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Tue 2 Apr 2019
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OOC Consultation
I  would like to take opinions for the whole player roster on the question of PCs using craft skills to make items.  :)

Kingmaker comes with huge amounts of down time.  These recent fuzzy threads have covered about three (game) months.  All the previous threads (in the whole game) took about nine (game) months.  Realistically PCs were probably away from 'base' for less than half of that time.

That leaves (roughly) 8 months of down time.  The Kingdom Rules assume you are doing 'every-day' stuff during that time, such as overseeing new settlers, minor policing actions or running your 'Personal Empires'.

You also finish up with quite a lot of money from Loot or 'bonus payments' and clever use of Economic developments can get you quite big skills bonuses.

How much time should I give PCs to craft potions, alchemical mixes, scroll and other such items?

Note:  So far I have picked (or rolled) a random small number of items.

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