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Player Information II
This thread will replace the current player information thread.  Rather than having posts for different topics with sections for each character, I want to try having one post per character -  with different sections for each topic.

Each section could include a public and private section.  For example, There could be a section that lists all of your business interests publicly -  while the finances are in a private line.   A different section might include your character's public background - but have a private line that details the private information.

Better still (at least from my perspective) you will be able to update the entries yourself!  Although you are honour bound to behave ....
Kendrick Winters
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Tue 18 Feb 2020
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Player Information II
Sir Kendrick Winters, Marshal-Dominus of Tusk, Knight in the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests
Winters Wares (owner) in Tusk and Ringbridge
Winter Sun Merchants (WSM), partnership of Domitius and Kendrick

Personal Thread of Knowledge link to a message in this game

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Safiya Vallani
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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Safiya Vallani

Role in Midmarch

Mistress of Feyfalls and Whiterun
Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests

Silent partner in Senas' Wondrous Arcane Goods


A half-elven family member of known Aldori supporters, House Vallani from Restov.

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Kiera Raincutter-Solanus
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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Kiera Raincutter


Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests:

- Owner and Operator, Nereid's Nectar Tavern (Tusk)


An orphan who was raised by trappers and skinners in the forests around the Stolen Lands, Kiera has no memory of her birth parents- except that one of them was First World- and was forced to make a living any way she could.  Surviving by picking up odd jobs around the area, she eventually found her way to Restov where she heard of a lucrative job opportunity brewing up...

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Domitius Aldori-Solanus
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Wed 19 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Domitius Solanus

Aldori Swordlord
Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights
Residence Villa Solanus, Tusk
Business Interests:
Owner Silverstone Masonry
Solanus Wainwrights
Partner Winter Sun Merchants

Former officer in the Restov City Guards, member of House Solanus, Aldori swordsman

Goals: Establish his own settlement at Lake Silverstep

Barbatius Scaurus, squire
Hargrym Silverhammer, Mastermason, Business manager - Entourage-Ally
Brother Thaddeus Riverson, Acolyte of Iomedae - Entourage-Assistant
Tic Hucklebuckle, Hunter and scout - Entourage-Assistant

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Cass Mordane
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Thu 20 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Cassius Mordane

Lord Mayor of Tusk,†Master of Silverton

Business Interests

The Mithral Hotel (Merchant District, Tusk)
A Symphony of Swans, inn (Main District, Ringbridge)
Silverton, independent village (Silverton, Midmarch)

Business Partners
Elkin, business manager, Treasurer of Silverton
Magatha Primrose, counselor, Mayor of Silverton
Sophia Ironsky, Deputy Magistrate of Silverton
Jensen, personal squire, Paladin of Sarenrae

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Andalon de Lebeda
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 Abadar in Tusk City
Fri 21 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Andalon de Lebeda
  • Banker (bishop) of the Cathedral of Abadar in Tusk.
  • Chancellor-Dominus (treasurer) on the Tusk City Council and Bishop of Tusk.
  • Lord-Dominus (Lifetime Patent) for services to the communities of Tusk and Midmarch.
  • Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights.

Religious and Business Interests
The Bishop of Abadar in Tusk is responsible for the Abadaran church's holdings in the City of Tusk and the Province of Midmarch:
  • Cathedral of Abadar in the Central District of Tusk.
  • Bank of Abadar in the Merchant District of Tusk.
  • Regional Market in Cheapside, Tusk.
  • Great Shrine at the religious settlement / pilgrimage site at Kunlun in Midmarch.
  • Great Shrine at Ringbridge
  • Great Shrine at Newgate

The noble house of Lebeda is based in Silverhall near the western end of Lake Reykal. They control a lot of the shipping on the lake and are primarily brokers and merchants linking the north and south of Brevoy.

Andalon comes from a cadet branch of the Lebeda family that is based in New Stetven. Originally training to be a merchant, his career path changed direction when he realised that serving Abadar was his true vocation.

Andalon was one of the first of those recruited by Henry de le Maistre to explore part of the 'Stolen Lands' and helped him establish the new province of Midmarch for Brevoy. Andalon happily explains this is clearly in line with the church's noble mission to "bring the light of civilization to the wilderness". He has helped develop the City of Tusk, serving as Chancellor of the Tusk Council while building his own church up from chapel to Cathedral with its own bank in Tusk.

