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Regional Information
You don't need to read all of this thread, unless you want to.

It gives background information on the nations surrounding the Stolen Land.  Some areas, such as Brevoy, are covered in detail because they are where most of the characters are expected to come from.  Some, such as Numeria and Iobaria, only get the briefest mentions because they are on the outskirts of the region.

Dip in and out for the parts that are relevant to your character's background.

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Brevoy is a young nation, forged little more than 200 years ago from two independent states, Issia and Rostland.  Issian tradition remains strong in the north and Rostlandic Traditions are strong in the south -  however there is a central belt where the two traditions mix.

The founder was Chorale the Conqueror, a warlord from Iobaria who (with the help of draconic allies) defeated the rules of both nations and welded them together as one.  While Chorale only ruled for a short time, his descendants (as House Rogavaria) ruled for 200 years, then they all but disappeared leaving just a few women and children behind.

Since then Brevoy has been in a weakened and tense state.  Lord Surtova has claimed the throne of Brevoy and moved into The Ruby Palace in New Stetven - but his forces are overstretched and his grip is weak.

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The mountainous northern half of Brevoy.  Winters are long and deadly here, forcing common folk to scratch out a sustainable existence from near-frozen soil during an all-too-short spring and summer. All the while, the lords of the land plot in their keeps and strongholds, jealously eyeing their neighbours’ domains. The Lords, originally came here from Iobaria, are practical folks and bowed before Chorale when he and his dragons came to their strongholds.
The lords of Issia are male; eldest sons inherit their father’s estate and titles. Younger sons often receive some provision, but it need not be much under the law. Women exert influence through their husbands or sons, and may even rule as regents for sons who have not yet reached the age of majority (15 winters). Lords tend to have many children as a result, at least to secure a male “heir and a spare.” This leads to various cadet branches and lines of houses, as well as alliances by marriage, such that in the past 200 years the seven major noble houses have become both more closely related and more widespread. There is an ever-greater demand for land and titles, and more young, disaffected nobility looking to make a mark in the world

Gold, Red and Black dominate the religious landscape - Abadar and Gorum are favoured by the warlike and wealthy nobles, while Pharasma is the deity of the common folks.  However, Erastil rules in some areas.

The Lake of Mists and Veils

The people of Brevoy know the vast Lake of Mists and Veils simply as “the Lake,” and it defines the northern border of the land as well as dominates Brevoy’s seasons and weather. In the winter, the fiercest storms howl down from the foggy waters, driven between the mountain peaks to pour freezing rain, sharp hail, and heavy snow drifts upon Issia, slowed only slightly by the forest and the hills around Rostland, before exhausting their fury on the southern hills and plains. The lake gets its name from its tendency to warm enough in the peak months of summer so that when the first chill of winter sets in, the water “steams” with heavy layers of mist at night, slowly burning off each morning.

There are two major strongholds associated with the lake.

Port Ice - Large City: Pop 13,260 - Although connected to the lakeshore villages by a reasonably well maintained road, Port Ice is locked behind its walls for much of the cold winter months, mainly accessible by sled and visited only by the occasional foolhardy traveller. The rest of the year, the city’s residents stockpile all the supplies needed for the next season. The White Manor is the Surtova ancestral seat, currently in the care of King Noleski’s uncle, Lord Domani Surtova. House Surtova’s ancestral lands extend south and east from Port Ice.

Winterbreak - Small City: Pop 5,840 - Located on Acuben Isle in the Lake of Mists and Veils, Winterbreak is home to fishermen and merchant traders alike. Almost completely isolated by ice during winter - it is the ancestral seat of the Lodovka - and where they still take their winter break from trading and fishing.

Golushkin Mountains

The Golushkin Mountains are home to Issia’s greatest concentration of natural resources, as the peaks sit upon deep veins of iron, nickel, copper, silver, and tin, along with some other useful or precious ores. Humans like the Surtovas showed little interest in mining these riches, particularly since the Golka clan of dwarves were already doing so. House Garess established trade with the mountain dwarves, making their fortune in metalwork.

