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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714

Note1: this thread is semi-IC and semi-OOC.  IC is nice, but feel free to use OOC if you need to.

Note2:  You get Role Play XP for your post. The more interesting I find the post, the more XP you get :)

Note3: It is open to PCs, Entourage-Cousins and Entourage-Allies.  (OK, I know we don't have any yet, but it is nice to be prepared)

Down Time threads are a way for us to manage the time characters have in between adventuring, running their businesses and working for Henry/Tusk - and to help keep track of time. It can also helps you build a background/history/persona for your character.

There are two downtime threads each game year, Year End/Start and a Midyear Thread.  The Year End Thread deals with ageing, Craftinf and levelling Entourages and resolving business/development issues. The Midyear  You can use it in a number of ways.  You can write an IC post describing an activity that your PC has been involved it.  It is a personal perspective post and shouldn't involve other characters, unless you agree 'paired posts' beforehand.  It isn't a thread for long IC scenes.  You may also use some time (up to 25 days) for Crafting -  BUT you don't have access to the items until you get back to an established city/town/village.

Use this thread to make your downtime posts.  If your post involves using skills or feats to make items or earn money - then I expect to see a set of properly documented calculations in a private line at the bottom of the post.  You may use up to 25 days for Crafting.

If you are making a ĎWhat I did in the Downtimeí post -  feel free to use any of the minor NPCs in a casual way.  Just donít let them commit me, Henry or their employers to anything concrete - nor do anything out of character :)

PM me if you have any questions.
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
New Guys are welcome to post here as well.  Tell us something that happened to you before you arrived, or on your journey to get here :)
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Mon 21 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
Dear Uncle Thonat,

I am sorry it is so long since I have written to you, but it has been very busy here.  How are you keeping? Well, I hope.

Last time I wrote, I told you how we had acquired another mine.  There are three of them now, and we control all the Iron, Silver and Gold found down here.  They arenít hugely productive mines, but business is good.  As the business has grown, so has my role, I now oversee the finances for all three mines and the buildings that surround them.  Ironkeep is a fairly closed business, with limited opportunities for expansion.  New Dawn, on the other hand is well placed and has the potential to grown into a small town, sitting on the main road between Tusk and Oston.  If Lord Henry manages to complete the road between Newgate and the East Sellen, our placement will improve as we will have direct links to Tusk, Restov and New Steven.  That was a good investment, on both of our behalves.

How is Restov faring?  I was concerned that fighting would break out properly.  I donít think I could have borne the thought of Restov, and all of your fine work, under the control of a Surtova.  I was told that the old woman from House Lebeda and the old spell-woman from New Stetven worked some  magic on the great Lords, and they gave the lady Jamandi her traditional lands back. We both know that I donít have a good grasp of politics, but I am glad that war has been averted, and we can get on with building up or lives.

On to a more personal note, I am considering marriage.  When you helped Marik out, all those years ago, you sent a gift of a pair of boats so that I could invest in the business as well Ė and you said it was both my dowry and inheritance rolled into one, and that I might as well have it early.  So as the one who has already given my dowry, you are entitled to be the first to hear of my plans.

He is a strong man.  A man of the countryside, who understands how to hunt and look after the land.  But he also understands people.  He was the informal leader up her before we came up, he didnít do much in the way of organizing, but he was the one people went to for advice, and he was the one who went to them with a stern word when it was needed.  When we came, there was initially some grumbling from the small holders, but he stopped it, telling them how much better it would be if they didnít have to walk for miles to get to a pub or a market.  And they seemed to listen to him.

Since then, he has dropped in to see me regularly.  Recently he took me to Tusk for the weekend.  We stayed at the Mithral Hotel, and he insisted that I had a separate room to myself.  It must have cost him a fortune.  We spent the day shopping in Tusk, then went to see the musicians at the Dragonís Den.  It was, I think, my first proper day out since I left Restov.

Once again, I hope you are faring well, your loving niece,

Andalon de Lebeda
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
Andalon de Lebeda, Banker of the Cathedral of Abadar in Tusk, Chancellor-Dominus of the Tusk City Council and Bishop of Tusk, is a busy young man. Nonetheless he still remembers the promises made on his behalf to the Banker of the Temple of Abadar in Restov in return for the two precious religious texts loaned to the Cathedral of Abadar in Tusk last year.