His cousins Valoria, Zauria & Wilbur along with his cousin-by-marriage Cyrus are now all based in Ringbridge.

Andalon's coat of arms consists of an ant and a lion facing each other, with the white swan of Lebeda at the bottom of the shield. This shield was inspired by the druidess Zelona, who misheard Andalon's name as Antlion when they first met. (See )

Andalon is still a young man and regularly travels on missions of exploration for Lord Henry. There are a number of canons and junior clerics to look after the day-to-day running of the Cathedral in his absence but the one who has been with Andalon the longest and knows him best is Brother Florin.

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Adoven Lodovka-Sud
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Sat 22 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II

Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights


Business Interests
- Co-Owner of V&A Shipping(Tusk)
- Master Duelist of the V&A Sword School

 Adoven came from the North where he started work as a Sailor/Pirate/Fisherman working for the Lodkova family.  He went on a trip to Restov and came back with an interest in all things bard like.  He couldnít settle down and didnít know what he wanted from life Ė until he realized the opportunities that a new frontier offered. While he started out working for Viktoria Lodkova, his competence  and skills caught her eye, and they began a collaboration. This partnership has evolved into a personal relationship, but not a marriage. At least, not yet. He now has a daughter by Viktoria, and his influence is beginning to spread beyond the local borders. As both Merchant and bard, his skills are helping the growth of Tusk and Midmarch.

  • Robert Samuels (L5 Warrior, entourage-ally) - Swordmaster of V&A Sword School and Military Academy
  • Tobias Lodkova (L3 Expert) - Diplomat and Trader
  • Brother Frug (L2 Divine Adept) - Chaplain of Cayden, Healer

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Sun 23 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II

Role: Free Priest of Pharasma.  Ethankos's brief is to investigate reports and rumours of undead in Middlemarch.  While holding no formal rank or office, he operates with Lord Henry's permission, and in return can be called upon to undertake other tasks the Lord-Dominus requires of him.

Residence: On the rare occasion when he is at home, Ethankos may be found in the Holy House at Fey Falls which is also responsible for tending to the nearby graveyard.

Business Interests: No business interests.

Background: Grew up around the temple, learning the rituals first hand.  In time he became an acolyte, assisting with the apothecaries with the preparation of curatives and caring for the sick and dying.

When he took his vows and joined the priesthood he worked in the crypts, preparing bodies for funeral rites. Now he hunts undead, ever alert for signs of their presence and seeking allies where he can find them.

"I am a priest of Pharisma," the giant of a man drops the chicken bone onto the platter before him, licking the fat from his fingers.  "Though you must look elsewhere if you wish for one to provide much in the way of joyful celebration.  If you wish to discuss how your corpse may be disposed of when your time comes, then sit and raise a cup and we shall talk."

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~Percy Arndell
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Sun 23 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Percy Arndell

Role: Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Order; former representative of Lord Henry at Oleg's Trade Post.

Residence:   Appartment in Tusk Town.

Business Interests:  Minor partner in V&A Shipping.

Background: Member of the original expedition that accompanied Henry on his venture, along with Dame Viktoria d'Lodovka.  Retired hurt after badly injuring his leg on one ill-fated venture, and now walks with a limp/uses a cane.

"Alas, I was trained by men who knew what they were about in that most fashionable of weapons, the rapier.  Such is expected of a gentleman, I'm afraid, though I confess I got by more with luck and an innate desire not to find myself skewered on the point of my opponent's blade.  The hours of dedication necessary to master the skill ... most exhausting, I'm sure."

"By birth I have noble blood, but sadly these days that does not guarantee a life of leisure and comfort.  By profession I was a merchant, more used to persuading my opponents with my wits and tongue than with a weapon, though I'd not have liked to have bargained hard with either Pipre or Bai !  Better the early mornings in the yard with my instructor !"

"By inclination, however I enjoy dabbling with verse, wrestling with rhyme and rhythm.  A writer, you understand, no singer I !  Sonnets mainly.  For suitors to impress their belles.  It's a very reputable occupation.  My work is much sought after by the discerning gent."

