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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Not long after Alisa and Dom’s impromptu wedding in the duelling salon, Bai sends out invites to all of you, to help celebrate that auspicious event at a small soiree in the Mithral Hotel.  While the Mitral isn’t yet on a par with the best hotels in New Steven or Restov, it is certainly the best hotel anywhere in the Southern Region.  Even in normal times there is a Halfling  waiting at the door, to help you arrive – to find the reception desk, understand where the bars are and call someone to help carry your bags.

Inside it is well furnished – the chairs are well padded, tables are well polished and don’t rock and  there are ever-burning torches to help keep the public rooms lit.  Dark panelling and well-made tapestries decorate the walls, except for where wide windows allow the light into the rooms.  Even the bedrooms are well appointed with personal wash stands, a decent sized chamber-pot and maid service to make sure that both are in a proper state.   It is a well-appointed hotel.

You are shown into a large room, again panelled with tapestries and lit by ever-burning torches, where a string quartet as playing soft background music.  Servants, hotel staff supplements by people in the livery of House leMaistre circulate carrying trays filled with  glasses of wine or small pastries.


I will open up a couple of other rooms as people start to arrive, which will facilitate smaller conversation groups.

This is not a place for arms or aemour, but for your best clothes.  Court or Noble apparel if you have it – Sunday best if you don’t.

Both Lord Henry and Lady Bai are there, as is Lord Cyrus and Lady Valoria – all dressed in tasteful ‘Nobles’ Clothing.  Sir Borric and Marriam of Iomedae’s Mission arrive together – and Marriam wears a fairly plain white dress, set off with a sash of her clan’s tartan.  Rikka, Tib, Abbess Beatrix and Brother Bart are all in attendance.


This is a Fuzzy opportunity for everyone to mix and socialise.  It is an opportunity to chat across groups and for the new PC (yes, you are invited) to meet some of the more established PCs.

I know that parties are a bit boring and repetitive, but (in this case) it is a good way to get to meet new people.  I am open to suggestions for other Fuzzy threads, if anyone has any ideas.
Alisa Medvyed-Solanus
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Alisa Medvyed-Solanus was not in her element.   Here at this hotel, there was almost a sense she was living someone else's life.

It wasn't that she was not happy.  Some men might have been outraged at what she'd pulled at the dueling salon.  Fortunately, Domitius was not 'some men.' And far from the wagon wreck such a situation could have been, she'd instead gotten a proposal that was one she would someday delight in retelling to the little one she carried.

In the impromptu service at the salon, all she'd had to do was be honest, speak her heart, and be herself.   It had all been very simple and straightforward, if not easy.  Whereas this, where she was now, was easier, but not so simple and straightforward.  What would people expect of the lady of the newly christened Medvyed-Solanus?  Moreover, who was she? The pat answer was of course herself --  and yet there was a small, niggling doubt that whispered oh so persistently 'that isn't going to work.' 

The gown she had planned and ordered for the official ceremony was not yet finished.  On this short notice, she had opted (and had been fortunate to be able to obtain) something serviceable in traditional bridal white. She didn't feel comfortable in big, flaring court gowns, and by virtue of being the bride, could get away with a different sort of cut.  Her hair was freshly washed, worn loose and arranged over the front of one shoulder.   A yellow blossom adorned it --  with the pure white of her hair, it was intended to betoken the sun-moon theme she'd instigated at the service.

Ah, the holy symbol -- it could have been a point of indecision.  But it had not been.   Amidst other uncertainties, Acavna's silver, crossed spears and lunar sigil was a cornerstone for all of which she was certain.  In this day and age, few knew who and what it represented anyway. It could easily be construed as mere accessory by those who didn't know her.

She took a breath, centered herself, relaxed as much as possible.  Formality or no, she was going to have some degree of fun, she was determined. And even more so to see to it that Domitius did.  Acavna knew, the sweet, darling and daring man had more than earned it...

One last edit, here..  I've had a time with this sort of regency style dress code in a medieval like setting, this still isn't quite it, but we will stop here...

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Domitius Medvyed-Solanus
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Domitius looked himself over in the mirror, he wore his full dress uniform without the blade that usually hung by his side.  A short waisted jacket with lapels and cuffs in Aldori blue, a new sash, purchased that afternoon in the tartan of House Medvyed to honour his new in-laws.  He had contemplated wearing the kilt but decided on the more familiar trousers.  Hanging around his neck he had Iomedae's holy symbol.  He adjusted it slightly to fall in the centre of his chest.

"Well old friend, this morning I was set to duel the Mayor and now I'm having a wedding party, I would suspect Iomedae has been conspiring with Shelyn if I was a suspicious man." he said to Barbatius who had been assisting him prepare.  "I suspect mother will be upset to miss the first wedding, but I am sure she will forgive me in time. I hope." 

Barbatius smiled and nodded then added "Your sister on the other hand is going to kick your butt."

"Ha! She can try! Domitius retorted "Now you best get yourself ready while I join my lady wife, wouldn't do to keep her waiting on our wedding day."
_ Bai leMaistre-Kao
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Bai had given great thought to her clothing for the soiree.  It was the bride’s day and at any wedding the bride should not be upstaged, but she still had to maintain her station as the first lady of Midmarch.  She chose her simplest traditional gown -  dusky pink, cut high on her chest with a white and gold trim.  She wasn’t ready yet for the darker colours of dowagers, or even long married women - After all it had only been a few years since her own wedding.  Jewellery was selected with care, it was unobtrusive but obviously expensive if looked at closely, but then there was the tiara.  With a slight shrug, she decided that it was appropriate as a viscountess for her to wear the tiara, but even then she chose the to wear  the least decorated of the three that she possessed.  After all, she kept reminding herself.  It was the bride’s day.

OOC:  For those of you who want some fashion guidance, please see this page.  Sorry I forgot to add the link last night, but that is what posting late in the evening does for me.  Note that ladies have the option of trousers with the ‘Modern' Style.


Brides, of course, are expected to go off-piste and look magnificent :}

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Andalon de Lebeda
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
It looks like Andalon has once again dusted off the courtier's outfit he keeps for social occasions - weddings, investitures, feast days and the like.  His dark blue academic robe has white facings with golden key symbols, white shirt, dark blue trousers and buckle shoes. The white cotton headband he wears has a stylised imperial dragon across his forehead, but that is now a familiar sight as it is something he is seldom without. The golden key he normally wears around his neck is replaced by an ornate silver key set with a topaz gemstone.

He has a warm smile and a friendly word of greeting for everyone he meets, and soon has a glass of red wine in hand as well.
Alisa Medvyed-Solanus
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Tue 22 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Edited my post:  I had read this thing too quickly -- I didn't get the formality of it my first time through.     I had thought it was more of an informal wish you well in the wake of the service.
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
My Bad.  I didn't make it very clear, and should have posted the 'court clothes' link in the first post.
*grin* that's the trouble with hanging out with the Nobs!  You have to get dressed up for everything!.

Kendrick Winters
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Wed 23 Sep 2020
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Fuzzy: The Wedding Party
Kendrick arrived to celebrate the newlyweds. He stood at the entrance and looked over the crowd. He wore the white military dress uniform of Iomedae's order. A white shirt and matching jacket with black trousers and sash. The short-waist military jacket was trimmed with gold thread on the cuffs, sleeves and collar. His family crest of a wolf head was embroidered in gold thread over his left chest and right shoulder. The familiar medallion of Iomedae hung over the center of his chest. His dagger was sheathed behind his back.

He accepted a goblet of wine as he mingled with the crowd.