Her faith and in doing so I have grown to love everything about not only Her but in my faith and connection to Her.  Your calling must be something truly special and if you do ever learn the purpose, I would cherish the opportunity to hear it."

As Alisa told of her coming to faith, Dara found herself sitting on the edge of her seat listening with rapt attention. It was one thing to listen to a caravanner telling a tale but these kinds of tales were by far the most precious and intriguing.  "Praise be to the gods for they do work in the most mysterious of ways."  Dara's green eyes were wide open and totally focused on Alisa, the enjoyment and interest written on her face in the language of the body any human or hybrid could understand.  "Truly fascinating... and the part that I am truly fond of is that Her worship is back in ancient temples and among your people yet you are here in a land predominantly human.  It makes me wonder if you are Her voice in the world, like an emissary of the faithful.  Sarenrae is known far and wide so it is easy for me to speak of her to others but you.  Alisa I am jealous!  In a sense."  Dara laughed in a completely warm and honest way.  "If I were a prideful woman I would see myself in your shoes as a leader of the faith called to do great things in Her name as a resurrection of the divine but your humility in this?  Acavna could not have chosen a better voice."

Speaking of ripples, "There was once a priest of Sarenrae who told me something similar.  It is not ripples in a pool but sparks to a flame.  When you touch a life, you leave something like a spark.  That spark if fed correctly grows into a flame and then a fire and then a bonfire.  The flames warm the heart, heal the soul and in some cases even cauterize the wounds.  I do wish to be remembered when I pass on to Her side, not as a famous member of the church but as someone kind of like... like the village elder or healer, the woman who knows all the kids from the time they were born and... you know I wish I had some elf blood in me just so I could live long enough to see the generations.  'I remember when I helped your grandmother give birth to your mother and then to you and now here we are with you giving birth to this fine little man...'"  Dara's eyes drifted off into the distance as her imagination took over for a time.

When Alisa spoke of little ones it was impossible for Dara to not look down at her own daughter as she fell asleep at the breast.  "You can raise them in faith, walk with them down the path and do everything possible but in the end it is a divine choice and nothing we can do will prevent it in the end.  Ask my father.  You surely are correct though, force such a thing and it will only foster resentment.  Acavna will call your children to Her as She did you."

When Lydia was brought into the conversation, the woman seemed to shy away. She did not seem to enjoy being the focus of discussion.  "Sarenrae has already given me all I would desire right now.  Perhaps some day I will find a man and have a family of my own but for now, I have a family and I could not ask for anything better."

"You will be a better mother than I, Lydia, that much I am quite certain of."

Whatever Lydia's thoughts were about that, she kept them to herself.

When Alisa gave Dara a hug, it was all Dara needed. The embrace back was warm and heartfelt.  "A community, even a family in a sense."  She stepped back after a time.  "It has been so long since I have found someone who understands.  The caravans have families but the families are more about their own, about looking out for those within and never about taking the time for others.  To sit here and just talk, to really talk and not feel like I have to watch words or guard against something, to let all the guards down in this sacred place and to share our time together.  You make a compelling reason to just stop.  Not sign on the next caravan and just settle.  If there are others like you here..."  Her eyes wandered around the room.  "A home without wheels, a bed without concern..."
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"Well, I suppose we'll see," Alisa acknowledged regarding being called, and her purpose.  "Perhaps."  She smiled.    "But in any case, if I do one day learn it, I would be honored to share it with a fellow priestess as deeply devoted and caring as yourself.    Learning in the way I did, I've had virtually no others to share my deeper spiritual experiences with.    This sort of connection is why I came to this sacred place today."     

She laughed a little when Dara praised her modesty, though she much appreciated such a complement.

"Thank you, though in all honesty I must confess, that in the first year or two of awakening to the goddess, in youthful pride, I sometimes did see myself as a 'leader of the faith called to do great things in Her name.'     But, certain experiences and visions served to humble me in a beneficial way, and bring me back down to earth, where a cleric is of most value.  I do find arrogance and conceit are the bane of wisdom -- if they are allowed to take root in one's soul, they are like weeds in a garden, spreading quickly, and edging out that which is more vital and beautiful."

She nodded concurrence, after listening to what the elder priest had told Dara concerning sparks and flame.   Then smiled.

"As I disclaimed, I am no prophetess, but I strongly suspect you will be remembered in that way.   Probably more, as well.   And, elvish blood is no guarantee of long life.   We who serve the Divine are often called to face the evil and perilous things that move in this world.   There are no guarantees...life is fragile, which is part of what make it so precious."

