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Known Gods and Demipowers of Atlinus
Championing a deity will typically yield benefits through merit, which may take time.. typically a month or two, unless their ideals have been met out aggressively.

The Ruling Powers

These entities hold the most sway and influence over the world and currently the most powerful. There can only be Five in power at any time. Throughout history, there have been events which saw the rise of a Demigod replacing one of the Five Prime Rulers. In such cases, extremely dire consequences and world-changing upheavals occurred.


Known as The Flame Binder. She is a legendary Red Dragon, said to be one of the first of her kind. In ancient times she lay dominion over the continent as her personal domain before growing powerful enough to ascend beyond the mortal planes. Although ambitious and merciless to her enemies, the Flame Binder proved to be unlike any other drakes at the time that hoarded masses of the world's wealth  to themselves. For a time, the mortal races of the world enjoyed a Golden Age with the Flame Binder acting as Queen. Although this age was ended by conflicts spurred on by Xarfax and Xuelco, powerful relics and intact ruins of this advanced age still exist.. somewhere. The Altar of Flame is the last known seat of the Flame Binder's power. The most devoted worshippers have been known to gain fiery boons, usually life-giving fire and bursts of flames that can fuel just about anything for a seeming eternity.


Known as The Star Weaver. Little is known about her but its confirmed that this Blue Dragon was the one to have established the Ley Lines. For what exact purposes its never certain, but people acknowledge the Lines to be a great gift that made the accessibility of magic soar by leaps and bounds. This Goddess is revered in the cold north and has been known to bestow wisdom and insight in times of dire uncertainty.


Known as The Tide Lord, an immensely powerful hydra with many followers in ancient times that saw the sinking of numerous kingdoms. Worshipped primarily by Pirates for boons from the depths and coastal communities most vulnerable to the Tide Lord's destructive influence over the sea. Rituals to gain Xuelco's favor often involve blood, drownings, and feeding young maidens to Hydras.


The Silver Prophet represented the closest to unity the Almyran people ever achieved after a long history of division and tribal rivalries. Originally a mortal, Fjolnir began life as an Astrologer who discovered the power of starlight and constellations to bear tremendous properties. One such discovered star was the Silver Sun, deemed something sacred and holy, a luminous object transfixed to Alarym above all other nations. With the people rallying behind a force that cured all manners of wounds and diseases, a source of power that made ordinary weapons great, the Almyrans quickly began to centralise their society around the Silver Sun and crowned Fjolnir the first king, a being so attuned to the star's light that he'd eventually ascend. Since that day all kings were coronized under the same crown and expected to lead under similar virtue and ideals.


Known as The Huntress, a legendary Panthera that in ancient times led her people from a doomed continent to Atlinus. The new land was no less hostile to the Panthera, but through cunning and leadership they succeeded in founding a kingdom that lasted hundreds of years. Venovel is the most famous for spearheading a seemingly doomed rebellion against the Shadow Empire of Xarfax that absorbed all but a few known kingdoms at the time. People credit that Empire's end solely to the Huntress for leading an immensely risky gambit to covertly strike at the throne of Xarfax with everything they had left. They succeeded in the end at the cost of their lives. The thousands honouring the Huntress' sacrifice gave way for the ascendance of Venovel's soul to a position of power.


They either once existed as Gods or are simply powerful enough in their own right to be almost on-level with a God itself. Demigods often spawn cults, some of which grow to become very powerful organizations. Unlike ascended Gods, Demigods exist very physically on the mortal planes and often make personal appearances. Although there are hundreds of old-gods and demi-powers, the following are the most well recognized.


Known as The Earth Spider. Xrallach is an entity that existed in the deep places of the earth, content to remain lurking in the darkest shadows. Eventually he would make his lair around a Ley-Conduit tower, one of numerous hidden superstructures left behind by Sarynth. The Dark Elves were inevitably the first to discover a portion of this tower sealed off in stone. Eager to unlock its tremendously powerful secrets, they dug deep in hopes of finding a penetrable way inside the tower and awakened the Earth Spider who by now became supercharged via centuries of exposure to the Ley-Tower's terminus point. Since that day, a third of all known Dark Elven kingdoms became enslaved by the Earth Spider, doomed to serve his horrific minions and arcane aberrations. It took almost a century, but they succeeded in unlocking the tower which now serves as the Earth Spider's seat of power. Well known for bestowing great magical boons to obedient followers, cults to this Demigod are fairly uncommon among those desperate for power.


