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Sun 5 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  leMaistre and Midmarch Development Thread.  Yr 4714
Note: this thread is semi-IC and semi-OOC.  IC is nice, but feel free to use OOC if you need to.

This thread covers three areas -  all controlled by Henry.

Midmarch Rural – which covers   Bar-Z, Outpost and Junction – across the three, there are religious and commercial opportunities.
Bar-Z – has a single watch tower – and a ranch as a secondary development.
Junction – has a watch tower and a market.
Outpost has an outpost, a market and a graveyard.

Midmarch Reserve  - the area around Elk Wall and Hunter’s Rest.  This area may be open to wilderness development.

Newgate -  Once known as Henryhall – is a newly established small town on the trade route between Tusk and Restov.  The town is open for development.  The Manor House will be upgraded to a Keep, there is a DELEM Serai, Warehouse and Office there, and there is a Pharasman Holy House.  Now open to Investments of all types.

The Player Information Thread has a list of the BPs that you can spend.

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Henry LeMaistre
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Mon 20 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  leMaistre and Midmarch Development Thread.  Yr 4714
"I have decided that it is time to press on with my goal to drive a road from Varnhold in the east, through to the East Sellen river in the west.

As Governor, I shall push a road through the forests to the North of the Fey Enclave, and House leMaistre will establish an Outpost there, which will serve as a marker of our intent.  At the same time I will build a road from Ringbridge towards Varnhold and the mountains.  Again, House leMaistre will establish an outpost there, to establish our dominion in the area.

To help establish our communication routes, the good people of Tatzleford have built a road that connects them with iron Keep and, from there, onto Tusk.  In the future, I hope to see that extended on towards the East Sellen river as well.  There will, eventually, be a marvellous opportunity to build a trading town -  with access to the river, close to the Wyvern Bridge ..."

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Wed 22 Jan 2020
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Fuzzy:  leMaistre and Midmarch Development Thread.  Yr 4714
If no one has any other business, I shall close this development thread down.