Alisa Medvyed-Solanus
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Sun 23 Feb 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Alisa D'Medvyed


Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests:

- Proprietor, Sisters Of The Moon, occult supply shop (Tusk)


Alisa is the only child of Trevor D'Medvyed, from his short lived and ill fated first marriage.   Her mother is an elf of the Mordant Spire, who abandoned husband and daughter to return home, when Alisa was still very young.  She grew up on her human family's ranch style holdings, nurtured mostly by her father's sister.    In her eleventh autumn, she began to hear the whispers of the deceased Azlanti goddess Acavna, just as do her mother's folk in the Spire.    And then came vivid dreams, visions of the past, informative and instructive enough that she was able to practice and train as a cleric, without the formal help of a mentor or temple.


Alisa seeks to reintroduce the faith of Acavna in Tusk and beyond.   One important part of this is the founding of a temple. Ramping up to it, other endeavors (such as the occult supply shop) will help build capital, as well as make connections in the community.

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Marik Aeris
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Sun 31 May 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Lord Marik Aeris

Officer of the Midmarch Chapter of the Brevic Knights
Master of Marik Minerals, Lord-Dominus of Iron Keep and New Dawn, Trade Liaison to the Sootscale Tribe

Business Interests
Owner of Marik Minerals, a business conglomerate that maintains a monopoly on all significant mineral deposits currently known in Midmarch. Owns the iron mine at Iron Keep, the gold mine at New Dawn, and has exclusive trade rights in perpetuity with the silver mine run by the Sootscale kobold tribe.

Lord-Dominus of the village of Iron Keep and town of New Dawn

Marik has shared little publicly about his background, other than the fact that he was born to a whore on the docks of New Stetven and never knew his father. He set out to the Stolen Land to make his own way in the world.

Known Associates
Alanna: Beautiful half-elven woman who serves as Marik's Chancellor as well as reeve of New Dawn.

Pekwik: "Domesticated" kobold from the Sootscale tribe who manages Marik Minerals' interests in Sootscale.

Darius: Handsome ne'er do well, carouser, scribe, and map maker who manages Marik's townhouse and interests in Tusk as well as serving as his Advocate. Known to have been an apprentice at a prestigious Arcane Academy until his carousing cost him his focus.

Valgard Bouldershoulder: Dwarven warrior and miner. Reeve of Iron Keep, foreman of the iron mine at Iron Keep, and proprietor of Valgard's Valorous Armors.

Gothok: Half-orc adept nature priest of Erastil. Spiritual leader and head animal trainer of the Forest Glen Training Compound.

Brother Lutz Stigmar: High priest of Torag in Midmarch and spiritual leader of the dwarves that have settled here. Primarily found at the Chapel of Torag in New Dawn, but also maintains purview over Holy Houses in Ironkeep and the New Dawn Gold Mine. Owns Stigmar Prospectors, dwarves trained in the art of prospecting for minerals who are also skilled combatants. They guard the New Dawn Gold Mine and the ore as it is transported away.

Gabriel: Ranger and husband of Alanna. Owns (with Alanna) and manages the Forest Glen Training Compound. Accompanies Marik on his adventures. Also serves as the Marshal for Marik's defensive forces.

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Marceline Gray
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Thu 4 Jun 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Marceline Gray

Inquisitor of Pharasma

Business Interests
Current head of small Pharasman holy house & mausoleum in Silverton, potential expansion into Pharasman undead hunting training house.

Arrived with the Roths from Valarez as as friend and travelling companion.

Known Associates

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Vova doMedvyed
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Sun 16 Aug 2020
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Re: Player Information II
 Vova doMedvyed.


 A legend in his own lunchtime.
 Archmage in training?


 'Vic' (short for 'Vicious Bastard'), an irritable peacock.

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 player, 13 posts
Thu 20 Aug 2020
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Re: Player Information II

Half orc Bard from Restov
Interim Officer of the Southern Chapter Order of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests
None as of yet.

