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The Southern Observer
Sun 17 Jan 2021
at 12:34
The Southern Observer
New of all the main events and happenings within the Southern Region.

Brought to you by the Children of the Enlightened One.

The editor and staff would encourage you to read widely, exercise daily, seek inner peace and learn something new every day.
The Southern Observer
Sun 17 Jan 2021
at 12:55
The Southern Observer
The editor and staff would encourage you to read widely, exercise daily, seek inner peace and learn something new every day.

Regional News

The Southern Chapter have built a new Chapter House in Tusk (Ivory Hill) and recently used it to induct three new members into the order.  The Dosalic sisters (Minia & Maple) as well as Rana Nervetti become officers of the order.  Other members are still exploring in the Narlemarch and investigating the disappearance of our neighbours at Varnhold.

The Religious Forum have authorised the establishment of a shrine dedicated to Acavna at Kunlun.  Acavna was a deity of the ancient Azlanti people, who has long believed to be dead.  The Forum has also been appraised of the cult of Gyronna, a deity proscribed in the Souther Region,  that was operating in Midmarch.  The leader has been declared dead and the followers are under investigation.

Midmarch News

Henry, Viscount Midmarch has been long been interested in extending Midmarch to the area west of the Narlemarch, and now he has achieved his goal.  The Dosalic sisters, from Mivon, have agreed to take over the Old Villa and Bogside and run then as a personal estate of Midmarch.  Henry has built new roads, leading to the revitalised settlements of Apple Lodge and Litwin's Cove.

Outpost: This small village saw an outbreak of Gyronna Woship - although that was scothched my members of the Southern Chapter (including the aforementioned Rana Nervetti) with assistance of patrol members from the village.  The Church of Erastil and the Roth family have stepped in to help Lord Henry revitalise the community.

New Dawn: House Aeris have allied with the Dwarven Clan Stigmar.  The dwarves will assist in defence and have promised to fetch Torag's faith to the region.  In parallel with this arrangement, Marik Aeris has been awarded the title and patent of Lord-Dominus of New Dawn.

Whiterun: House Vallani have opened canals and navigations to bypass the waterfall and cascades on the Shrike River - enabling water-borne trade between Tusk and Restov.  Merchants should note, however, that the Vallani Canals can only accommodate vessels of fifteen feet beam and fifty feet in length.  Our reporter understands that the canals might be widened later.

Ringbridge: Lord Cyrus of Ringbride has decided to come out of his self-imposed retirement to lead an expedition into the southern wllderness.  He will be accompanied by lady Viktoria Lebeda-Sud (who has recently returned to venturing after the birth of her child).  The will be assisted by the latest recruits to the Southern Chapter.  Lady Valoria has established a  Wizard's Guild in Ringbridge, to encourage the use of arcane magics and facilitate the sharing of spells between members.

Tatzleford: The reclusive town of Tatzleford, deep in the Narlemarch, has claimed land  along the banks of the Skunk River, in an effort to protect their waterborne trade with Tusk.

Tusk News

The Council of greater tusk have been developing a long term plan for their new Free City State.  Lord Adoven and Lord Kendrick have both expressed and interest in building developments close to the city, with the avowed intent of protecting the city from the south.

Tusk: The council have expanded the Central Keep into a castle and strengthened the Inner Wall, thus enhancing the safety and security of all Tusk's inhabitants.  In line with their started policies they have paved the streets of Ivory Hill, built district walls and started a new outer district called Watergate.  V&A shipping have recently opened offices in both Jovvox and Mivon, which will (eventually) improve trade to the south.  Lady Pipre has built herself a luxurious estate in Ivoryhill, while House Medveyd-Solanus are building a villa in the hinterlands.  Tusk is certainly the place to be!

Silverton has seen a lot of development this year.  Sister marceline has started a new Pharasmin Order, dedicated to the eradication of the undead, Lord Cass has started a Performers' Guild and this organ has established its offices in the town.

Reedham: Lady Pipre has established a small village to the south of Tusk.  While she says it is to help patrol Candlemere, our investigator thinks the real reason might be to protect her mother, the swamp witch, from unwanted visitors.

The March-Holds

Old Keep:The Druidess Zelona has finally established her march-hold based on the Old Keep found at the head of the Murque river.  She has encouraged Maril to establish a Shrine dedicated to the Green Deities along the trail to Tatzleford, and Lex, an Officer of the Southern Chapter, to set up there as a Master Bowyer.  She tells us that it might be open to external investment next year - so longs as the investment proposals are acceptable and don't damage the local wilderness.

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The Southern Observer
Sat 17 Jul 2021
at 21:07
The Southern Observer
The editor and staff would encourage you to read widely, exercise daily, seek inner peace and learn something new every day.