Grayhaven - Small City: Pop 5,880 - High up in the foothills of the Goloshkin mountains, is a walled city that is the ancestral seat of House Garess. Much of its wealth has come from trading with the Golka Clan of Dwarves and working the metals that they bring out of their mines.

Highdelve - Lost underground town:  Pop 4500 - was the home Golka Clan of dwarves, which was lost in a major earthquake at the same time as House Rogavaria disappeared and Skywatch closed itself off.

The Icerime Peaks

The Icerime Peaks wall off most of Brevoy from the former lands of Iobaria to the west. Their heights are perpetually covered in ice, even in the summer months, when cold rivers tumble and cascade down their sides, forming towering waterfalls and clear mountain lakes. The late spring thaws open what passes there are through the mountains, although few make use of them. Skywatch is by no means the only ancient site in the Icerime Peaks. Tales tell of half-buried entrances to mountain dungeons, some of them outposts of old Iobaria, others even older. Some of the ruins are said to be haunted by the chill shades of soldiers or miners who perished there, still guarding whatever treasures they found in life.

Skywatch – Sealed Small City:  Pop 6,590 - High in the northern Icerime Peaks is a city built around an ancient observatory discovered by the Surtovas centuries ago in the early days of Issia. In spite of its apparent age, the observatory is perfectly preserved, maintained by a powerful, lingering magic. The same night House Rogarvia vanished, Skywatch sealed its gates, and the walled city has allowed no one to enter or leave since, not even couriers or supply caravans. Messages and envoys sent to Skywatch have been ignored and none are known to have left. Even divination magic cannot penetrate its walls to discover what is going on within, or even if anyone there is still alive.

Stoneclimb – Large Fortified Town: Pop 2,244 - is a fortress along the eastern side of the Icerime Peaks in Brevoy. It is south of Skywatchand it is in the north of lands controlled by House Medvyed and from where that House lives and rules.  Erastil is the primary deity in this area.

Mount Veska

Brevoy’s highest point is Mount Veshka in the north-central area of the nation.  It sits in the middle of a belt of hills stretching from the Icerime Mountains to the Goloshkin mountains, and is pretty much the central point in Issia.

Eagle’s Watch – Large Town : Pop 2,000+ – Sits high up on the slopes of Mount Veska, it is the seat of House Orlovsky.

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The Central Belt
The region that separates the Issian north from the Rostlandic South

Lake Reykal

Lake Reykal is a grand lake in Brevoy, 90 miles wide and 45 miles tall at its widest point. Two great rivers empty into it, the Awzera from the West, flowing down from the Golushkin Mountains and the lands of House Garess, and the East Sellen River, flowing down from the Icerime Peaks and through the Gronzi Forest.  The East Sellen River is the main trade route south for all of Brevoy.

New Stetven – Metropolis: Pop 32,850:  New Stetven is the largest city in Brevoy and one of the largest in the whole of the northern Avistan.  It is a bustling trade city, acting as a hub for exporting Brevoy's rich supply of grain, fish, timber, and ore to the rest of the northern kingdoms such as Mendev or Numeria, and down the East Sellen River to the River Kingdoms.  It is the capital of Brevoy and is home to The Rub Fortress (The King’s Palace), The Bulwark of Gorum (massive cathedral to Gorum) and The House of the Gauntlet (an Iomedaen temple).

The docks at New Steven are packed with barges and vessels suitable for use on lakes and rivers.  The East Sellen River is navigable for over 1000 miles, passing through many different nations before it finally opens out into the Inner Sea.

Once the stronghold of House Rogarvia It was left leaderless when they disappeared.  Now King Ninolai Surtova attempts to fill that gap, but his grip is not yet strong.  All of the noble houses have a presence here, although House Lebeda is most prominent.  The rump of House Rogarvia, House Khavortorov (a breakaway Aldori family) and various trade interests all vie for influence here.

