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Thu 27 Jan 2022
at 15:25
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
Last call for the trip to Restov, either for politicking, negotiating or shopping.

Open to Entourages and PCs alike.

So far Darius Tobias has booked his place on the trip.

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~Tobias Lodkova
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Thu 27 Jan 2022
at 19:43
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
Tobias is likewise packed for the trip.
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Thu 27 Jan 2022
at 19:48
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
Damn.  I meant Tobias - not Darius.   Sorry.
~Sejana Cortellos
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Fri 28 Jan 2022
at 21:22
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
One Chelish expat was also up for this trip.

She was in no wise sorry to hear her employer say:

"I want you to make the trip to Restov, Sejana.  And please, shop some while you're there. As well as for yourself, I've a small list of things to pick up, if you're able to find them." 

She went about packing with fair verve; selecting garments practical and pretty, as well as weather appropriate.
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Tue 1 Feb 2022
at 09:20
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
The Lady Viktoria sits at the V&A quayside in Tusk preparing for the trip to Restov.  The passenger cabin has been swept, cleaned and polished, far more vigorously than normal, and the interior panels repainted.  It isn't every day that the boss comes aboard for a long journey.  There is just the one cabin, although it is large and fitted with bench seats along each side, but it still a fairly comfortable way to travel, and much nicer than riding all the way up there on horseback.

Although only two passengers are booked in, there is room for more - should they turn up at the last moment.
Viktoria Lodovka-Sud
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Wed 2 Feb 2022
at 15:44
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
Vik sat in the cabin, as straight as an arrow, worried she'd mess things up and even more worried that the cleaning had been on her account.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a small cameo painting of her daughter, looking at it with a wistful smile. She'd thought commissioning the painting was a tad silly when the impulse had struck her, had come up with many reasons to not do it, her daughter was still so young. But she was on the road often, and she could afford to be gripped by fancy.
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Tue 8 Feb 2022
at 11:27
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
The keeler sets of from the quay with Lady Viktoria  (the vessel’s namesake), Tobias (Adoven’s personal assistant) and Sejana aboard The crew are understandably nervous and on their best behaviour considering who their passengers are -  but every thing seems to go smoothly, although Vik, an experienced sailor in her own right, smiles at a couple of clashes brought about by excessive care coupled with everyone’s desire to do things as quickly and efficiently as they can.

The journey starts off as a normal river journey, past Silverton and Ringbridge all the way up to Whiterun.  Then the boat is pulled into a wide lock, before the water level is raised to match the higher level in the canal that bypasses the rapids.  The canal is only just wide enough for the keeler, and the crew spends most of their time trying to stop her scaping along the banks -  while a pair of large cart horses pull you along.  Then it is back out onto the river for a while, before the next canal at Feyfalls -  when the same things happen again.  This time the canal is shorter, but there are more locks to raise the vessel up to the same level as the top of the waterfall.

Then it is onto Restov, passing Fort Sarenko on the left and then Nikvata’s Crossing -  where the bridge  across the river is so low, that the crew have to lower the mast and row you under the bridge.  Then it is into Restov, where the vessel stops at one of the jetties close to the Golden Flute Inn (By the large F on the map).

“It is the best we can do here” The captain says apologetically.  “They don’t  really have a wharf large enough to take a vessel of this size.”

Please let me know how you want to proceed -  use a Private Line if you think that is appropriate.

Map:  http://rp.baileymail.net/doku....oy:restov:restov_map
General:  http://rp.baileymail.net/doku....:brevoy:restov:start
~Tobias Lodkova
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Wed 9 Feb 2022
at 02:58
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
Tobias notes "Lord Adoven has long wished to establish a trading house here in Restov. I wonder if the city leaders would allow a V&A presence in exchange for a wharf capable of handling river trade?"
 GM, 5119 posts
Sat 19 Feb 2022
at 17:06
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
"I don't know." the boat's master responds to Tobias's question.  "Although it would certainly make unloading easier." he says as he watches a consignment of swords, from Jovvox, that are manhandled ashore.  "And there are cases of wines and beers to go back down ..."

The dockside here is not all that busy, just a few fishing boats and the occasional shallop are berthed at the jetties, although there seems to be a lot of smaller boats crossing, back and forth, between the main city and Riverside.
~Tobias Lodkova
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Sun 20 Feb 2022
at 07:50
Fuzzy:  Trip to Restov
When the Keeler makes port, Tobias takes his leave of Lady Vik (both the vessel and the Lady) and heads into town, intent on finding a way into the sudden business growth that Restov seems slow to take advantage of.