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Tue 19 Mar 2019
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Location:  The Naming Day : Main
Winter has passed and it is getting  close to Firstbloom and Planting Week, when many country folk celebrate the coming of spring and start to prepare for the following years.  Days are getting longer and warmer, nights are getting shorter and spring is almost here.

Settlers are starting to brave the roads again, and it will soon be time to restart the exploration of Midmarch again.  However, you have received an invitation to attend a celebration in honour of the next generation.

The leading ladies of Midmarch (Lady Bai Kao-leMaistre, Lady Valoria Lebeda-Ondari and Dame Viktoria D’Lodkova) have all recently given birth and wish to introduce their offspring to the great and good of Midmarch.  The event will happen on the Vernal Equinox in a specially erected marquee in Central District.  The event will be combines with a fundraising event to encourage donations towards a free school that the ladies intend to found.

In honour of the event, the ladies are also making donations to the various bars, taverns, inns and hotels across Midmarch, so the general population can drink to the health of the young ones.

The three main guests of honour are ...

Amelie Suchin de leMaistre  (Girl)
Leo Azar Donovan Lebeda-Ondari (Boy)
Marie Sylvius D'Lodovka  (Girl)

OOC:  This includes all PCs (whether you think you deserve it or not)  You should be prepared to wear your best bib and tucker :)

Please Note:  This was planned well before Dara and Sara arrived  :P

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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Adoven is the first to toast his beloved and their newborn girl.
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Domitius arrived at the naming ceremony dressed in a military style courtiers outfit with the black jacket of the Restov Guards, at the entrance he stopped and took off his sword and handed it to Barbatius.  "Hold this for me my friend and I will call if I need you.  His next few steps he felt naked without a blade at his side but he was determined to enjoy the day.

He moved amongst the crowd chatting with a glass of wine in hand.
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
OOC: I was going to say, that's pretty convenient.

Dara stood amid the crowd with her trusty companion Lydia at her side.  Baby Sara was in a backpack carrier on Dara's shoulders trying to catch flies in her wide open mouth while taking in the sites and sounds of the celebration.  Dara was dressed in a rather festive outfit, a long and flowing dress with a rainbow of colors cinched by her family's Kapenia at the waist.  Her hair was tied back in pigtails with ribbons and tassels of blue to signify her wishes of health for the newborns, at least the ribbons and tassels that had eluded Sara's grasping hands.  She'd left all but a dagger at home and also sported her satchel of medical supplies because at places like this, there was bound to be something happening that required such things.  She and Lydia both carried a beverage though she only sipped at it from time to time.  This was a celebration but she did not want to let it get the better of her!
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
A small, but imperious looking woman dressed in a black formal gown  stomps into the marquee, and everyone seems to just move aside to let her past.  While well cut, her gown  appears to be barely decorated, unntil you realise that is almost completely covered in small black gem stones, although they barely even glitter in the light.  Her black cane is beautifully carved, with a highly decorated silver head.  ” Where is my great grand son?” she demands loudly, before making a beeline for Valoria.

A younger woman follows, dressed almost as richly but in shades of blue.  ”Valoria is over there, mother. I am sure Leo will be with her …“ she says pointing to the Lady of Ringbridge.  Another couple, the man dressed as a senior Sword-Lord of Restov, and the woman in a plainer courtier’s gown, follow them across the room.

Almost imediately a buzz passes around the room identifying them as Lady Luna Cartan, head of one of the most influential magical families in Restov, her daughter Lady Victoria de’lebeda, Senior Sword Lord Horatio Lebeda-Berain and his wife Cordelia.  He is leader of the Northen Sword Schools on Restov and a city councillor, while his wife is a Lebeda cousin.
Alisa D'Medvyed
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Alisa D'Medvyed was another of many in attendance.

She too was attired in a way that wasn't typical of her, but which she had really enjoyed putting together.   What it had cost notwithstanding.    She did, of course, anticipate she might see Domitius here, and wasn't about to present anything under her best.   She was satisfied with the lavender, white-trim gown she wore. It was a nice change from her priestess raiment, or most especially studded leather armor, even if it did feel unfamiliar.  (something along these lines >>)   

Her pure white hair was stripped of its usual formal braid, and instead worn loose about her shoulders, like a fall of new winter snow.  Not absent, however, was Acavna's crossed-spears sigil.    No, even here she was enough priestess not to go without it.   As well, in the unlikely event of trouble, it insured she still had access to the Defender's divine magic.