Tatyana was born to a Yala, an orc woman who had been the object of a scandalous affair with Tatyana's father, a very minor knight and adventurer from Rostland. Yala abandoned her tribe and adventured with the charming yet eccentric adventurer for a time. But it was not destined to be a long term relationship, and when they fell out, in a spectacular fashion that involved quite a lot of bloodshed, her father was left alone, shunned by his family and with a young but growing daughter, Tatyana.

Her father did the best he could, but Tatyana was more than a handful for a single man with a rapidly waning fortune. She was willful, stubborn and rebellious, and it just got worse as she approached her teenage years. She began spending more and more time away from him, a situation he wasn't all that keen to put a stop to, and soon they were for all practical purposes estranged from each other by the time she was thirteen. She lived on the streets of Restov with the urchins and pickpockets. As a half-orc, she was bigger and stronger than most of the others her age and was a sort of guardian and 'den mother' for the other children, watching over them and thumping those who would try to harm them. It was here she met another young woman, and the two became friends, working together to beg, scrounge and sometimes steal to keep themselves fed. They were both young, but fell into an easy rapport with each other, with Tatyana as the 'muscle' to back up the plans, and loyal partner.

When her friend had the opportunity to leave the life as an urchin in the streets to apprentice with a scribe and historian named Henry Lebeda, Tatyana couldn't just let her go. She managed to talk herself into a package deal, both girls would apprentice - her friend as a scribe and historian and Tatyana as the more active participant in archaeological expeditions. She was the legs and hands for the group, delving into ruins and tombs to procure items of historical importance.

Eventually Henry adopted her, and she took his last name. Now she's looking for bigger things. A new family to take care of.

She's daring, reckless and optimistic, seeks pleasure and excitement, lives hard and fast and doesn't think much about consequences. But she's fiercely protective and loyal to the people she cares about, which up until recently included the urchins and street people of Restov. Now, she's looking for a new family to join. The invitation to explore the Stolen Lands couldn't have come at a better time.

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Rana Nervetti
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Thu 20 Aug 2020
at 19:41
Re: Player Information II
Rana Nervetti

Human sorceress

Business Interests
Unknown / undisclosed at this time

Rana is an attractive and well-proportioned human female who hales from the Icerime peaks.  Growing up in Stoneclimb, she has always heard tales of Skywatch and the mystery that surrounds it's magical closure has always fascinated her.

Her family are firmly "middle class", as owners of a tavern/inn in Stoneclimb.  There has never been anyone exceptional in her family - no adventurers, no ne'er-do-wells, no brigands, no heroes, no clerics, no mystics, no nothing - she comes from a solid lineage of averageness.  However, at around the age of 7, Rana realised that there was something different about her.  Sometimes when her mam told her to do the washing up, Rana just had to think about it and it would be done.  As she got older her, Rana found that she could do more things like when she was snuggled into her bed at night but she wanted to play with one of her puzzles she could make a light which let her do this.  Or, when she had to darn her stockings (which she detested doing!) they would seem to repair themselves.

Rana didn't know what was happening to her, but she wasn't afraid of it.  However, she was afraid of telling her mam and da because she thought for certain that they would send her away to some temple or something where she'd be kept and poked and prodded or worse ... she would never see them again.  One day, though, her mam saw her "doing the washing up".  Instead of shutting Rana away, her mam (Lelana) told her that it was okay - that she was special and would surely go on to great things.

Her parents don't understand the magic, but they had seen magic and they encouraged their daughter to practice and not be afraid of her gift.  According to her da "it's just like the blacksmith being good at shoeing horses or your mam being good at making jam - we all have something we are good at".

Rana is now of an age where she is ready to go out into the wider world and expand her knowledge and experience.  Her parents helped her get started, they bought her much of what she travels with now, including Sunshine (her mule) and made her promise to be safe.

Rana wants nothing more than to become the first in her family to be more than just "average" -- she wants to find a way into Skywatch and understand the magic which seemingly flows through her veins.