He puts Brother Florin in charge of the small team scribing and illuminating one new copy each of the Manual of City-Building and The Order of Numbers, which will be their Cathedral's own copies in Tusk when the borrowed copies are returned to Restov.

Andalon takes upon himself the task of documenting the history of the development of Tusk and the lessons of city-building they have learnt along the way. How the city grew from the bandit stronghold captured from the Stag Lord, the development of Port Henry, the Central District and the Merchant Quarter and their encirclement with the first city wall. The importance of balancing the growth of businesses, churches, education, civic and defensive development within the growing settlement. Then further expansion with the surrounding districts of Lakeside, the College District, Ivory Hill and Cheapside fortified with the City's new outer wall, while a number of private estates have been allowed and encouraged to establish and help develop the surrounding hinterland. But always the importance of maintaining the balance in all aspects to ensure the City remains prosperous, healthy, politically stable and well defended, as the best way to ensure the continued loyalty of the populace. Much of that philosophy can be summed up very simply indeed; "Look after your people and they will look after you."

He adds those notes to the already extensive appendix of the borrowed copy of the Manual of City-Building and hands it over to Brother Florin to produce the fully illustrated new Addendum to the Manual of City-Building that Florin had promised to Restov.
Adoven Lodovka-Sud
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Wed 23 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
Between deals and planning for the future, dreaming big and dealing with the shortcomings of reality, Adoven relaxes by puttering with his hobby. Having acquired a solid fabric weave, triple-weave, that had proved to retain heated air with little to no leakage, he began building his prototype. He realized that to make practical use of his hobby, there had to be an observation platform. Flat surfaces turned out to be unstable, and potentially lethal to any operators. After going through a few designs, he settled on a simple woven basket below. Lightweight, but strong. Over the few weeks he had before needing to set out to Jovvox and Mudbowl to scout out his planned March-ship, he slowly constructed a working balloon, figuring out along the way how to descend by letting heated air escape the envelope without jeopardizing the operator or any passengers.

13:11, Today: Adoven Lodovka-Sud rolled 11 using 1d20+8.  Craft Ballooning.

13:11, Today: Adoven Lodovka-Sud rolled 15 using 1d20+8.  Craft Ballooning.

13:11, Today: Adoven Lodovka-Sud rolled 21 using 1d20+8.  Craft Ballooning.

13:11, Today: Adoven Lodovka-Sud rolled 11 using 1d20+8.  Craft Ballooning.

DM Addition:  Adoven's research didn't quite go as well as he had hoped.  He made something that lifted off the ground by a couple of feet, but it wouldn't go any further.  And then there was the smell of burning ...

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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
The air was warm and dry. That was the first thing she noticed when she left the swamp, it always wet and humid in the swamp, even in the winter it would cling to her and Minia's clothes, chilling them. Maybe they'd find a nice warm place like this to settle she thought to herself as she closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the fragrant smells of late spring, wafting off the rivers and valleys of the riverlands. She could not believe their luck in finding this fortune tucked away in the bog. A fortune to help them start anew. A place where Minia could be safe.
She opened her eyes again and jerked her finger back in pain. She had to remeber to stay focused. These pants had seen better days and had torn again but they were still useful. Waving the pain away she placed the needle in her teeth while she rummaged for the pin cushion.
"Weathers nice now but it smells like rain soon. We should find a place to stop for the night Mini. Don't want no lightning spooking the cattle" She said matter of factly as she put the half-completed stitching project away.
~ Morgaine Lisevryn
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Tue 20 Oct 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
The Sellen River was like an old, comforting friend.

Fed by scores of tributaries, high mountain lakes and literally thousands of streams, the river moved more water than all other rivers that touched the Inner Sea combined. For that reason, it did not exhibit the usual flooding and dry seasons, but flowed as faithfully as the sun rose. She not infrequently traveled along it in her work; its susurration a soothing and reassuring voice.

Would she could say the same of her human companion's voice...

"Heh. Hey -- look at that:  there's a pair of capybaras humping away over there!"

Was there a mental equivalent of a groan? Yes, yes...she believed so.  It filled her head now.

"Ah. I see. Thank you so much for saying so.   I'd have missed it, otherwise."   The sarcasm was bland, plain.   And yet unnoticed:

"I can't believe they're going at it in the water like that! Heh, they sure know how to have a good time!" 

