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Tue 1 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
This marks the start of a new 'year' and a new campaign round.

Note: this thread is semi-IC and semi-OOC.  IC is nice, but feel free to use OOC if you need to.  You have two ways to post.  You can make a skills based post, or you can make a 'story post' describing something that happened to your character in the year just gone.

If your post involves using skills or feats to make items or earn money - then I expect to see a set of properly documented calculations in a private line at the bottom of the post.  You may use up to 25 days for Crafting.

If you are making a ‘What I did last year’ post -  feel free to use any of the minor NPCs casually.  Just don’t let them commit me, Henry or their employers to anything concrete - nor do anything out of character :)

Please also note:

    Every PC and NPC that you run ages one year. (please change the character sheet)
    Entourage-assistants who are eligible for a new level can go up a level
    If you are eligible, you may recruit a new Entourage member.

Building and development discussion have to wait until I get home from my vacation.
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Sat 5 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that (at this point) Canpaign Turns were 6 months each. So Technically this is going to be Year 4715.5
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Sat 5 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
A Campaign Round happens every six months RL, but covers one year, game time.  The midyear downtime happened in March.

link to a message in this game

Year-end is on (or near) summer and winter solstice -  half years at the equinox.  (that just makes it a bit easier for me)
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Wed 9 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
I haven't had as much time as I'd like to try and figure out what to do with Marcy and I have to admit, it feels weirdly intimidating trying to narrow down a whole year into a few paragraphs. How do y'all do it?
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Thu 10 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
You don't have to post a whole year.  In fact you don't have to post anything at all in this thread.  However, you could make a post a bout a single experience ( or two) that Marcy has had outside of the adventure or fuzzy threads.

Perhaps something to do with your sword school or your desire to fight undead.  Perhaps some thoughts on weapons and armour, or the skills you might need.
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Fri 11 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
Rana sat down with a small sigh as she gathered her thoughts before beginning the long overdue letter home. She wasn't sure how long it would take to reach her parents in Stoneclimb, but she'd been promised that it would get to them with one of the supply wagons.

Mam / Da,
I hope all is well with both of you, Conor and Deirdre and that the inn is busy for you. I expect that Deirdre had settled by now with Tomas. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that she’s a bairn of her own as well. How’s Conor? Staying out of trouble I hope? Tell both of them I asked after then, please.

I'm sorry that I haven't written to you before now, but I thought it best to be somewhat settled before I got in touch.

As you remember, I came South with Khora, that pretty half-orc I met at the inn. We ran into a young man named Vova not long after leaving Stoneclimb. He’s from around the area, but he's never really said and I've never really asked for specifics. We all travelled together until we got to an area known as Midmarch. It's a recently settled area and I’m now helping to explore the lands and trying to help make it safe for people to travel through and settle. I bet you can't believe that! To be honest, there are days I hardly believe it myself! Sadly, Khora didn't stop here, but Vova has.

I've also meet other people sort of like me, but each a little bit different as well. There's a family who own a tavern in Tusk (that's the main city in Midmarch). It's called the Dragon’s Den and each of them can do things like I can, but differently as well.  Their tavern makes me think of home. I think you'd like them. I'm learning that is okay to be like me.

I've also met someone else who is trying to help me understand my gifts. He's really nice, Mam, and I think you'd like him. His name is Marik. He's really special to me. I'm spending a lot of time with him, and he's helping me get better at understanding what I can do. I'm staying in the town he founded called New Dawn. It already is feeling like a good place to call home.

Well, I better go now. I'm heading out soon with some other folks to explore some more of Midmarch and I need to get my things sorted out. I will be careful. I promise.

Please let Malcolm’s da know that Sunshine is doing well and that she’s been good company for me.

Keep yourself well. I miss you both.


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Tue 6 Jul 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
Delivered by courier to the Dragon's Den is a neatly scribed letter sealed with wax symbol of Pharasma.