Silverhall – Large town: Pop 3,952: Silverhall is the seat of House Lebeda and one of the grandest castle towns in Brevoy, its spires rising above the shores of Lake Reykal.

The Gronzi Forest

The dark expanse of the Gronzi Forest is simply “the Forest” to the people of Brevoy. It extends from the highlands of the Icerime Peaks to the shores of Lake Reykal, forming part of the old border between Issia and Rostland. Although technically the forest belongs to the Brevic crown, hunting and even woodcutting is largely unregulated around its outskirts, particularly in the western reaches. The stretch of forest nearest New Stetven was largely cleared generations ago for the wood to rebuild and maintain the city, and Brevic woodcutters must delve deeper each year to meet their needs.

Although there are many tales of the hazards of the deep forest, the most recent stories are of human origin. A mysterious bandit chief known as Duma the Sly has led raids on merchants, travelers, and tax-collectors near the bounds of the forest. He and his band are known for their ability to strike without warning and vanish just as quickly into the greenery. Duma is no friend of King Noleski Surtova, but the common folk love him for his generosity, and therefore aid him in evading royal sanction. Tales claim Duma is everything from the son of a wronged Aldori nobleman, a fey-blooded trickster, or the lost Rogarvian heir.

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The Rostland Plains
The region of grassy plains and rolling hills to the east of the Sellen and south of the Gronzi Forest are the heart of Old Rostland, dotted with farming towns and villages with a mixture of Issian and Taldan heritage and manners, but with more of an emphasis on the Rostlandic descendants of the original Taldan colonists. Although close to the capital of New Stetven, the Rostland Plains harbor some simmering dissent against the crown, the man who presently wears it, and the very idea of Brevoy as a unified nation.  This was about as far north as Taldan exploration and settlement got, and the people are generally proud of the Taldan heritage.

Restov: Large City: Pop 18,670:  Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the Free City of Restov. The city owes its allegiance to the Brevic crown, and Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius must bend his knee before the Dragonscale Throne like any lord, but otherwise Restov belongs to no house, making it a haven for the lost glories of the Aldori swordlords and those who look back to the old days before the coming of the Conqueror. Restov is a city of both refinement and rough-and-tumble manners, as only a colony can be in fondly recalling and imitating its motherland. The gentry of Restov consider themselves sophisticates, although a Taldan visitor would consider their ways quaint, and touched with no small amount of northern barbarism. The city is a bustling trade center along the border. Restov’s relative wealth supports no small number of idle and titled lordlings and merchants’ sons. They frequent the various Aldori and Taldan dueling schools, as well as the alehouses, and fight each other in street corner challenges at dawn and dusk. The schools, salons, and taprooms of Restov are also hotbeds of rebellious talk against the reign of King Noleski Surtova, with young firebrands in search of a leader to rally them to the cause.

Brunderton: Small Town: Pop 1,120 (mainly Dwarves): The mining town of Brunderton in eastern Rostland in Brevoy is home to a relatively large number of dwarves for the region. Most dwarves throughout southern Brevoy and the northern River Kingdoms have relatives from here, and gem and ore traders from Brunderton can often be found peddling their wares along the Sellen's many tributaries

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The Neighbours

The land of Iobaria is located east of the nation of Brevoy, north of the Castrovin Sea, and is considered part of the continent of Casmaron. Human settlers have united the land into an empire in the past, but currently the land is largely wilderness thanks to a series of plagues that have severely depopulated the region.


Numeria is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign, currently Kevoth-Kul, a despot controlled by a manipulative group of mages who toy with forces they do not understand.

The River Kingdoms

The River Kingdoms of northeastern Avistan have long been a haven for inland pirates, anarchists, exiles, and anyone who cannot seem to make it in more civilized nations. The Kingdoms are by no means a unified nation, but rather a constantly shifting group of city-states and fiefdoms, each at war with the others both to gain more power and prevent their own demise.