Known as the The Ice Titan. Hundreds of years ago before the arrival of the Silver Prophet he was a slumbering force that was awakened by the Almyran's in a bid to gain an advantage over a war with Bells and Leyland. Not only did the Ice Titan bestow the Alymyrans with weapons of great power, but he also took it upon himself to destroy a number of Almyran Chieftains and rule the lands in their stead and assimilated most clans under his frozen banner. For a few hundred years Alarym was the Ice Titan's domain until a civil war erupted after Coldshadow briefly returned to his sleep. A few heroes successfully took back the capitol and detonated the mountains around the Ice Titan's citadel which made it plummet into the sea. Although this ended up freezing sizeable portions of the sea in inpenetrable ice, Alarym became its own land again. In these times, thousand of sea raiders still worship Coldshadow and the lost Ice Titan hears their call, bestowing the raiders with frost-bound fortitude and powerful enchantments.


Known as Evernight. He was once a powerful God that led the Shadow Empire in a bid create a new world of perpetual darkness from which he could swallow other worlds. Known for his insatiable hunger, he took the form of a Twelve-Headed Black Dragon that for a long time extinguished all hope. His armies and all that served under his banners did so out of fear of being consumed, fighting solely for their own longevity. Whole nations converted to the dragon's Empire in a bid to save themselves when his conquest was complete. In the end however, the defiant Panthera led by the mortal Venovel defeated him and destroyed the Shadow Empire for good. Xarfax still exists, but his power is greatly diminished. Shadow Cultists are uncommon throughout the world, working endlessly in an effort to please the dragon's ravenous hunger.


Known as The Monster King. This demon ruled the surface at a time when the world was filled with countless varieties of strange and savage monsters. They made life for mortal races restricted to fortified cities and travel outside of them was nearly impossible without being attacked within moments. Although defeated by heroes, fragments of the demon still exist in some form. Unusual beasts and creatures that still exist in the surface world are often attributed to being a remnant of the Monster King's era. Much chaos would occur if his fragments were to be brought together and ritualized, as the demon has the means to re-invite endless throngs of monsters to the continent once again. Baramos cults can be found travelling whole lengths of the world in efforts to uncover the fragments, dreaming of plunging the world into disorder while being rewarded positions of power in the demon's new kingdom.


Known as The Prime Archon. Very little is said or written of the origins of Astral and no one knows what the entities called Archons really are or how they even look like, but hundreds of human interpretations have been penned. Primarily worshipped by humans in Veridia and Maedwen, the worshipping of Astral is widespread and common in the cities. He is considered a divine being, a path to transcendence and salvation for the soul. Unlike other demigods and their cults, the worship of Astral by his followers is considered a legitimate form of worship. Astral worship disallows the naming of Astral, considers magic and the acknowledgement of other gods to be heretical. Very elite and secretive hierarchies form around Astral worship.


Known as The Shooting Star, the most titanic of the Red Dragon brood to ever exist and the epitome of pure, unbridled chaos. He acts out of no fault, reason, or allegiance, awakening every few hundred years to consume thousands of souls in fields of flame. Although slain multiple times throughout history, he always seems to return from the earth. Rakdos Cultists are often individuals that seek an end to  the the world and hold no value for life, especially their own. Being reborn as a pure embodiment of fire is Rakdos' ultimate reward.


Known as the Snake Goddess. A decadent and indulgent being with many temples hidden underground, remote places or sometimes disguised in plain sight. She masks her cults in hedonism and pleasure but is known to command large-scale sacrifices particularly on children and newborns. Her cults have originally spawned in Dark and Sun Elven territories but are quickly spreading to Human populations where the minds of the desperate and weak-willed become enslaved by Asmodea's priestesses.

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