To Winnie, Wyn, Berta and Gedd,

It feels as if it's been too long since I saw you all last, and I confess that it is mostly my fault - I never expected to become so entangled in the growth of our new home. The mausoleum and house have expanded, but its the school that is perhaps the most surprising; everything I've learned about hunting and fighting the unliving now being taught to the people of Silverton, I never thought the mission could establish itself like this. (Wyn, you are forever welcome to teach about Takri, should you wish. Berta is welcome to fighting practice.)

I have learned, perhaps from your stubborn insistence, that I cannot do it all alone, and have taken on some help at the mausoleum and house (I think the councilor calls it a friary now). I think you will like them, they're a local child named Lynessa - quiet and polite but insistently stubborn, I hope you'll all have a chance to meet.

There is little else to tell, travels into the wilderness have been dangerous but rewarding, and as much as it differs from Valarez, the land feels more like home now.

I shall make an effort to arrive not long after this letter, if only to help myself to your newest wines.

May the Lady guide your path,

Marceline Gray (Still feels strange to have a last name after so long)

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Wed 7 Jul 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
~ Alisa Medvyed-Solanus
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Sat 31 Jul 2021
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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)
(Co-written with Domitius' player)

It was not uncommon for twins to arrive early.   Nearly half were born near the thirty sixth week, almost a month before the standard forty weeks of a single child.  It had been no surprise to Alisa when her labor had begun early; she had been prepared it might well be the case.  She was in her thirty seventh week, her contractions still rhythmic, far apart and of short duration.     There was time yet, before it began in earnest.  She had been advised that with twins she could be in labor twenty hours or more before they were born. The Pharasman midwife they’d retained to see her through was on call, nearby, but her services weren’t as yet needed.

Alisa had cherished carrying this pair of lives inside her; made with the man she loved more than anyone else in the world.  Nevertheless this last month of pregnancy had been hell. Feeling as though her belly might pop,  the skin of her stomach stretched tightly, the maternity garments no longer fitting well.

The back pain, exhaustion, soreness, heartburn...

Ugh. A labor of love, to be certain.  But not for the faint of heart!     Her eyes strayed to a vase of striking white, lavender and blue starchain blossoms. She wasn't certain where they'd come from at this time of year.   But she’d mentioned something to Domitius about how she wished the room had some flowers, and they had appeared.   Starchains were significant:  the first time she and Dom had said 'I love you' they had been walking near a river bank with a patch of starchains.

Footsteps, out in the hall beyond.  She knew those steps, like she knew so many small and precious details about that man.   Alisa smiled from where she lay on the bed, as her husband entered.

"Hello to you, m'Lord Domitius.  So.  Want to place any bets?   Is it going to be two boys?  Two girls?  One of each?"   

Entering the room Dom smiled at his wife, "Hello to you Lady Alisa, I hope our little ones aren't being too boisterous just yet." he sat on the edge of the bed and laid a hand gently upon Alisa's belly.  "Boys, definitely at least one." he answered as he felt a push against his hand.  "How are you feeling Ali, any closer?" there was a hint of nervousness in his voice as he asked.

His impending fatherhood had him nervous like nothing he had experienced before, facing down undead, goblins or giant beasts he could take but this was a new feeling for him.

She placed her hand on Dom's and smiled, "Plenty of activity, these past few weeks, that's for sure.  I won't be surprised if these two come out grappling. We're still in the early stages, yet.  I think it's going to be a long night, and likely morning as well.  But I'm ready.  Beyond wanting to cradle both these precious lives in my arms, you've no idea how bad I want to be normal size, again," she jested.  "Or at least much nearer to it."

She smiled once more. "We've come so far, since the day we met at Iomedae's shrine.   Before then, I had thought marriage and motherhood would be after I'd finished a long list of goals, in Acavna's name. If at all.  This was a diversion I did not expect -- but one for which I remain grateful.   I know this will bring challenges, and work -- but I can't wait to see them, hear them, and discover who they are."

"So, have you had Hargrym craft miniature Aldori dueling swords, yet?" she added with a wink.