Throughout the River Kingdoms, the people live by certain decrees that define them as people of the River Kingdoms. So much so, that many of these "freedoms" are laws in some of the kingdoms of the country. The "freedoms" are listed below:

  • Say What you Will, I Live Free
  • Oathbreakers Die
  • Walk Any Road, Float Any River
  • Courts Are for Kings
  • Slavery Is an Abomination
  • You Have What You Hold

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Politics in Brevoy
The Issian Nobles:  While the Issian Nobles skirmish, fight and argue amongst themselves, together they are by far the most influential group.  Between them they have an iron grip on Northern Brevoy and a lot of influence in New Stetven.  In broad terms, they follow Gorum (CN) and Abadar (LN) – raiding across the borders of their lands and into no-mans-land is common place (and is expected) but it cannot be allowed to damage their economic interests, control or authority.  Men are the leaders and expected to have battle skills and business acumen.  Women are expected to smile prettily and exert their influence subtly behind the scenes.
House Surtova once ruled the much of the Northern coast and were renowned as pirates and raiders.   They had a strong relationship with House Rogavia -  and most of Choral’s descendants were related to house Surtova through Choral’s marriage to a daughter of the house.  Most of the other Issian houses still remember the days when House Surtova ruled them before.

House Orlovsky – are perhaps one of the longest established noble houses in the area.  The came here from Orlov in Iobaria – more than a thousand years ago.  They were great supporters of the Rogavia, and are suspicious of the Surtova.

Lodkova and Garess are both fairly typical Issian Houses, but they only achieved Noble status after the Conquest.

House Medvyed  is much more rural and gives Erastil as much respect as Gorum and Abadar.  This is probably a hangover from the times that the Aldori ruled eastern Brevoy.

House Lebeda is a strange house.  Its lands bordered those of Issia and Rostland and its people are a mixture of Issians and Taldans -  with a few Aldori thrown in for good measure.  It has absorbed a lot of city culture from New Stetven and has an interest in duelling and sword play.

Both Surtova and Lebeda are heavily linked with New Stetven.  The families often keep themselves busy as they jockey for position within the group.

New Stetven Aristocracy:  A metropolis full of merchants, crafters and minor nobles all worried about their own position and interests.  They come from a range of different backgrounds and there are many competing philosophies -  however, as a whole,  they are cosmopolitan enough to put differences to one side and work together so long as there is a proper return involved.  While they see themselves in competition with each other, but the City itself is something that binds them together - and a strong New Steven is good for everyone.

The Rogarvian Spouses, House Khavortorov, House de le Maistre and House Ventus  – and many other minor houses - are all part of the New Stetven Aristocracy.
House Khavortorov - An offshoot from the Aldori of East Rostland and Restov, this house made their name as mercenaries. They were heavily involved with House Rogarvia, but appear to have consolidated their position since the disappearance.
House de le Maistre – came to New Stetven from Ustalav,  a generation ago (about 4688) and set up as a small merchant house working mainly between Restov and New Stetven.

House Ventus - A minor aristocratic house comfortably situated in New Stetven - the head of House bears the title - Master of the North Wind. Unlike many of the other houses they do not appear to have any specific source of income although many house members are gifted sorcerers who are known to support mercenary groups.. They kept a low profile under the rule of House Rogavia, but now they are starting to come into their own. The street rumours are that their fortunes are all based on a genie’s kiss. 

Restov: Restov is an independent city that is not controlled by one of the noble houses.  It fancies itself as sophisticated and has a clear Taldan influence (The Taldan Empire pushed out this way years ago, and Restov still remembers that).  It is a magnet for hot-headed or disillusioned nobles from all over Brevoy and it is common to hear talk a separatist Restov.  Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius is a member of the Sword Council and manages the city on their behalf.

