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Tue 19 Dec 2017
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Fuzzy: In Ringbridge
In Ringbridge things are moving on apace.  Builders are building a new house for Valoria and Cyrus on top of the hill inside the palisade, and there are pieces of field stone starting to line the outer wall.  The jetty is starting to take shape in the river below the cliff and a rough path has been cut to give access.  When it is widened and steps cut it will allow trade goods to be transported up the side of the cliff easily and quickly.

In the cleared area outside the palisade, there is a veritable village of huts – although most of them are of flimsy construction and they will have to be replaced with cabins or timber houses before too long.  Two larger buildings are starting to take shape.  One will be a Forge House dedicated to the Dwarven God Torag, Patron of all Smiths.  The other has the words, ‘Symphony of Swans -  Tavern’ painted on the  outer wall.  At the moment it is nothing more than a large shed-like structure – with drinks served from a table in  a  corner of the room and dinner cooked over braziers.  However, you can see where the kitchen and bar will eventually be added.  It is really rough and ready still, but it is dry and fairly warm …

This gives you an idea of how Ringbridge will look in a couple of months time  :)

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Wed 20 Dec 2017
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Fuzzy: In Ringbridge
Tib sits at a table in one corner of The Swans’ common room, with a mug of ale in his hand, chatting to Yolen and George  (two of the ex-bandits).  Looking up, he raises a hand in salute to those of you he knows, but then lowers his head to speak quietly with his companions for a moment or two longer.

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Wed 20 Dec 2017
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Fuzzy: In Ringbridge
Andalon entered The Swans' common room and smiled as he scanned the sparsely furnished room. He had just arrived at the jetty on a small sail boat with Adoven, Vik, El, Quinn and Ron, and offered to buy them all their first drink at The Swans to celebrate their journey upriver from Tusk Town.

As soon as the first of his travelling companions joined him he headed straight for the bar.
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Wed 20 Dec 2017
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Fuzzy: In Ringbridge
Accepting a drink from Andalon, Adoven pulls out a lute and treats any gathered to a spritely tune. He hopes to gather rumors while here, but it paid to gain a good rep with taverns whenever he has the chance.
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Sat 23 Dec 2017
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Fuzzy: In Ringbridge
When some more of the locals or other groups come to The Swans, Andalon will spread the news about the Sootscales tribe of kobolds to the west of Ringbridge.

"We have sailed up the Shrike River from Tusk Town. About half a day's travel west of Ringbridge we saw that a series of warning signs have been placed on the banks on both sides of the river. They have the sickle and sword symbol of Midmarch and say 'KEEP OUT'. Then there is a jetty being built on the north side of the river. That stretch of the river runs through the lands of the Sootscale tribe of kobolds. That's right, their lands extend several miles from the river on both sides.

"We were told that Henry has given Marik and his assistant Alanna the task of managing relations with the Kobolds and has struck a deal that basically says, 'You don't interfere with us and we don't interfere with you'.

"The rules are pretty simple. Do not set foot on the lands claimed by the Sootscales tribe. Free and safe passage is permissible along the river, however fishing is not permissible along the river within the lands controlled by the Sootscale tribe. Don't break those rules because Henry has granted the Sootscale tribe complete autonomy to punish crimes within their lands how they see fit and punishments by the kobolds are likely to be harsh.

"All communication and trade with the Sootscale tribe must go through Marik or Alanna. The jetty at the village of Sootscale is being set up as a safe haven on the banks of the river to allow trade between the kobolds of Sootscale and the people of Midmarch – through Alanna, the Kobold Agent. But even so, I would strongly recommend that anyone landing there should make sure they speak to Marik or Alanna to get permission before actually stepping ashore.

"Please pass on that information to anyone travelling west from Ringbridge along the river."