She waved briefly to Dara and her small entourage, and spotted Domitius, whom she approached, somewhat from behind.

"Guess who?  I was hoping I might see you here. The gods continue to be kind, it would seem." 
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
At the sound of Alisa's voice Domitius began to turn towards her, he paused for the barest moment his eyes widening slightly as he took Alisa's ensemble in.  He took her hand and bowed to kiss it "My lady, it is if the heavens have blessed me this day." as he stood he captured his eyes with his own and it felt as if the room had emptied around them.

An irreverent thought popped into his head, so this is what it feels like to be smitten.  He reluctantly let go of Alisa's hand "You look beautiful my lady truly I am blessed.
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Pipre appears in her finest dress, which is quite fine indeed. A luxurious, figure hugging black, backless, with a waterfall of glittering silver necklaces running down the smooth, slim lines of her back. Tall gloves nearly reach to her bare shoulders.

She congratulates all involved but stops to speak with Lady Bai Ko-leMaistre, whom she has a more personal connection with from days of exploration.

"I wasn't aware childbirth gave such a lovely glow," she tells Bai Ko with a warm smile, "and Amelie is perfect as far as I can tell." She does wonder if her own mother glowed green after Pipre was born, but doesn't voice this thought.

"In regards to the planned school-- I was thinking of having a college built. I would love it if we could make it a sister school to the one being developed. Perhaps we could arrange a reduced tuition to alumni of your school and it would be an honor to commemorate today by naming it.. hmm, the Three Ladies of Virtue Academic College?" She gestures vaguely to Bai Ko herself as well as the two other ladies of the hour.
_Bai leMaistre-Kao
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
"Thank you." Bai smiles in response to the complement, "And I think we can all agree that coming to an arrangement between schools and colleges can only be a good thing.  However, she stifles another smile at  Pipre's suggested name for the college.  <aqua>"Well, Valoria maybe." she comments, as her mind  wanders back to a particular night with the fey of the Narlemarch.

"Why not Pipre's College?  And leave your own name as a legacy in the city's annals?"
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Seeing Alisa's gesture, Dara turned and gave her a wave in return.  That outfit... Dara made sure they were in eye contact before mouthing the word "Wow" to her before using her hand to gesture over her own form as a compliment to Alisa's chosen attire.  Dara had thought she'd done a good job selecting her own raiment but seeing Alisa made her feel terribly underdressed.

She started moving towards Alisa but watched as Alisa reached Domitius before her.  Watching the two of them together warmed her heart.  Perhaps this time next year they might be celebrating their own naming day?  Young love at it's finest, except that they were both half-elves which meant they were likely older than she was.  Did that make them young, still?  Dara chuckled privately at the thought.  She kept to within a few meters of the pair but did not come closer.  Let them have their time together.
Andalon de Lebeda
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
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Fuzzy:  The Naming Day
Andalon was dressed in the dark blue academic robe that he kept for special occasions. Dark blue with two broad white stripes where the robe fastened at the front, with the golden key
symbol of Abadar repeated down the length of both white stripes. His white shirt, dark blue trousers and buckled shoes peeked out from the neck, sleeves and hem of the robe. Of course, the silver and topaz holy symbol pinned over his heart stood out beautifully against the dark blue robe, as well.

He circulated among the guests with practiced ease and confidence, greeting old friends and new acquaintances alike. He congratulated Bai and Henry on their beautiful little daughter, every bit as sweet as her mother already. He joined Adoven in toasting Vik and their gorgeous little daughter, too.

Then he joined the Lebeda family gathering to congratulate his cousin Valoria and her husband Cyrus, a former comrade-in-arms from the early days of Midmarch. Young Leo looked like he was already growing as a fine, strong little boy and obviously a great joy to both of them. Andalon could hardly wait to give Val a big hug for being such a wonderful mother to his newest cousin and a hearty handshake with Cyrus. He greeted those of the small group of lords and ladies that he had previously met at Cyrus and Valoria's wedding and was introduced to those he had not had the honour of meeting before.

As he turned and looked around the room he looked very pleased with the way everyone had presented themselves and proud of the strength and enthusiasm of their rapidly growing community.