The Swordlords are the most powerful group in the city, all with a ‘sophisticated’ interest in fancy sword-work and duelling.  Indeed duels are very common in the city, with many impromptu, street corner, duels. Once the Swordlords were all Aldori, now they represent a mixture of Aldori and Taldan interests -  many of who hold property close to (or businesses in) Restov.  Lady Jamandi Aldori is the First Swordlord of the Aldori Academy, and the senior sword lord in Restov, but the Lord Mayor is technically head of the city.

High Priest Ezvanki Keegh is High priest of Restov, and oversee's the largest  temple in the city.

Brundeston: is a small (almost completely) dwarven town specializing in mining, smelting and metal working.   It pretty much keeps itself to itself, but just about every dwarf in the area has a relative that comes from here.  Now the Golka have disappeared, this is the main Dwarven stronghold in Brevoy.

The Aldori:  Once a major power in Rostland the Aldori were beaten down and fragmented by Chorale the conqueror – a state that has been maintained (as best they could) by House Rogovaria.   There are Aldori holdings in Mivon, Restov and rural Rostland as well as House Khavortorov in New Stetven.  The First Swordlord, LadyJamandi Aldori, wants to claim back their former status.

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Religion in Brevoy

Red, Black and Gold ...

Gorum (CN) His household priests often serve Brevoy's nobility and often walk around dressed in gaudy dark red tabards.  The  god of fighting and conflict legitimises the regular clashes, skirmishes and minor raiding that carry out amongst themselves and anyone else who happens to get in the way.  Gorum has a major temple in New Stetven, although some of Restov’s sword schools throw the occasional prayer his way.

Pharasma (TN) is most beloved by Brevoy's common people and is the most widely respected community deity – although her real strength can be found among the common people of Issia and New Stetven.  Pharasma's black clad clerics are also the most simple, serving as midwives, healers, and mortician-monks.  She is an easy goddess to live with and is primarily concerned with births and deaths – although her clerics take an interest in namings and marriages as well.

Abadar (LN) is the most unifying religious force in Brevoy as many respect him and all have interactions with his followers each time they travel to the markets. Merchants and tradespeople are Abadar's most diligent worshipers in Brevoy, all the noble houses support him (to some extent or another) and his temples are places for judgement and trade. Those who bear Abadar's golden key are often given recognition as neutral arbiters or judges.  His clerics often run a city’s administration – their marriage and business contracts are renowned for completeness.

Erastil’s (LG)followers are mainly found down the eastern side of Brevoy the Medvyed holdings, The Gronzi Forest, Rostland and Restov – he is probably the second most popular community deity of Brevoy with the country folks.  Old Deadeye is the patron of hard working country people – although he heavily traditionalist and thinks men should be men – and women should support their man.  His main temple is in Restov.

Iomedae   (LG) Goddess of Paladins - also has a few followers in Brevoy, she is not a hugely significant deity in the region, but she does have a temple in New Stetven.

Torag (LG) has a few followers among the Dwarves and House Garess.

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Nobility in Brevoy
Royal House. Title: King/Queen.(Rogovaria, ?Surtova?)
When House Rogarvia disappears ten yers ago, King Noleski Surtova (as ruler of the most powerful noble house with blood ties to Rogarvia) laid claim to the crown of Brevoy – although he is not a particularly popular ruler.

Great Noble HousesTitle: Duke/Duchess (Surtova, Garess, Lodovka, Orlovsky, Medvyed,  Lebeda,)
Most of the great noble houses (Surtova, Garess, Lodovka, Orlovsky & Medvyed) are descendants of the Warlords who ruled Issia before the coming of Choral the Conqueror, while the Lebeda are much more Taldan in their outlook. These weren’t the only warlords of the time -  but these six were the most successful under Choral’s rulership.  Many lesser warlord’s and their lines either merged through marriage, were adopted in, or were overthrown.

It is a time of change for the Noble Houses.  House Rogavaria and Clan Golka have all but disappeared.  Surtova struggles to consolidate its grip on the throne, Garess is weakened, Lebeda is gaining in strength as they court Surtova, and Orlovsky still doesn’t recognise the Surtova dysnasty.  Lodkova continue as before.

