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Thu 23 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy: Adoven and Vik's Party.
Before the New Charters, which define the separation of Tusk and Midmarch, arrive – Henry calls you all the Guildhall – although word of the event and the reasons behind it leak out beforehand.

”While this is more precipitous than I would have hoped, I would like you all to join me I  wishing Adoven and Vik the best for the future.  They have married recently, and I have issued Lord Adoven with a Patent of Nobility, under my authority of Governor of Midmarch, in the rank of Lord Dominus.”

Henry holds a rolled up parchment aloft and then offers it to Adoven.  Another copy will be lodged in the cathedral at Tusk, while a third will be sent to New Stetven, confirming the appointment.”

After Adoven takes the parchment Henry continues  ”May I, on behalf of House leMaistre, present the pair of you with these belts, to celebrate and commemorate both your marriage and elevation.”  Rikka brings forward a pair of metallic belts I presentation boxes and places them where Henry can reach them easily.  The Governor , pulls out a leather belt decorated with metal  disks,  and holds it up for everyone to see.  With a flick of his wrist, the belt suddenly changes into a short sword which is flourished momentarily, before another flick turns it into a  longs sword and then a dagger.  ”May you never need them, but may they keep you safe, if you do.”

With that he turns the floor over to Adoven.

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Thu 23 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy: Adoven and Vik's Party.
Adoven accepts the gift and the Patent, making a broad smile even broader. He hadn't thought anything could top having Viktoria as his wife, and upon reflection found that nothing would. He would have given up his ambitions and dreams for her, but ironically enough, it was those selfsame ambitions that had finally made him an acceptable husband. The Lodkova family were tacitly supportive of the union, given that V&A was of high prominence in Midmarch. With his new Patent of Nobility, the family had at last noted he was no slacker, but prepared to provide well for future generations. He gave Vik a chaste kiss, promising something more substantial in private. He raised a glass of wine and toasted "to my lively and lovely bride, Lady Viktoria", reminding everyone that Vik was a Lady in name now, as well.
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Fri 24 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy: Adoven and Vik's Party.
Andalon raised his glass and echoed Adoven's toast, "To Lady Viktoria!"

Afterwards he walked over to congratulate them both personally.

"Congratulations again, Lord Adoven and Lady Viktoria. I have no doubt at all that your partnership, your blessed union, will continue to thrive and prosper. I am very glad to call you both my friends and very glad that this happy day has finally arrived."
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Sat 25 Jul 2020
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Fuzzy: Adoven and Vik's Party.
”To Lady Viktoria!" Cass cheered as he raised his glass in salute.
“Congratulations to the groom! Condolences to the bride!”

Cass stood in line to congratulate the couple in person. “In all seriousness, I want to wish you both the very best. You have each worked hard to bring this day about and you deserve to reap all the happiness that you can.”