Alisa stopped, realizing she'd entered a somewhat dark train of thought, speaking to a mother whom surely wished to live long, and see her daughter grown to womanhood. To one day dote upon her grandchildren.     They were things that Alisa wished for herself, as well...though, there was sometimes this feeling that she was better to keep her focus almost strictly to what she needed to do, not what she wished to have.

"Of course, the Divine wards and protects us, as well," she added, reorienting to the positive.

She wasn't surprised when Dara agreed with her on the matter of children and faith, given what Dara had said of her father. As well as because Alisa found it impossible to imagine her doing anything less than encouraging Sara to feel and choose her own way, in such things.

Alisa smiled at Lydia, after she'd spoken, knowing that here was another caring heart, and that Sara was fortunate to have two such hearts to warm and light her earliest years.    Surely one day Dara would draw in the right man to give Sara a father, but even if that did not happen for some time, the little one would know no absence of love.

A father... and, what had happened to or with Sara's father?   It wasn't something Dara had touched on, at all ...  Alisa was of course curious, but wasn't going to bluntly inquire, with one whom she'd only just met.    If Dara wished to share that story, then she would at some time, and if no, for whatever the reason, Alisa regarded her privacy.

She smiled once again, at Dara's last words.    "It has been good for me, too!   I do strive for compassion and understanding with others, which I feel are two of the highest virtues there are.    And naturally, there are things that god-servants may share that others may not be quick to understand, if at all. There are good, caring people here -- though as with any place, you may need to sort and pick a little to find them. Sometimes, adversity and challenge bring out the best in people, draw a community closer together.    I believe you will find that here.  And, I'd wager rather strongly that -- if you do choose to settle and stay, yours will be far from a lonely life."     

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"I have never made a lot of effort in trying to figure out why as much as trying to follow my purpose as handed down to me by Sarenrae.  I never really felt comfortable asking why.  In a way it is almost asking, 'Mother, why was I born?'  Sure there is the whole, 'Well your father and I...' cold hard fact but if you think deeper into it, the revelation of being born versus being born again is not all that much different.  It just is."  Looking around the room, something occurred to her.  "I suppose it has to be harder on you since there is no sacred shine or temple to find kindred souls with.  What does She teach you about worship?  Temples?  Holy places?"

Dara could not prevent the smile coming to her face as Alisa admitted to her sins of pride in her youth.  "Don't we all feel that way when we are first called?  So full of hope and vigor and faith.  Sarenrae teaches us that our life of faith is like a campfire.  Well, this isn't exactly Her analogy but it is one that works well with the caravans.  You're a stack of logs, tinder and kindling.  She brings her spark and the ember is formed which quickly grows into a giant bonfire as all the tinder and kindling burn hot and quick.  That is like the beginning of your faith when you're so full of energy and vitality.  But the fire can't stay that way forever, the short lived aspects represented by the kindling burns away quickly.  The true faith is in the logs.  If you have a strong foundation of logs in your fire your faith will forever be a warm radiance for not just yourself but others who come to share in your faith.  The logs burn for a long time and will continue to burn so long as you tend them and add more through the course of life, the logs being represented by deeds that grow within the faith.  Shallow deeds are like tossing sticks in the fire, they burn but are quickly spent while deeper and more profound actions keep the faith burning for a long, long time."  Lydia gave Dara a knowing stare.  In the unspoken communication, Dara stopped talking.  "Sorry, I get carried away."

"True, the calling of the divine can often put one in harm's way, especially that of Sarenrae."  Dara's hand patted the scimitar that hung at her hip.  "I give thanks to the Dawnflower that I as of yet have not been called to draw this in anger more frequently.  I much prefer dealing in life than death."

Settling down had been in the back of Dara's mind since the days she had learned of her pregnancy.  The wanderlust of her blood, the experiences and opportunities of the open road, they called to her and would surely call to Sara as well but so did the idea of a stable home, a safe haven, a community of fellowship that did not change with each stop but would grow together in common cause and mutual gain.  "I never thought to leave the road.  I admit, it tears at me when I think of putting down roots and even more so thinking of doing so outside of my native Varisia."  The Varisian was showing deep conflict in her expression as she continued to weigh the two sides of the coin.  Stay and settle or move on.  "When the time comes, I trust that Sarenrae will guide my decision in what is best for myself and my family."  Her head turned and looked long as Lydia and then Sara.  "At least I do not have to decide now.  I'm not sure I could choose to be honest."