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Henry LeMaistre
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Fri 3 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy:  Midmarch Council.
Henry watches emotionlessly as you gather in the Guilds Hall, but his voice is firm as he starts to speak.

“I have called this gathering of the Midmarch Council, to decide on the future of our land.  You all have a stake here and you are all entitled to have your say.

As you are aware, The Aldori of East Rostland have been squaring off against King-Regent Noleski for some time.  The Aldori started taking  back control of  their traditional lands  once the Rogarvia disappeared.  The King-Regent has claimed it as his land, although he and his family never ruled there.  Finally, battle lines have been drawn up and it looks like war between them is inevitable.  Unfortunately, the battle line runs down towards our northern border.

Lady Jamandi has asked us to join her cause.  She says it is righteous and that the Aldori are only taking back what is theirs.  She also tells me there will be a Grand Coalition of Aldori there on the battlefield, although she doesn’t define what she means by a Grand Coalition.

Recently we have revived a letter from the King-Regent as well.  Bart?  If you would …”

_ Brother Barthomew
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Fri 3 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy:  Midmarch Council.
Brother Bart stands up and opens a scroll then, taking a deep breath, he starts to read.

“To Henry leMaistre, Lord and Governor of Midmarch

Greetings from Noleski, Lord of Port Ice and New Steven, Master of the Dragonscale Throne and King of Brevoy

I thank you for the hospitality that you have shown to our nephew recently, he reports that you have built a fruitful and bountiful colony in the land of Midmarch.  With such beneficial news, I have decided that it time to levy a national tax on our subjects in your land.  Hence forth I will levy a  duty of ten percent on all businesses, churches and settlements.

Furthermore, I shall require all members of the  Midmarch Chapter, and the troops they control, to meet me in Rostand, forthwith, so that we may crush the upstart Aldori together.

Yours in the cause

Noleski Surtova.”

Bart furls the scroll and sits back down in his seat.
Henry LeMaistre
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Fri 3 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy:  Midmarch Council.
Henry speaks again, but this time there is a hint of resignation in his voice.

“It appears that Stanislav Wolkov, who recently travelled with some of you, is an agent of Noleski Surtova and a relative of his to boot.

Now, I wish to hear your views on what you have heard.”

Henry goes to sit down, but then thinks better of it.  “Although there are some other things I should probably tell you first.  My family business, DELEM, has offices in New Stetven, Brundeston, Restov and here in Midmarch.  My sister and her husband, who are responsible for our northern interests, have recently built a home in Brundeston, and put themselves at the service of the mayor of that town.  They and their troops will follow his lead.  My cousin, who controls our interests in Restov has done something similar and has put his troops at the service of the Council of Restov.  However, the Restov Council have not yet come out, officially, in support of either side in the dispute.  However, there are an awful lot of Aldori in Restov.  I, of course, am prepared to put my troops at the disposal of Midmarch.

My mother, who lives in New Steven has chosen this time to visit my sister in Brundeston.  However, a cousin remains in New Steven to look after the family interests there.

In the interim, I have asked Borric and Cyrus to muster the Midmarch Guard up by our northern borders and I have asked Tib to muster my personal troops in Newgate.

Now.  What say you?”