She shook her head just faintly. "It is what they do; they mate only in water." She paused, then added, "If the female does not wish to mate with a certain male, she will often submerge, in order to flee." And how she wished she had that option right now; strong swimmer that she was.   But this was a job.

Her family's long contract with House Cartaran had finally ended.   Leaving her a free agent.  However Cartaran was yet her most significant connection, and she did need the money.   Thus she was taking as much care in this as any of the tasks she had performed while under that old compact.   But, it was a sheer endurance test, listening to this one.

Wendel was nephew of a Cartaran minor nobile...just significant enough to still matter. And not enough so to merit more than the services of a lone, former retainer.  He was the sort of guy who craved novelty and shallow thrills.    Which he had found out in Pitax.   Losing himself in narcotics and booze, the company of artist friends -- whose art and friendship alike were dubious -- and prostitutes.   One of the latter of whom he'd decided was his twin-flame soul, ere she milked him for all the money he'd had left.

Really, the hard part -- finding then getting Wendel the Hells out of there -- was done.  She now had only to see him safely returned.   And tolerate him in the meanwhile. Yes...the hard part was over. But her remaining work was very much cut out for her.

* * * * *

Following the Sellen, they were now roughly a pair of leagues from crossing the River Kingdoms' border. The land across the river to the east was forested, with a smaller amount of it on their side, up near that border. They would need to pass through, as they entered House Lebeda's lands.   And she would have to keep an especial eye out, that Wendel did not bust his fool head on a tree limb.   He had become a bit addicted to an herbal compound, ahkill, during his sojourn in Pitax.   While they were there she'd confiscated his stash, dumped it in a latrine, much to his chagrin and whining.   He was experiencing some degree of withdrawal, consequently. Which was unfortunate; but she needed him clear headed - as much as he ever was - for the length of this journey...

"Heh.  Hey -- you know, I wanted to ask you... "

"Yes?  The passionate muskrats we passed, some ways back?  I didn't miss them, either."   

"Ha! You're a randy sort of gal, aren't you? Always spotting that stuff!  I didn't see'em.   What I was about to ask, was, well... you know, I've still got a little ahkill.  You didn't get it all.  I swear, I can stay on the horse, no sweat, can I please, please just have... " 

She cursed beneath her breath. "No. Forget it!  I would love to be able to take your word on that.  But, my being paid rests on you not breaking your neck.   So you're going  to tough this out; as well as give up what you've got when next we stop."   

He opened his mouth to protest --

"I tell you NO. You want to fight me on this?  I know a spell that causes painful boils and blisters to erupt over your back, butt, and crotch. So would you like to learn the real meaning of discomfort?" she lied, deadpan.   Apparently he believed her, at least doubted insufficiently, mouth somewhat agape, that it stifled any argument.   Some time later they stopped to rest, and she set about caring for their steeds.  She had loosened the cinch, then removed the saddle and saddle bags from her own roan mare. Was doing the customary check for any rubs or sores, when Wendel addressed her.   Kind of:


"Heh," she mimicked, wondering if there was anything more to come; half hoping there was not.

"Know what I miss most about Pitax?"

"Well, offhand, I'd say it must be the sublime statuary."

Again, the sarcasm was apparently lost:  "No...not the statues. It's that...you know, under such a crappy sovereign, the people there...they don't really take too much for granted.  Each day, they make it a point to try and have some fun.  Just in case Irovetti really goes bonkers, and things turn ugly. And they tend not to put off doing things they really want to do." 

It was just a little more profound than anything she'd have expected from him.   She was silent a moment before replying, continuing to examine the horse, and not looking at him.

"Good for them. That isn't a bad thing.  We elves can become a little complacent, where time's concerned, with our lifespan.  And, I've sometimes felt that isn't good.  There are so many, many ways to die; a potential lifespan has no guarantee it will be lived through to its end."    Satisfied the roan had no cinch sores, she tunred to regard Wendel directly.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry I had to interrupt the party.  But your family's eager to see you - you've been gone for months.  And Pitax is not the safest place; some of them harbor a grudge, because Brevoy doesn't want to do trade.   Never mind it's crazy Irovetti's fault."   