Lesser Noble Houses: Title: Baron (Aldori, Khavortorov & Golka are the most prominent) a number of  independent families claim the title of Baron. 1) Lady Aldori -  recognised as descending from the Original Sword Baron and leader of the Aldori in east Rostland.  2) Lord Khavortorov, originally associated with the Aldori, now head of a family of military knights. The title was bestowed on him by the Rogavaria before they disappeared. 3) The Golka are unusual in that they were a clan of Dwarves who were here before the Humans -  but they (and their city) disappeared (were lost)  some ten years ago. Others include Baroness Varya Rogarvia-Green of Sopan, the wife of the ex-Rogarvian Viscount,  controls an area around Skywatch.  Baron Varn holds land between the Skywatch and the Icerime mountains towards the Medveyedd.

Like most nobles they expect to be referred to as Lord Xxxx.  The Baron title is only used very formally in which case it would be Lord Khavortorov, Baron or Lady Aldori, Baroness.

Other Aristocrats

Title Lord/Lady (Lord Mayor of Restov)
Title Lord-Dominus
Title: Master

Technically, these are not Noble titles but they denote achievement and social status that brings the holders to the fringes of ‘Noble’ society.

These  are catch all titles, with the Lord Mayor of Restov (because he manages a city) as the most influential Lord.   These are the titles of low-ranking old-blood families,  cadet lines of noble families and upcoming nobles.  New Stetven boasts a number of these minor – either independent or associated with one of the noble families who form the elite of that city and royal court.  The Rostland plains also has a number of minor lords – in the east they look to Restov and the Aldori, to the North they look to New Stetven but those in the middle tend to be as ornery and independent as anyone.

While these can be personally inherited titles – they can also positional or life titles.  For example the title of Lord Mayor of  Restov – passes to the next holder of that position rather than the heir of the incumbent mayor, and many High Priests, Knight-Captains and Governors are associated with minor noble rank.

Restov, for example, awards the title of Lord-Dominus to any Master(1) of a recognised duelling style - making them true Sword-Lords.

Master can be awarded to a particularly well skilled craftsman or professional, to the 'Squire' of a village, or any one else deemed suitable

Note 1 – In Martial Arts terms – think senior Black Belts with competition success.

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Sword Schools  Specialisations in Brevoy
Sword Training in Brevoy.

Brevoy is a land of swordsmen, a land where physical combat is seen as honourable and a mark of social status. Many of the Northern Issians are followers of Gorum, whose noble families have grown from the warlords who first came to dominate the region.  In the south, once part of the Taldan Empire, retains an affinity for the Rondolero style, while Restov is home to many of the descendants of Sirian Aldori, famous duellist and First Sword Baron.  The mixing of people and cultures leads to a range of styles and competition between the best of each style.  Consequently, while all sword schools teach a comprehensive range of weapon skills, the better schools also run specialist classes for their more able (or wealthier) students.  There is always kudos for the school when one of their students does well, either in competition or in battle.  However, there are some specialisations …

Aldori – A delicate and acrobatic style based on the use of a specialist ‘duelling’ sword. Mainly found in Restov and amongst the Khavortorov, although there are a few schools in New Stetven.  It is also found in the rival city-state of Mivon, who base their whole government system on Aldori Duels.  The Aldori style of fighting is equally effective on the battle field and in the duelling arena.

Rondolero – A fast and furious fighting and duelling style from Taldan that is based on the Falcata and Buckler.  There are schools in Silverhall, Restov and New Stetven.  Rondolero fighting is equally effective on the battle field and in the duelling arena.

Light Blade – A much more common style, and therefore seen as lower status amongst duelists, this style is particular favoured in areas that depend on the water.  Schools are found in Silverhall, Port Ice, Winter Break and New Stetven – with lesser presence in Restov.  Some duellists from this tradition use two weapon techniques such as  Two (short) Swords or Rapier and Dagger.  Most Light Blade fighters do not train in Duelling techniques -  but those who do can be fairly effective in the  duelling arena.

