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Tue 22 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy: Tusk development thread 4716
Use this thread to request building permission in Greater Tusk, Tusk City and Silverton -  BUT Please make it very clear in an OOC line  Where you want to build and as well as the Type of Development.  Don't try and do it all IC :)

Decisions in this thread are made by Tusk Council (or the laird for Silverton).  They are tasked with running the region effectively and need to 'maintain the balance' between Econ, Loy, Stab and Def.  They will have stipulations and requests for you - and may well consider take some time before they agree to a development project.

Tusk is the main city and capital of the Southern Region.

Silverton is a small town NE of Tusk, on the road to Ringbridge.
_ Yasmin Yitis-Aldori
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Tue 22 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy: Tusk development thread 4716
Yasmin Yitis-Aldori is the first to speak, and opens with an apology.

"I am sorry, I misspoke at the last development meeting.  I said that House Yitis would not want to expand our merchant facilities in Tusk.  In most respects that is true, we are not interested in expanding our overall presence, but I have been instructed by my master, Lord Yitis-Aldori, to request permission to expand our jetty into a wharf - which would mean the facility here mirrors our merchant holdings in Mivon.

House Yitis specializes in transporting people and valuable items quickly and securely over long distances, and the vast majority of our vessels are fast, armed, wherries designed for that purpose.  We do not wish to compete with V&A shipping for general trade, but would prefer to maintain our traditional mode of business, and we need a wharf to be able to dock our ships properly.

We would, of course, be prepared to make whatever level of social contribution the council thinks appropriate."

Slightly sheepishly, she sits down again, clearly embarrassed by her failure during The last development meeting.

OOC:  Wharf Upgrade +1 econ, plus economic contribution

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Adoven Lodovka-Sud
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Tue 22 Jun 2021
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Fuzzy: Tusk development thread 4716
Adoven smiles and stands as well. He says "Great minds think alike. V&A is expanding our operation in Mivon as well. We also hope to create a trade route between our two cities. Perhaps we can aid one another in the spirit of friendly competition. Competing markets favor the consumer by limiting monopolies. As for Developments this year in Tusk, I am hoping to expand our land-based facilities. We will be expanding our simple shop to a Merchant Store. We are hoping the council has a place where we can build a warehouse and a Shipping Office. Our serai will be getting a new ox train as well. And in the district where we put the warehouse and Shipping office, we propose to donate the funds for the building of a Sports park for practicing fencing, as well as a Public Gardens."

OOC This comes out as
0.5 BP to expand shop to Merchant Store
1 BP for Warehouse, adds +1 Economy
1.5 BP for Shipping Office, +1 Economy
2 BP for Ox Train
1 BP for Sports Park, adds +1 Loyalty,+1 Stability
1 BP for Public Gardens, adds +1 Loyalty, +1 Stability

7 BP cost to me, adds +2 Econ, +2 Loy, +2 Stab. Balanced