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RTJ & Character Creation
This game is based on the Kingmaker Adventure Path, although tweaked for a large game and playing online.  Some elements the AP are missing completely, but many other things have been added to replace them.  There are few things you should be aware of straight away:-

  • It is a slow game.  Normal post rate is once a week.  That doesn’t stop you posting chatty / RP comments – but it means that you probably only get a weekly summary (and move on) post.
  • It is a fairly low treasure, low-ish fantasy game with a traditional feel.  There are class and racial guidelines but, in a nutshell, I like CRB and am less keen on lots of supplements.
  • It is also a long-running game (started in 2016) and has a well-developed game world – and I will expect your character to ‘fit in’ with the world.
  • There are three aspects to the game, you don’t have to participate in all of them, but you can get XP for all of them:
    - Adventuring – I normally run three different adventuring groups, and characters move about between groups.
    - Role Play – while I welcome RP in adventure threads, I also run separate ‘Fuzzy’ threads where you can RP across groups.  There are minor ‘fuzzy’ opportunities all the time, but I run major RP threads four times a year.  So far these have included parties (a firm favourite of mine), big city shopping trips and road trips new places that can add to your knowledge of the region.  If you give me solid goals for the character, I will try to build those into play.  It will only be occasionally, but they will be there.
    - World Building – I use a fairly sophisticated home brew world building system, which focusses on individual development.  The whole of the game area has been developed like this -  the towns, cities, nature reserves, merchant house, inns etc -  have all  been developed under those rules, and much of the game area is owned by PCs.
  • There are also a few specific rules changes.
    - I don’t use initiative to decide the order of play – instead I generally go by post order.  It is much quicker in this format and you have the benefit of knowing what other players in your group have done.
    - I have nerfed poisons.  I only apply the damage effect once, rather than getting caught up in ongoing effects.  It can be a long time between DM posts and I forget.
    - I play Diplomacy, and other similar skills, by the rules.  You will rarely get exactly what you want from a diplomacy roll – but you will get something.  In the same way as a single combat roll doesn’t resolve a battle – a single diplomacy roll doesn’t resolve a social interaction.

If you are comfortable with those rules, then I would like to hear from you :)

Initially, I don’t want anything more than a character proposal.  It should include class, race and gender as well as a brief background and some (very basic) future plans.  It doesn’t have to be set-in-stone, but it gives us something to work with as we work together to develop a character who will fit the world.  Something like :-
  1. Gagak.  A male, half-orc barbarian.  He grew up as an outcast on the edge of a village, before he went adventuring.  Overtime, I would like him to become more civilised and find ways to become a full member of society.
  2. Mia – A female, human sorcerer.  She is a minor member of a noble family, who doesn’t want to be married off to cement a political relationship with another noble family.  Eventually she would like to have her own Caster’s Tower and be a noble in her own right.
  3. Benton – A male half-elf ranger.  He comes from a small town (or village) on the edges of civilisation and would like to find a piece of wilderness to protect.  However, he still wants to be around people.

Those are very short character profiles that go quite some way towards defining a character, and give us something to work on, as we develop a character that will fit comfortably into the game.  I am also happy to see longer, more developed, profiles -  but I would suggest that you  glance through the next post first, as it gives more guidance that will help you make the character fit with the game.

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RTJ & Character Creation
Detailed PC Profiles

Remember:  You can talk all these through with me and you don't have to read all this stuff.  There is lots of it!

Campaign Setting

This is a long-running game designed around the concept of (reasonably) harmonious groups of players.  I expect the game to be running for a long time (We are four years into the game and less than halfway through the AP) - so PCs need to be able to work together :) With this in mind, there are some basic stipulations.
  • Alignment:  No evil alignments.  I don’t much like them and I don’t enjoy GMing evil characters.
  • Attitude: - No extremes of attitude.  This includes extreme alignments, such as a LG character who can’t turn a blind eye to something  another PCs does, or a character so Chaotic that they always disrupt everything the party plans.  While that might be fun for you, they often aren’t a lot of fun for the other people you are playing with.  The same goes for attitude.  Nobles are welcome -   but not Nobles who feel the need to belittle PCs (or NPCs) that aren’t from a noble background.  Nor is it acceptable to base a character around PvP fights or confrontations.  There is nothing wrong with any of the things I have described – so long as they are moderate, rather than taking things to the extreme.
  • Classes: - Anything from the CRB is good. Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle and Witch – are the only acceptable base classes – and even then we might need to have a chat about how you intend to play the character.  Other classes are not acceptable.
  • Multi-class: - Multi-class characters are fine -  so long as they continue to advance in all classes.  I hate one class dips …
  • Prestige Classes: - many Prestige Classes are acceptable -  BUT talk to me about it before you start building a character to meet the prerequisites.  Some prestige classes will not be acceptable at all.  Note that your character will only ever be allowed to take one prestige class.
  • Unchained Classes: - Nope!  I like all the characters to follow the same set of rules – it makes it much easier for me to GM.  It is different in a TT game where there is immediate feedback between player and DM – here it all just adds time to an already slow format.

Game World

The game world is well-developed.  It started with the basic descriptions in the Kingmaker AP, but that has been built on and there are some significant changes.

Race:  Human, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Dwarves and Halflings will be easy to write a background for.  Elves and Gnomes will require more work on your part. There is a long piece on demographics linked below …  You don’t have to read all of it, just skim to the part that interests you and read that bit.


Politics - The politics of Brevoy has changed.  This isn’t a political game, there isn’t enough politics that worry about it -  but politics happens in the background and comes up (in broad terms) occasionally.  The new lands you are building are colonies of Brevoy – not a completely independent nation as per the AP, so the politics of Brevoy is relevant to you.  The main Noble Families have slightly different descriptions and holdings – and I know an awful lot about them (so you don’t have to)  and there are a couple of other ‘power groups’ (Dwarves, Aldori, Minor Noble Houses) as well.

The Aldori: The Aldori are really badly described and specified in the original AP – probably so that they can be anything to anyone who wants to use them.  In this game they are much more detailed.  There are three groups of Aldori – Rostland, Mivon and House Khavortorov (who were mentioned in the Inner Sea Guide).  The three groups are on better terms that described in the AP, and we have developed details around troop types and basic politics.  If you are thinking of playing an Aldori – read this page first.


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RTJ & Character Creation
If you want to, you can go through the Character building phase alone -  although I am more than happy to help and advise.  It is tough going it alone because there are a lot of things to consider.  If we work together, I can point out the relevant bits, and we can talk about them.

This page has the  detailed rules for character creation.  http://rp.baileymail.net/doku....acter_building:start