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NPC Information.
This thread gathers together an overview  of the main NPCs in the game.  A few have been deliberately introduced as NPCs, some for world building purposes, others as recurring travelling companions.  Most, however, started out as PCs who have played in the game and left for some reason.

The Ex-PCs stayed long enough to become  established in the game, and lived on as NPC's.  While their goals develop as they get older, and have been simplified by the DM, they retain the core elements of any goals set by their original players.

These guys make up the junior aristocracy of the game world.

Character sheets Here ...

Introduced NPCs

Mother Beatrix - Lord Henry's cousin, and a priestess of Pharasma, who runs the main Pharasmin sect in Southern.  She has helped many settlements get established by building graveyards and small religious houses.

Pemar deleMaistre - Lord Henry's cousin, who helps run the DELEM Trade company, and is now Governor of Wyvern Bridge.

Yasmin Yitis-Aldori - Head of House Yitis in Southern Region.  House Yitis are a minor noble family from Mivon, with trding interests.  She has been involved in a couple of minor plot points.

The Roths - They are an immigrant family from way down south, who arrived at a time when Tusk/Midmarch needed some outside investment.  They are refugees from a game that folded, and the main characters are still 'voiced' by their original players -  but as NPCs.

Big Job - an half-orc ex-bandit, who found a place for himself in this new nation.  He occasionally travels with adventuring parties in a support role.

Yolen - a Human Ex-bandit, who became a Caravan-Master for DELEM and accompanied many 'fuzzy' trips for PCs.

Helga - and her crew, have become the defacto support team for water-borne trips.

Maril - Half-elf, who was certainly an associate of bandits.  He supported trips in the Narlmarch and has become an entourage-aslly of  Zelona, March-Lord of Old Keep.  He nor runs a Holy Grove deep in the Narlmarch.

Verna Goodbarrel - (halfling), community leader in Litwin Cove.

Ex-PCs who left me with some idea of life goals

Rikka: (Magus) Loyal to Henry and happy to serve as one of his officers. Developing interest in  the relationships between weapons / armour and magic.
Outcome:  Adopted cousin of House leMaistre, magic weapon/armour business in Tusk.

Tib: (Ranger) Loyal to Henry and happy to serve as one of his officers.  Wants to be in the countryside countryside, likes to travel.
Outcome:  Adopted cousin of House leMaistre, country home at Junction & Chief Bailiff for the leMaistre Estates.

Borric: (Paladin) Will support Henry as he is the one tasked to expel the evil people/monsters from this border area.  Interested in the Military and the Law.    Long Term - head of his own temple.
Ourcome:  Chief magistrate of Midmarch, joint head of Iomedae’s Mission in Tusk.

Tansy: (Fighter) ‘So I was thinking either Tansy will try to open a tavern’
Outcome:  Owns a road house in Tusk with other minor business interests.

Rook Sanderson: (Ranger/Cleric, Erastil)  Build a nice rural community somewhere.
Outcome:  priest of a Holy Grove in the Narlemarch, serving a community of hunter/trappers.

Bai Kao: (Oracle) Power behind the throne. The most influential woman in the Stolen Lands?  Have her own library and academic base.
Outcome:  Married Henry, First ady of Midmarch.

Zorah: (Druid) Build the world's biggest and best horse ranch and animal training place!
Outcome:  Bar-Z ranch in rural Midmarch.

Cyrus Ondari: (Fighter/Cavalier) Relationship with Valeria.  Gain Noble Title and estate.  Establish a noble family.
Outcome: Lord Ringbridge.

Valoria der lin Lebeda: (Wizard) Establish a noble family.  Interest in Academic things.
Outcome:  Lady Ringbridge – Keeper of the Spells, head of Wizards Guild.

Fiddler Ashfoot: (Cleric of Erastil)Create small sanctuaries throughout the area for travelers, hunters and trappers.
Outcome:  Network of great shrines that dot rural Midmarch.

Quinn M'Taro: (Wizard) Own a  shop selling and creating fine clothes and  magical items.  Live peacefully with his wife, without external interference.
El'indre M'Taro: (Fighter) Attain Military significance.  Live in peacefully with her husband, without external interference.
Outcome:  Magic Tailor in Ringbridge, Private Guard Barracks (Whiterun, Feyfalls), Mansion in Ringbridge.

Lex: (Ranger) make a safe and productive life for himself.
Outcome: Magic Bowyer in Old Keep, leather craft workshop in Tusk.

Zelona: (Druid)  build green stronghold.
Outcome:  March-Lord of Old Keep.  Business interests in Oston.

Rose of the North: (Wizard)  Build magic shop.
Outcome:  Magic shop in Ringbridge.

Pipre - A long-standing PC, who became Lord Advocate of Tusk, with an interest in community projects and the seedier side of life
Outcome:  Retains official position, lives in Tusk's first noble estate, sponsored  Stadium District in Tusk.

Other ex-PCs

Lutz Stigmar - (Dwarf, priest of Torag) completed the character, but never got around to adventuring.  There was  vague talk about setting up a Dwarf enclave and a church of Torag.  He is nor an entourage Ally of Lord Aeris.
Outcome: Priest and Leader of the dwarves in New Dawn.

Quentin Ragoon - No real goals but associated with a noble family (in New Steven)  who have an interest in hotels and accommodation.
Dara - (Priestess of Sarenrae) vague goal of providing a safe home for her new child.
Outcome:  They  married and settled in Newgate, with minor business interests in accommodation and an apothecary.

Ron Swansov - (Human, minor priest of Torag)  no life goals listed, but he was introduced as a carpenter.
Outcome:  Owns a bespoke carpentry shop in Tusk.

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