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Development Plans for Midmarch
Or how the various settlements fit into Henry's Plans.

Henry's commission is to create a province that forms self-sustaining safety buffer to the south of Brevoy.  It should be economically viable and stop bandits and monsters from operating along the borders of southern Brevoy.  Ideally, it should also provide a defence against military actions from the south.

Henry's plan is to build a road from Varnhold all the way to the East Sellen river - and use that as his basis for development.

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Henry LeMaistre
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Fri 4 Jan 2019
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Northern Midmarch
Northern Midmarch will fall under the direct management of the Governor of Midmarch.

Narlemarch Reserve – the area surrounding the Fey Home in the northern Narlemarch.  This are will be developed as a managed wilderness area, under the auspices of the Druids and Rangers of The Green Faith.  It has little prospect for economic development.  The following are already in place or planned.
  • Elkwall – Shrine to Erastil in his aspect of Patron to  Hunters and Trappers, overseen by Rook Sanderson.
  • Hunters Rest – Semi-permanent base for the scouts who patrol the reserve, and the woodsmen who work in the area, overseen by Aris’ta
  • Bar-Z – a rural area developed as a breeding station by the druid Zorah.

Future developments will include a permanent base at Hunter’s Rest and patrol points to the west of Fey Home.   Bar-Z is liable to expand.  A road will be pushed through the forest to open up the Western reaches for development.

Outpost – Outpost and its surrounding area will be developed as the rural heartland and  ‘Bread Basket’ of Midmarch.  It is good growing land and will be filled with farms and other rural businesses.  There is plenty of room for secondary and rural developments, such as Country Estates, Vineyards and ranches.   Developments of that nature will want support from Taverns, Road houses, Breweries, Shops, Markets etc ….

Oleg’s – Oleg and Svetlana have agreed to let their area develop into a small town, which will serve as the community and economic hub for the Northern Narlemarch.  Following conventional practices, Oleg’s will be open for economic investment.

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Henry LeMaistre
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Fri 4 Jan 2019
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Family Holdings
Delem Trading – an established trading company with bases in Restov, Brundeston and New Stetven – that represents the core wealth of my family.  It will continue to support developments in Midmarch.

Henryhall –  will develop as a small town and will provide a gateway to Restov and further into Brevoy.  Henryhall will form the basis of the estates that I leave to my heirs, and as such will be developed to suit my immediate family needs.  However, there will be room for other economic and social developments.

Rikka’s Armoury – Rikka will continue to offer a special initial discount to all members of the Midmarch Chapter.

The House of Pharasma, under Mother Beatrix, will continue to support settlements across Midmarch by building graveyards.

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_Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari
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Fri 4 Jan 2019
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When Valoria and I were granted title to Ringbridge, it was on condition that we made sure that the bridge across the River Shrike was properly secured – and that will always be at the front of our minds.  However, Ringbridge also has the most northerly jetty on the river shrike, with a good road link on to Restov.  My wife and I have also decided that we would like Ringbridge to become a centre for excellence and education, particularly in the military and magical fields.

Soon, we expect to expand Ringbridge proper by adding a second district that will favour military and magical developments.   Other developments are also welcomes, in both the new and old districts.  Eventually the town will be walled.

The Ringbridge Bastion, will become a palisaded village,  which is open to normal social and economic developments, Eventually we expect to build a second bastion on the far side of the bridge as well.

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Henry LeMaistre
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Fri 4 Jan 2019
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Tusk is expected to become the economic centre and Capital of Midmarch - although any development plans are down to the Tusk Council.