Fuzzy: Tusk Development Thread. Yr 4714.   Posted by DM.Group: 0
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Fri 3 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  Tusk Development Thread.  Yr 4714
Note: this thread is semi-IC and semi-OOC

IC is nice, but feel free to use OOC if you need to.


That is about right -  except Tusk has 6.8bp to spend not 6.6 as shown on the PDF.  (there were a few tweaks after it was published)

Tusk will reach City Status this turn.

The Meeting Opens in private session.

The Player Information Thread has a list of the BPs that you can spend.

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_ Brother Barthomew
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Fri 3 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  Tusk Development Thread.
Brother Bart pulls out a sheet of paper, scans it for a moment, and then reads ....

"I have a petition from some Tusk residents.  A Miss Teskertin, a very forward young lady I must say, the Haniki brothers and a Mr Vemarelian, they all want to know if you intend to open up a new residential district.  Preferably one for ...err..." Bart peers at the paper again for a moment, "Residents of .. err .. some substance with a good reputation.  They say they are prepared to fund a watch tower, for the district, to help keep order, should any less desirable folk find their way into the area."

"I understand that all three of them own property in Tusk that the rent out to the everyday folk."

"And there is another request from Miss Jennavieve Kensen, who wishes to establish a horse breeding facility in the hinterlands."

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_ Borric d'Cordain
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  Tusk Development Thread.
"Both Mariam and I would be interested in  building houses there." Sir Borric comments as Brother Bart speaks of a new residential area.  "However, I came here today  to talk about moving The Temple of Iomedae into the College District.  With our Library and Sword school, we think we would fit in  well.  With no disrespect intended to The Governor, Abadar or Pharasma." he conceded with a nod.

"Perhaps we could build a Courthouse here instead, some day?" he suggests.

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Henry LeMaistre
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Sat 4 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  Tusk Development Thread.
"And, of course, I have plans as well." henry adds from his chair.

"On behalf of DELEM Trading, I would like to build a Serai in Tusk.  Perhaps in  the Lakeside District?  That will complete the route here from Restov and make trade easier.

On a personal basis, I would like to expand my estate in the Hinterland to a fortified Manor.  Bai is going to step down from running the estates for a while to concentrate on the family. 

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Sun 5 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  Tusk Development Thread.