Fuzzy: The Ox Train.   Posted by DM.Group: 0
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Sun 5 Dec 2021
at 16:48
Fuzzy:  The Ox Train
DELEM have an Ox Train that will travel from Tusk to Sirian - via Restov.

Experienced travellers are always welcome to join us.

NOTE:  This presents an opportunity to shop or negotiate for permission to develop in  either Restov or Sirian.
~Tobias Lodkova
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 V&A Diplomat
Mon 6 Dec 2021
at 15:13
Fuzzy:  The Ox Train
V&A's Expert negotiator, guided by notes from junior partner Percy Arndell, joins the Ox train in hopes of securing permission to further expand businesses in Sirian, and open new offices (and ports) in Restov.