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_ Brother Barthomew
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Tue 9 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
This thread is open so that everyone can see it.  However, only Divine Casters may post here.  It doesn't matter what your class, so long as you cast spells granted by a deity - this thread is for you.  That also includes any characters who will receive Divine Spells at a later level  (ie paladins and Rangers)

You may, of course, PM clerics you know, asking them to put your case forwards.

"Lord Henry has asked me to call you together so that you can discuss a number of religious matters that have come to light recently.  There has been discussion concerning the worship of Hanspur, Gyronna and Besmara.  Some have said that we should ban the worship of these deities, while other have suggested restrictions.

Henry would like to understand the position of the Clergy of Midmarch."

Gyronna = https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Gyronna
Hanspur = https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Hanspur
Besmara = https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Besmara

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Kendrick Winters
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Tue 9 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
"Before we discuss the ban of worship regarding a few specific deities. I have a question for those churches that are allowed to gather in the Midmarch. What responsibilities are expected from these churches? I would hope at the very least, they would have to answer the call when Lord Henry commands them. Are there any others?" Kendrick looked around the room to gauge the reactions of the various representatives that gathered for this discussion.
Alisa D'Medvyed
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Tue 9 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
Alisa felt that Kendrick's question was a valid and important one.   But she also knew what she wished to say as regards the three in question, and decided to go ahead and get it out now-

"For those who don't know me, I am Alisa D'Medvyed, priestess of the mostly forgotten, yet not wholly gone, Acavna.  And I will offer my clear feelings on the potential presence of these three faiths in our lands."

"And I shall start with the worst of them, that being Gyronna's sect.  While I do feel compassion for some of those whom end up in the sick embrace of that spiteful faith, I can in no way condone a religion that delights in setting friends and loved ones at each others throats.  And that also doesn't blink at robbing cradles, nor stooping to murder if it happens to serve their ends.  Endorsing this faith is, in my view, tantamount to telling the population that if some tragedy should befall you, then you are entitled to spend the rest of your days taking it out on the innocent."    She shook her white-maned head, lips frowning in her obvious distaste for Gyronna's creed.

"Now, as for Hanspur...I doubt we'd otherwise be discussing this sect...save for the fact that cold blooded murder is woven straight into their ritual and rites. And what precedent does it set, to know for certain that the worshipers of this faith will commit murder, that it's only a matter of time, and to turn a blind on it? Hanspur is a failed demi-god, if I understand right, mostly abandoned by Gozreh, and held as an affront by Pharasma.   A pair of gods have spoken as regards this one, and I feel we should pay heed to what they are indirectly telling us."

"Besmara...the saint of the three," Alisa quipped in plain humor.   "Relatively speaking. I could almost see making a case for her...in the same way that gods of thievery are sometimes accepted, if not loved, in all quarters.  However, piracy is more likely than thievery to lead to bloodshed and loss of life. And the message here would be that it can be justified or excused as a matter of religious practice."  She shook her again.

"I may well be prejudiced.  The one I serve made a great sacrifice to protect and spare mortal life.   And I wouldn't at all be living up to her example by tolerating faiths that hold life in such disregard."  She paused for a moment, almost finished, before adding-

"If the choice were made to outright ban their practice, however -- the downside is that they may then practice in secret, and be even more dangerous for it.  As well as possibly holding a grudge."   

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Tue 9 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
"I wouldn't look to the followers of Gozreh to flock to Henry's banner as part of their worship of Gozreh. Though there's not really a church to the Wind and Waves here in Midmarch yet, I think in time that will change in the Narlmarches."

"Any church can gather in Midmarch right now, just only a handful have any kind of officially recognized houses or shrines of worship."
she shrugged.

"Hanspur... I think of the three he's the most misunderstood. He's not a failed demigod. He is a demigod. That said, I know most places ban his worship because of the rituals of his followers. Hells, maybe we could help encourage a new sect of Hanspur worship that just simulates the drownings or something."

"Gyronna has nothing good to offer and I don't think we should allow official houses of worship to be publicly built to her or authorized her worship in Midmarch.

"...And Besmara is just too chaotic to allow to have a large following here. it's antithetical to building a society or region up to worship piracy."

Lutz of Ironkeep
Wed 10 Jun 2020
at 06:43
FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
Brother Lutz wears his best leather apron, although the grey leather shows signs of having been used to work in the forge.  His dark hair and beard are freshly washed and oiled, and the beard is decorated with the gold rings used to indicate his skills and position within the faith.  When it is his turn to speak Lutz stands then, touching the hammer on his belt as a reminder that he speaks for Torag, says his piece.

”Torag does not approve of any of them.  Drowning people, piracy and spreading hatred should not be tolerated in a proper society.”

Then with a ‘hurrumph’ he sits back down, crosses his arms across his chest and looks around the table, almost daring someone to contradict him.
~Brother Thaddeus Riverson
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Wed 10 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
The gpod brother stood, he wore the symbol of Iomedae on his tabard and a longsword at his belt.  "Lord Kendrick, are you saying the churches should be subservient to Lord Henry?  Our commission comes from the divine not the whims of the secular powers and thus we should retain our independence. "
~Aranel Romanese
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Wed 10 Jun 2020
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FUZZY: Midmarch Religious Council
The elderly grey-haired woman in black robes chimes in on the conversation. "You will get no arguments on that from me, Brother Lutz. Indeed, practice of these morally reprehensible rites may not only be the effect of the chaotic, lawless and short-lived nature of the River Kingdoms, but at least in part its cause as well. Murder, strife, piracy, banditry - there are good reasons worship of these entities is proscribed in most civilized realms."

She is also interested in what did Kendrick mean by his question. "The church of Grandmother Crow obeys the just laws of the realm and gives succour to its orphans and the poor. Beyond that, what exactly is expected of us? We have no armies to answer anyone's call."