Domitius chuckled at his wifes jest, "No dear one, Hargrym is a skilled mason but he and metal don't have that sort of relationship.  I may have said something to Rikka though about proper training swords, for when they are older of course... I was five when I got my first sword, and five and a day when I has it taken off me for chasing my sisters nurse and calling her a dragon." he grinned impishly at the memory.

"As for this distraction as you put it Acavna has two shrines in the area which if I'm not mistaken is infinitely more than when you arrived, so perhaps this is a blessing for a job well done.  You do have some capable acolytes don't you to look after the shrines or are you going to agree to a wet nurse?"

"Aye - that they do not," Alisa said as regards Hargrym and metal, rolling her eyes a little, "You know, pregnant women do experience a slight loss of memory, sometimes," then smiling "You must have looked so cute with your training blade - though I doubt that poor nurse would agree!  Around that same age, I was dreaming of riding a dragon, and incinerating the awful woman who became my step-mother."    She too smiled impishly, then paused to shift her position.  The babies were moving during this early part of the labor.  She didn't mind that; it was assurance they were doing well...

She nodded as to the pair of shrines.  "It is a start.  A presence beyond a lone, roving priestess, at least."  Once he mentioned the acolytes, and the wet nurse, Alisa's eyes moved briefly toward her holy symbol, where it had been hung upon the wall.  And then back to those of Domitius, to state resolutely:

"No, darling husband, no wet nurse.  The acolytes are capable enough to handle their responsibilities. And leave me free to be the attentive mother I have pledged I will be."     

Dom nodded in acquiescence, it was strange to him not having a wet nurse but he wasn't going to force the point. "OK my love, I won't push you into something you don't want to do but the offer is there if you change your mind." he paused and looked around the room spotting the flowers he gave the smallest of nods to himself.  That was one less favour owed he thought seeing the flowers in bloom and thankful he had befriended Zel when he had the chance, the Thylacine hadn't worked out but this seemed better in many ways.

"It smells nice in here, reminds me of summer days by the river." Dom said innocently "I hope it's not tickling that cute little nose of yours."

* * * * * *
Contrary to what a 'Sister of the Moon' might have anticipated, Alisa's birthing time came just after dawn.   Though of course these two new lives were scions of Solanus -- the solar themed house their mother had wedded into, and now regarded foremost as her family.

Somel complications were more commonplace in the birthing of twins. But gods, fortune, fate or some mix had smiled, and let the new family skirt most of those.

Most, yet not quite all.

After both infants had emerged -- visibly healthy, and gently stimulated to breathe by rubbing their backs (Pharasman midwives knew better than to spank, which was excessive as well as unnecessary) -- it became apparent Alisa was suffering a hemorrhage; the heavy blood loss that could occur after giving birth.  Again the capability of Pharasman midwives came into play -- the lead of whom was a divine adept, as well as a savvy herbalist.   Where poultices and physicianing were inadequate, incantation filled the gap.

Alisa's head grew light during her travail, but her spirit was swept up at this very first sight of hers and Domitius' children.    A boy and girl, who names she lovingly intoned upon seeing them, and being informed of the sex:

"Rufus," and then: "Laetitia."

Those two had been hers and Dom's favorites.   And had been suggested by Domitius, in fact, after Alisa had spent nearly a month overthinking choices, and driving herself crazy with it.   She had loved both those choices as soon as Dom had uttered them, and was now much pleased that both could be bestowed.

Alisa was left weak but stable, and able to cradle both swaddled newborns in her arms, bask in the glow of their angelic faces.  Able to see, hear, smell what she’d before only been able to feel within.     Two pairs of clear blue eyes regarded a world that was new, fresh, and unknown.

And...was it merely the light?  Or were Laetitia's more truly lavender...like those of her Elvish grandmother?  That gave Alisa pause for a barest moment.   Before she smiled beatifically, hoping that Domitius found their children every bit as perfect as she did.

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Fuzzy:  Down Time.  Yr 4716 (New year)