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Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy: Winters Wares & Spices (Tusk)
A small store that sells a range of items -  perfumed with the smells of exotic spices.
~ Zach Malford
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 Winters Wares and Spices
Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy: Winters Wares & Spices (Tusk)
The door jingled when a woman entered the store. Zack Malford looked up with a smile. He moved from behind the counter with several packages, "Here's your order. Come again."

Winters Wares & Spices appeared as a simple store with most of the wares out on display. There was a barrel of salt in one corner, but most of the spices were placed along the near wall next to the counter. On the opposite end of the store was a display area with medicinal herbs. He explained to Kendrick when he arrived earlier, "There's a market for these herbs. Druids, clerics and rangers use these herbs. But the folks in town don't want to spend hours finding these herbs much less to haul them back to town."

There was two exits from the store area. One lead to the backroom and another lead to the stairs to the second floor.
Kendrick Winters
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Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy: Winters Wares & Spices (Tusk)
Kendrick paused at the stairs. He turned to Zack, "That's fine. I don't need to know the details. That's why I have you." He climbed the stairs that lead to the second floor. There were two doors, one of which lead to his room. He checked inside before he grabbed a few items. He returned to the first floor where he found Zack looking confused and disturbed. Kendrick continued the conversation they had earlier. "Now remember what I told you. Clean out my room. Liam will be here to move by chest."

"Where will you be staying..."

"I'll be at the barracks."

"What? Why on earth would you want to do that?"

Kendrick gave a look at Zack that meant the conversation was getting old. "I just got appointed Marshal. It will be good for morale for me to spend some time with the men. Inspect the troops."

"Just remember, if they show up. Show them the room."