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Fuzzy:  The Duelling Salon (Tusk)
The Tusk Duelling School offered an introduction to non-duellists, lessons to those who want to develop the basic skills, and practice facilities to those who wish to improve their skills.

All under the watchful eye of Robert Samuels, a Modern Duellist from Restov.  Although he specializes in rapier, he has practised the other styles and understands them, however, his particular skills and abilities mean he is more comfortable in the modern Style.  He is the first to admit that he isn't the best duellist, but he is a competent coach and reasonable manager for the School.

Whenever the salon is used, Robert will oversee activities, and has an arrangement with Cayden Cailean's priests that they will send an acolyte along to oversee most practice duels.

Duels 'to unconcious' are more difficult.  There are no readily available priests able to raise dead in the city, although the school has a scroll of raise Dead and specuial dispensation.  However, each participant is required to sign a binding contract that states they will pay the costs and fees of associated with the 'accident' and the replacement of the scroll.  It will run into a few thousand GP or a BP at the very least.

The salon itself is well appointed, the walls are hung with matched pairs of swords - Duelling Swords, Falcata (with their associated bucklers), Rapiers and duelling daggers about -  but there is a variety of other blades present too.


One Duel at a time please.
Oversee your own duels  :)  (Unless it is to the death or there is an accident)

Read this page first.

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