Regional News

The Southern Chapter has added lodgings to its Chapter Hall in Tusk.  Visiting members (of all classes) will now be able to stay overnight.  They have also added a new Class of Membership, designated as Members of the Order, for those who have shown dedication to The Southern Region, but have not been actively involved in clearing and colonising land.  Finally Sword-Lord Domitious Aldori-Solanus and Andalon, Bishop of Tusk, have both been elevated to the rank of Knight.

Kunlun, home of the Southern Religious Council has been growing quickly.  New shrines have been added and the Great Meeting Hall expanded.  On a more mundane note, Kunlun now boasts an apartment block for staff, a tavern and an eating house.   The priests are doing well for themselves.

The Cream of Southern Investigators have been in Varnhold, helping to resolve the mysterious disappearance of Lord Varn and the holding’s population.  Some of Lord Henry’s troops are acting as caretakers in Varnhold, while the investigation continues.  So far, involvement from the Nomen Centaurs has been ruled out and the investigators are  following a lead that implicates a long dead Cyclops.

Other Explorers have been working south of the region.  One group are exploring the area  around Old Keep and there are reports of a crypt containing malignant undead.  Their support teams report that they have spotted many Lizardfolk where the Murque river empties into Candlemere.  A second group have discovered a small (human) settlement on the banks of The Shrike river, that they have called Gurdinford.  They have ascertained that the trail leading south from Mound runs all the way down to the Chain Ferry at Jovvox.

In Business News: Southern Region prospers! V&A Shipping continue to pursue external trade, with developments in Mivon and Sirian, while expanding their holdings in both Tusk and Ringbridge.  DELEM has extended its network out to Wyvern Bridge, creatging a direct link to Restov.   WSM now has developments in Apple Lodge, and is taking a grip on many internal trade routes.  Both Vallani Trading and House Yitis have initiated developments that will extend their reach to Restov and Mivon, while House Aeris, long established as river traders in Sootscale, have entered the land market.

In Political news, both Midmarch and Tusk have modified their political systems slightly.  Midmarch has implemented a system of Local Governors, while Tusk has restructured it’s council, co-opting Lord Adoven in a non-executive role.  Tusk has also widened its electoral crireia, to reflect changes in Southern Order membership.

Midmarch News

Midmarch Province

Viscount Henry has finally built a road out to the Wyvern Bridge and established two new settlements along the way.  Fort Vallart, patrols the road and the new western lands, while Wyvern Bridge will grow into a small town intended to facilitate trade.  Wyvern Bridge, Oston and Tazleford, will now operate as independent settlements, managed by local governors.    The Dosalic sisters have decided to concentrate on their personal goals, and both Litwin Cove and Apple Lodge revert to provincial management.  The sisters have established Dosalic farm,  just outside Apple Lodge, as their new base of operations..

Ringbridge, Midmarch’s largest town, has been consolidating.  There is very little room left inside the town’s walls and the new outer district is starting to fill as well.  Bastion has been re-enforced, and Lord Cyrus can legitimately say he has met Viscount Henry’s request to guard the bridge over The Shrike river. Development of a new Bardic College, in the same town as the Southern Wizard’s Guild along with a plethora of shops capable of creating magic items, is certainly giving the town a distinct personality.

Newgate, part of Lord Henry’s personal estates, has been consolidating .   Already established as the capital of Midmarch and a headquarters for DELEM,  Newgate is starting to grow into a more rounded town with a range of Businesses, educational establishments and public service buildings..

Aeris Estates have been busy.  Lord Marik has opened no less than three new districts, and built an Arcane college as well as opened a training schools for rangers and scouts for the region.  Other investments include a serai, a magic component shop and a Taldan Bath!  The first of its kind in the region.

Vallani Estates have been busy as well.  Feyfalls has grown into a small town, with boats capable of trading upriver as far as Restov, a new market, an orphanage and a new shrine.  Whiterun now boasts a wharf and a vessel capable of completing the run from Restov to Tusk, and further, non-stop!  Other investments include mercenary barracks in both towns, ready to offer protection to travellers about ship, or on land.

Greater Tusk News

A political review in response to changes in the Southern Chapter membership, has concluded that Tusk should adopt a slightly different system of management.  Lady Pipre’s role had been retitled as Lord-Advocate, and a new position non-executive councillor has been created and offered to Lord Adoven Lodkova-Sud, who has accepted the appointment.  Should an election be  called, all members of The Southern Order, in any class, who are resident in Greater Tusk, will be eligible to vote.

Tusk City has expanded yet again.  This time with two new districts and, as a new departure, a secondary settlement a few miles across the river shrike.  Defences have been improved,  by the addition of patrol boats, watchtowers and a bastion at the mouth of the River Shrike.   One new district, Stadium, is to be dedicated to sports and leisure activities, and three Scrymball teams have already been formed! The other district, Downwind, is designated as an area for ‘aromatic’ businesses.

Barleyboro, a new farming settlement, has been started on the eastern side of the Shrike river.

Silverton continues to develop its own personality, befitting its location on the main road into Tusk City.  The most significant developments have been in the hinterland, where Jensen the Paladin has built a small estate.