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Player Information
This is a thread to help me collect information together about the various characters in the game.  Posts will appear - full of private lines -  with  information about different characters  :P  Please check and send me any amendments by PM.  This first post is

Personal Story Arcs.

I will make sure that the game gives you openings and hooks that complement the story arcs listed below.  These are my best guesses  :)  Based on what was written during character creation - and what  has been said in open play and private messages :P

I am happy to expand story arcs - add bits in, change things or change them completely - if you tell me (by PM) how you want your character to develop.  For those of you playing NPCs - I am happy to add their 'hopes for the future' here -  but that will be secondary to the main PC story arcs

Andalon de Lebeda


Percy Arndell



Cass Mordane


Fiddler  :




 Alisa D'Medvyed:

These are NPCs who were originally Player Characters.  While their goals develop as they get older, they retain the core elements of any goals set by their original players (although they might not achieve all of them)

Rikka: Loyal to Henry and happy to serve as one of his officers. Developing interest in  the relationships between weapons / armour and magic.  Medium Term - wants to establish herself as a magic arms and armour manufacturer..

Tib: Loyal to Henry and happy to serve as one of his officers.  Wants a nice countryside job, with travel, if he can get it.

Borric:  Will support Henry as he is the one tasked to expel the evil people/monsters from this border area.  Interested in the Military and the Law.    Long Term - head of his own temple.

Tansy:  So I was thinking either Tansy will try to open a tavern

Rook Sanderson:   Build a nice rural community somewhere.

Bai Kao: Power behind the throne. The most influential woman in the Stolen Lands?  Have her own library and academic base.

Zorah: Build the worlds biggest and best horse ranch and animal training place!

Cyrus Ondari: Relationship with Valeria.  Gain Noble Title and estate.  Establish a noble family. Cavalier - Order of the Dragon.

Viktoria d'Lodovka:  Lake / River based mix of water based business (boat building, fishing (etc) and a noble title

Valoria der lin Lebeda: Establish a noble family.  Interest in Academic things

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Player Information
Player Backgrounds

For those of you with Aristocratic Backgrounds you might want to look at this page  to see the titles structure that I use.

Valoria and Zauria de lin Lebeda

Mariam doZima Wolfeater

Cyrus Ondari:



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Player Information 1
This page lists  histories.