"I think he needs to get laid more."

Morgaine laughed - the first time she'd done so in Wendel's company.

"Ah, no - I don't think that's his issue.  He's a king, remember?"

"Heh.  I've been trying to make you laugh, all the way since Pitax."

"Yes, well, good for you. And Wendel?" 


"The ahkill." She stuck out her hand.  "All of it."

"Right."  Faint hope lit his eyes "If I offer to share it with you-?"

Morgaine shook her head slowly, resolutely.

He shrugged, let go a resigned sort of sigh.  Grinned, blushed a little.  "It's uh, it's..." 


"...it's stashed the one place I knew you wouldn't look.  In my, uh, codpiece."

She laughed for the second time, and then grimaced.  "And you offered to share it with me?  Ugh!  Clown. Clever clown.   Get rid of it...and not in front of me!  But I want to see it hurled out into the river."

* * * * *

Later, rest finished and all matters attended to, they were on their way again.  They rode mostly in silence; she with her attention primarily on the land about and before them. Until Wendel spoke:

"You said you were being paid for this, like a single job.  And before I left, I heard your family's old contract with our house was nearing its end. So...that means you're able to do what you want, now?"   

"Uh-huh.  That's correct."

"So...freedom.  What will you do with it?"

She did not answer right away.  And, could not help thinking of lyrics to a song she'd once heard, while at an inn near Restov:   'Freedom's just another word - for nothing left to lose...'

Yet on the tail of those, the words from a certain adventurer's memoir she had once read also came back to her -   'It is easier for one to take risks and chase their dreams, with a mindset that one has nothing to lose.'

Yes. Let's run with that.   She shrugged, smiled.

"Take some risks, go chase some dreams, I think."

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Kiera Raincutter-Solanus
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
"So is it 'my lady' or 'Mistress Kiera'?"

The bar was a nice hunk of some pretty wood- she couldn't really remember what exactly the wood was, but the clunk her head made off of it was still pretty satisfying, both in volume and in pain.  Wincing, she languidly turned her head to face Rila's, even as the latter peered down at her with the same half-smirk she seemed to wear wether dealing with a drunken lout or a few squads gearing up for a drunken rumble... or in this case, giving her boss grief.

"Just askin', because from what I hear, there are plenty around who'd call you by either- outside of the bedroom, too- especially with the way you've been practicing with that whip of yours."

Kiera would half-lift her head and let it thunk down on the wood again.  Of course she knew about that, too.

"You know, you don't have to imply what everybody thinks already, Ri- let's face it, half the population of Tusk thinks I march half of the Bottled Nymph's boys and girls out of my room on a given night, the other half think I'm trying to hook somebody on the Council, and all of them are taking bets with each other over who I'm just going to settle down with- if I ever do."

It was a slow night in Tusk- several of the usual training squads that made up a lot of the Nectar's usual customers had overnight maneuvers going on, and so the crowds were smaller- and while quiet nights were good for her social life, the lack of things to do around the Nectar made it easy for Rila to partake of her own personal hobby- poking fun at her boss's love life, or lack thereof.

"I've got a couple of them down, myself.  Ten gold says you shack up with Big Job to lure him away from the Nymph to run security here.  I've got another fifteen that says sooner or later you hook up with the Nymph's owner, and finally, twenty says you find a handsome or beautiful stranger- or multiple of them- and reveal yourself as a priestess of Calistria and give half the local clergy a heart attack when you petition the religious council to allow you to send for clergy for a few temples to the Lady in the Room here in Tusk and another in Haven."

Finally lifting her head from the bar, Kiera just tries to glare at Rila as she fills several mugs to hand off, but fails as one gets slid in front of her.

"Drink up.  You're not going to impress any lover with stamina like that, boss.  It's some of that new apple-based mead you had shipped in.  Tastes pretty good, I think.  It's on me, too, so just zip it and drink, yeah?  You've seemed down ever since those two got hitched."

Taking a few long swallows, Ki lets the mead rest on her tongue for a second before swallowing, enjoying the sweetness and the hints of apple pairing with the honey, before putting the mug down with a third of its contents gone.

"I have not... just..."

"Translation: you're totally jealous that your best friends found each other, and now you're not relishing turning into one of those old adventurers that just keep going until they can't because they're old and bit-"

Taking another swallow of her mead, Kiera points at Rila, even as she lowers the mug.

