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Fuzzy:  Quinn The Tailor (Ringbridge)
Maker of bespoke clothing, including Courtier and Noble costumes.

Styles of formal dress can be found  @

Players associated with the Medveyd, the Eastern Families mentioned, will want to look at this page to check out their tartans.


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Fuzzy:  Quinn The Tailor (Ringbridge)
The shop is small, a quaint initial offering selected from a recently vacated building in need of some cosmetic work and pest control but otherwise sized for long term growth potential.  The decor was still limited as most of the proceeds get turned over and reinvested into material and labor costs.  Still, the quaint charm offered by handmade tapestries and banners as well as mundane costumes, wooden mannequins and assorted trinkets give the shop's decor a warmth of color and style.  The walls have ample space for inventory but as things are still new, there is more open space than product though what is there is of quality, hand made manufacture of every design, size and need.  Commoner trousers and smocks for a few coppers, evening wear for a few silvers, underclothing and bedroom attire of the common, functional and "alluring" design, noble finery and more.  Footwear can also be found though the majority of it is resold from the local cobbler.  Behind the counter one can typically find an employee, a local man or woman taking care of customers while Quinn, the shop owner and proprietor, can be seen behind them working tirelessly on whatever product is due out for the floor or special order next.  Evidence of magic indicate the production of magical items which one would correctly assume was where the bulk of the profit comes from considering the more than reasonable pricing of the common attire on display.  A selection of such enchanted items were on display but not within reach of the browsing customer or wandering rogue.
A sign on the counter details the pricing policies.

Coin or Trade Accepted.
Arcane Spells and Components Desired.

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Fuzzy:  Quinn The Tailor (Ringbridge)
In a rare moment of adult time, Dara stopped by what looked like a relatively new establishment.  With Sara home napping under Lydia's supervision and the upcoming celebration she'd heard of happening tomorrow, she decided to indulge herself a little and find some fresh clothing.  Walking in, she took in the sight and sound of the building.  Indeed it was new judging by the rather minimal amount of selection compared to other places in town.  But something about what she saw seemed to call to her more than other places she'd visited here in Tusk Town and on her travels.  Quaint, personal and unique.  Whomever was the master of this shop definitely paid attention to detail, even on the rather common attire which was probably the biggest seller in a small but growing town.

She walked the rack seeing how the women's clothing was set to the one side.  The usual attire was plentiful which made sense for the shopper who wanted to grab something simple and in their size.  Further back she found some of the finer selection and could not help but notice a dress that all but jumped off the rack at her.  She took it and marveled at the way the colors were all interwoven into a basic pattern that excelled in its simplicity.  She moved the dress in her hands and gasped at how the colors seemed to shift before her eyes.  There was nothing magical of course, she even checked to be sure, but the way the layers were sewn, the folds overlapping to allow for the sway, it gave the dress a most colorful and charming collage.

"Can I help you with something?" a young woman asked.  She wore the clothes of an artisan and the tools to match.

"Is this your shop?"

"No, my lady, the shop owner is behind the counter.  Master Quinn, though he doesn't like being called that."

Dara looked at the man who was visibly busy working on something and let it go at that.  "I'm looking for something for tomorrow's celebration and I saw this dress."

"The color suits you.  The reds work well with your hair and the length looks about right for you.  Care to try it on?"

Dara nodded and was led to one of the changing closets where she took a moment to try on the outfit.  It would need to be tailored a bit to fit her, thanks to Sara, but otherwise it looked pretty good on her.  Excited, she opened the door to find the woman waiting patiently.  "I like it!"

"Yes, but it looks like it might be a little tight on the top and a bit long on the legs."

"And a little tight in the middle, too," Dara admitted sheepishly.  "Do you think there is enough time to get the adjustments done so I could wear it tomorrow?"

"I can ask?"

Dara returned to the closet to remove the dress and stepped out wearing her traveling clothing again.  The woman took the dress to the shop owner and Dara used the opportunity to look for some matching attire.  The shoes looked wonderful but she weighed the cost and decided to find something a bit cheaper.  The underclothes were rather nicely crafted and as she made a selection the shop assistant returned.  "He can have the dress ready for you in a half hour if you are settled on buying it?"

She nodded her agreement and went to the front where she paid the appropriate amount for the dress and a few minor items and accessories.  With some time to kill, she wandered the shop taking in the other wares while her dress was tailored to her size.
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Fuzzy:  Quinn The Tailor (Ringbridge)
The co-owner of V&A enters the shop and asks if Quinn was available."He was fairly shaken by what we encountered out there. I want to make sure he's doing all right." he says. He is also eyeing some bold colors of brown and crimson in formal wear.
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Fuzzy:  Quinn The Tailor (Ringbridge)
Hearing the familiar voice at the front, Quinn wasted no time putting down his tools and moving to the front counter.  "Adoven," he said with a bit of excitement in his tone.  Sure they were not close or anything but when you've been in a fight with someone, things get a little closer.  "You look well."  Quinn looked much better than when he was out on that hill, much more relaxed and in his element.  He'd always said he wasn't much for an adventurer and seeing him in his shop looking happy and healthy only reinforced the fact that his lot in life was destined to be within the walls of a town plying his wares and doing what he loved.  "Everything is good here.  Business is not what I was hoping for but it's still new and I am hoping things pick up as time goes on.  How is life treating you?"