Heavy Blade – The most common sword fighting style, but rarely used for duelling.  Most commonly used with heavy shield and armour, it is the default training specialisation.  You find these schools everywhere, but the style is not well suited to the Duelling Arena.

Spell-Hand – a highly specialised fighting style used primarily by magi – although a few bards, wizards and sorcerers practice the art as well.  It is always viewed suspiciously in the duelling arena, and spell-hand duellists are generally restricted to fighting other spell-hand duellists as a demonstration bout.  There is one specialist Spell-hand training school in New Stetven - although one of the generalist schools in Restov provides minimal training in spell-hand, although not with a duelling perspective

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Politics in Brevoy

One night, of thunder storms and earthquakes, about ten years ago, three unexpected events took place that threw the whole of Brevoy into turmoil - and the effects are still being felt today.

1)  Urzen Rogarvia  (King of All Brevoy) and all of his blood relations, no matter how distant, just suddenly disappeared over night.  One night they were there, next morning they weren't.  Anyone who could trace their heritage back to Choral the Conqueror (even babies and children) just disappeared overnight.    There have  been a couple of claimants, who were disproved etc -  but basically, the whole of the Royal Family disappeared mysteriously over night.

2) The Golka Clan of Dwarfs  who formed a partnership with The Garress family just disappeared.  Their underground strong hold disappeared from view amid a night of thunderstorms and earthquakes - and has not been seen since.  There have been expeditions etc ...  But there is no sign of the Golka or even their stronghold.  It is like they never existed.

3) Sky Watch, an ancient and arcane tower in the north east of the country, has sealed itself off with powerful magics.  No living creature can enter it and none has been known to leave. 

None of the Mages, Clerics or other wise folk have been able to resolve any of those issues - even though they tried.  They haven't even worked out if the three are linked, or how.

The overall effect was to throw the whole of the country into turmoil.  Surtova tried to move into the power vacuum but doesn't really have the strength and power to fully seize control. And no one else has enough power or influence to send him packing.  The country hasn't resolved the issue over ten years.  Surtova claims to be King.  At least one house (Orlovski) only recognise him as Regent.  New Stetven, the capital, hasn't gelled under him.  Everything  sort of staggers along, and the nobles plot.

Even the ventures to the south are probably just a part of those machinations.

The Players

See this page on the Game wki for details of the  political players.

Mivon - is the first potential trading partner south along the River Shrike.  200 years ago when the Aldori of Rostland were almost destroyed by Choral the Conqueror, many remaining Aldori moved here.  Now they run the city, in their own special way.  Mivon is (in some respects) more of an Aldori city than Restov.  There is tension between the Rostland-Aldori, The Khavortorov and Mivon - as they are all splinter groups of the original Aldori Sword Pact.

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See this page

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Where  can I get ....
Magic Stuff - Supplies & Items.

Temples -  most Chapels, Temples and Cathedrals will sell some magical supplies and items.  However, they are limited to those items that you would normally associate with clerics of that faith.  If you are not a member of the temple (or at least of the same faith) you will likely be charged more for supplies.

New Stetven - There are two magical emporia in New Steven one owned by the Ventus family the other by House Cartan, Magicu Optimus,  that sells magical supplies, bespoke magical items, protections  and academic magical services.  House ventus, on the other hand, specialise in magical service, protection and casters for hire, although they often have a number of magical items for sale.

Restov - Marcus Magic, found in the Riverside section of Restov,  specialises  in  lesser items, spell components and resources.  (Location 26 on the Restov map)

Mivon - One of the most respected magical dealers in the whole of the River Kingdoms, a female elf known as Anada Yarki, lives in Mivon.  She only sees people by appointment, although she can get almost anything that you are prepared to pay her price for.

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