"You be quiet or I'll fill your drawers full of cold oatmeal.  I've got enough in the back for Dom's boots and Ali's shoes, I could always fill your closet, too.  Maybe I'll work with Ali to make up a new spell- 'summon oatmeal', or something.  Besides, what about you, Ri?  I've seen you visiting Sisters of the Moon four days a week- if you wanted, I could ask Ali if her friend there is actually seeing anyone...?"

Rila's cheeks pinked up, but she quickly turned and filled another few mugs, setting them aside as more orders came in.

"Number one, I just go over there because I'm keeping an eye on a few things for you.  Ali might have let you have a little run of the place, but there are things I guess she doesn't tell you about for sale... but other than that, I know she's new to the area and wanted to invite her over here for a drink or two as a 'welcome to the area, we've got to stick together' thing.  Number two, I think she'd look good with you so I've been trying to talk you up-"

It was a shame the mead was so good; Kiera felt a little bad about sputtering into it as she wiped her lips and chin on the back of her hand, even as she watched Rila turn away, a full satisfied smirk on her face.

"You too, Ri?  I mean, really?  I mean, Sejana's cute, I'll give you that much-"

"You know her name!  There must be-"

There was another loud clunk.  Kiera's head hitting the bar certainly sounded like the last two times.

"...Ri, I'm warning you, if you play around with mine, I'm going to play around with yours.  Goddess of vengeance, remember?  You give it to me, I get to give it just as good.  I mean, I've got plans to meet with Dom and Ali tonight, anyways- I ought to just ask Ali if she's seeing anyone."

That got Rila's attention, even as she peered over the bar and focused on a pair of young men seemingly ready to come to fisticuffs- snatching up a ladle, she banged it on the pot lid hanging on the wall- frankly, they hadn't been using it for anything, and the sound of metal on metal seemed to be a much better attention-getter than just shouting.

"Hey, knock it off!  If you have to settle things, go outside- and remember, no weapons and don't leave visible marks!"

With a sigh, Rila would duck under the bar and come up with a bit of parchment, quietly dashing down the names of the two men, before slipping it into a wooden partition for later delivery.

"...why don't you just grab a couple of the local boys or girls if you're that hard up for company, boss?  You've got that allure about you- the spicy woman of mystery, the fey-blooded nymph living in her honeyed bower above the nectar, the beautiful lithe dryad of Tusk's arbor-"

Shouts from outside got their attention, and Rila snarled something as she ran off, paper in hand.  Trusting people only got you so far, and if they couldn't be trusted to do even that, then they deserved what they got.  If they had that much in the way of ale muscles, then they'd work it off in the morning, with their trainers- more than likely with nothing for breakfast and nothing in the way of something to kill the hangover.

But vengeance, well... could be just as sweet.

Grabbing more of the paper, she sat down, a smirk on her face, and carefully put pen to paper.  Rila's handwriting was surprisingly easy to duplicate, and in about a minute...


Miss Cortellos-

Do me the honor of a drink after you get done with work?  I get my break at the Nereid's Nectar whenever you show up.  I'd honestly like to get to know you better.

- Rila


Snickering, she motioned over one of the servers and dropped a gold coin in her hand to get her to run across town.  The Sisters should still be open, and if she came, well... it would be a pleasant sight to see Rila just glaring at her, faced with the prospect of actually talking to someone rather than admiring them from afar.  If it worked out, even for a short time, then so much the better!  If not, well, better to know than to keep pining...

She just needed to make sure her locks were good- it wasn't easy to get caramel out of delicate silk- she'd found that out the last time she'd tried something like this.

Looking over, she dashed off another note and dropped a few coins into another server's hand and sent them off, just as Rila came back in, muttering up a storm about idiot guardsmen and ale muscles.  Looking halfway as the server bolted, she quirked an eyebrow at her boss- but Kiera just shrugged.

"Had a special request for some of the good stuff from the Roths- seeing what we can knock loose from their brewery for a little gold and a bit of goodwill.  Nothing more."

She was trying very, very hard not to grin.

But paying extra to get caramel out of one's underthings was a small price to pay for a loyal, wonderful friend.  For as much fun as she poked at Rila, knowing the woman spent most of her time just wandering and feeling lonely kind of hurt- being able to have friends would help get her to open up- and in the end, she knew Rila was just concerned about her.