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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Half-elf druid
Interim Officer of the Southern Chapter Order of the Brevic Knights

Business Interests

Farming and farming education
Community growth and food distribution

Maple was born to a aquatic-elven mother and human father in the city of the Aldori Sword-Lords Mivon. When it became clear that Maple could not breath underwater she was left in the loving hands of her father. Her father married a human woman who she would call mother for the first ten years of her life. She gave her a sister, Minia.
One day her parents left her and her sister with a family. They did not come back and when the money they'd left for the girls dried up they were turned onto the streets.
Being the oldest of the siblings Maple took charge in taking care of Minia, for the first couple months the two girls slept on the streets begging for what they could, taking what they could find to survive. Maple found small jobs working in the docks and swamps for fishers and trappers but didn't find anything steady until she found work on a farm outside the city. The work was hard and labour intense but Maple found she enjoyed learning about the different crops and seasons and found herself understanding animals much better then people.
There was the ever present fear of bandit attacks in this lawless city and one day the farm was attacked and it burned. The girls decided to find a new home, one where they could make a change and so they left the city of their birth, headed for The Stolen Land.

To both her sister and her animal friends Maple is playful and lively, some might say a bit to talkative.  To outsiders Maple is shy and reserved, a hard life has made it difficult to make friends and when there are new people around she shuts down.
Growing up hungry and without a roof over their heads for the most part, Maple has seen the first hand what greed does, how those with treat those without and she seeks to close that gap in anyway she can so no one need go hungry.

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 Player, 43 posts
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Sun 15 Nov 2020
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Re: Player Information II
Human fighter
Currently itinerant swordfighter

Business Interests
Training with her sword, crafting her own sword, establishing protections for the commonfolk

When Minia was born, the bright-eyed child was not expected to live long. Often sick, sleepless and weak, her parents didn't hold out much hope for her longevity. Her sister's nascent skill with druidic magic would be her salvation however, the young half-elf's will to see her sister live manifesting in the first of her spells. Since then, Minia has felt a debt to her sister, one which has occasionally put her at odds with her own desires and goals.

One day the girls' parents left them with a family. They did not come back and when the money they'd left for the girls dried up they were turned onto the streets.

Though the younger of the two siblings, Minia's faster maturation as a human meant that after a decade and a half, her sister's youthful immaturity began to show and the cynical and world-weary Minia needed to take charge of her own life and start supporting her sister's efforts to keep them alive and fed as well. Mostly working as a lookout for minor criminal efforts in Mivon or as a guard for long stretches guarding the alleyways for people of the underworld, she found herself also drawn to watching the great swordlords from afar, doing her best to memorize and practice their arts during her brief times of rest.

There was the ever present fear of bandit attacks in this lawless city and one day the farm was attacked and it burned. The girls decided to find a new home, one where they could make a change and so they left the city of their birth, headed for The Stolen Land. As a final bit of larceny, the budding swordfighter stole a pitted and nicked Aldori dueling sword from one of her former criminal contacts. Though the blade was by no means special, it helped the sisters in realizing their goals, providing a much better weapon than the knives and butcher's blade Minia had used previously when they ventured into the swamp to slay a dreadful black dragon for the gold necessary to start their new lives . . . a story Minia never truly tires of boasting of, despite the dubious nature of the sisters surviving an encounter with a true wyrmling (they did not)

Taciturn and driven, Minia ranks her sister firstmost among her alliances. Should someone need to die so her sister might live, she would cut them down in a heartbeat (a sentiment which the elder half-elven sister, no less devoted but considerably wiser, doesn't necessarily take as totally). She sleeps in a dark hovel, dresses in homespun clothing webbed with stiches and reinforcements. She has little save a warm cloak and a sword at her belt, though she's newly acquired a the luxury of a shortbow. She is in a word, mean.

Like her sister, Minia exhibits a distaste for what she considers the abuses of society, nobility grown fat off plunder and bandits and merchants exploiting the commonfolk. That she herself participated in this cycle leaves Minia only more determined to end it, but the draw of the Stolen Land's frontier is attractive. She can co-exist with the lords of this region much more happily than she can the more entrenched ones of other areas, and has even found herself growing fond of some of them, allowing herself the pleasures of pursuing art, craft and enjoyment of simple things.

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Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 14:17
Re: Player Information II
Role: Lord-Dominus of Ringbridge & Knight Commander of the Southern Chapter.

Ringbridge Development Plans:
Expand/enhance Wizardís Guild
Outer - New Roadhouse or Tavern
Mound - Brewery / Temple to Sarenrae

Business Interests:

Current PC/NPC Partnerships:

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