Yeah, she was easily jealous of her friends- mostly because it meant all the talk and focus would be on if she was ever going to take a partner- or, well, partners (the joy of being Calistrian).  It would have been easier if she'd had at least a steady date- or even a few.  But, with a sigh, she finished her mead and leaned back, easy grin on her face.

The Nectar was never, ever boring.  Sometimes, though... you just lived for the thunderclap and then laughed through the thunder.

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Vova doMedvyed
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Sun 1 Nov 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear

"I still... I still don't get it Berta."

"What, exactly don't you get Shortie?"

"Well, I mean... we're Forsaken Sons, right? The Wild, Free Noble Sons of the Forsaken Lands!"

"Norgorber's Arse Shortie, will you stop reading those stupid pamphlets? We're bandits, ban-dits. We rob from the rich, and then we fucking stop because we've got their money."


"Oh, for the love of... What? What don't you get, Shortie?"

"Well, that noble streak of piss. Y'know, the one back there in the ditch?"

"What about him?"

"Well... How come we never robbed him? He had some nice boots. I could do with some nice boots like them. And I never et peacock before. Got to be better than rabbit surprise again."

  "There's nothing surprising about Rabbit. And... I suppose he had some real nice trousers on too. Fancy ones, all embroidered and stuff, plus that was a nice jacket. I could have traded a jacket like that for a night with the Stallion down at Bogside."

"Yeah, yeah... So, how come we never robbed him then?"

"Well... We were going to, I know we were, only... Well, I mean... He sort of seemed pretty pitiful, didn't he? I've 'ad a night like that a time or two."

"Berta, I counted the bottles in the ditch. You 'ad a night like that, you'd be dead."

"Shut up Shortie, you can't count to eleven without dropping your trousers. Well, ten and a half. But... I was gonna kick him in the head, then you offered him a hand up... Why'd you go and do that?"

"Well, he sort of asked, didn't he? I mean... He just gave me one of them pitiful looks, like my old dog did. You remember Fangs?"

"Oh, fuck yes... Fangs. He was a happy bugger too, shame we had to eat him but it was a hard winter. So, he just looked at you and you decided not to bandit today?"

"Yeah, but it was in this really, like... y'know, hopeful way. An' what about you! Once he got up, you waved that knife all up in 'is face an' then you turned a funny colour 'an stepped back s' fast I thought he'd set your minge alight!"

"You keep my minge out of your mind Shortie. But... well, it's not natural, is it?"

"What you mean, not natural? You're the one goin' on about us bein' bandits, you see a mark, you stab a mark!"

"I know, but they're not supposed to look fucking grateful about it! Besides, I think he was getting excited about the whole thing."


"I fucking know, right? I mean what's wrong with people? Someone stabs me, I'm not getting a half-chub about it."

"Well, technically speaking, you can't get any kind of chub Berta."

"Not around you I bloody wouldn't."

"Hey, that was uncalled for!"

"Uncalled for was helping him brush the fucking mud off his jacket and giving him directions to the pub at Nettle's Crossing!"

"Well, I mean...That bird of 'is was just givin' me the evils, 'an I kept thinkin' I 'eard whispers, so I sorta' wanted him gone by' that point."

"Whispers, some fucking bandit you are. Anyway, Bogside's up ahead, pass me the purse will you?"

"What do you mean? Ain't you got it?"

"No! You had it this morning."

"Well, yeah, but I passed it to you when I went to 'elp the toff up."

"I never took it from you, I..."


~Berta Roth
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Thu 5 Nov 2020
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
"Vova ?  You mean 'Shortie' ?  Yeah, I know him."

The Dragon's Den's resident bouncer leans nonchalently back against the bar.

"Wouldn't trust a word he says, though.  Or his standards of personal hygene."

"He was in here the other night.  Two or three of the finer sorts nearly passed out."

"He wanted a room.  I told him he could sleep in the barn."

"He said 'what about the smell' ?"

Berta shakes her head.

"I told him the goats wouldn't mind !"
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Sun 8 Nov 2020
at 15:43
Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4714 - Midyear
End of Down Time for this session

You can still post, if you want to, but it won't get any XP.