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Helpful hints from your fellow players
Right. Before applying, do yourself a favor and read all the Stickied topics in the Application section. They aren't that long, really, and will only save you a bunch of time, trouble, and subsequently the admin's patience.

Also, in this thread i'll include a bunch of stuff, mostly rants by other players, of things that generally annoy them. Although this doesn't mean your character will be forced to play as Mr. Nice Guy #256, it does include what you should keep in mind when (and preferably before) posting.

It's been a pet peeve of mine, to be honest. I read a good rant on the Venting Place, or one of the threads on the General Board, and i didn't want to see it either get buried or drop off of the first page where no one would look at it twice anymore. If anyone has a couple of (older) rants he/she wants to add to this, be sure to bring them up in a thread somewhere. Chances are i'll get to see it.

Anyway, on to the rants. Some tell you what to avoid, some give you hints on how to do something. All of them are here to help you and the other players get along a bit better ;)

These are originally from a Bleach RP forum, by the way. If you're familiar with that anime, great, if not... it's still obvious enough what the intent was at the time of posting, so don't worry.

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God Moding (by WhackedUpRPer)
If I misspelled that, I don't want to know.

Now, I want to talk a minute about God Moding.

We all know what the term means, and we all know it sucks. But what exactly constitutes God Moding? Well, I once heard it broken down into five areas.

1) Deific Moding
2) Skill Moding
3) Diplomatic Moding
4) MMPR Moding
5) Speed Moding

Now Iíll define these areas, so weíre all on the same page. Deific moding is what weíre all the most familiar with. Basically, one person says ďBWAHAHAHAHA, I CAN DO WHATEVERS I WANTSES TO DO, MY PRECIOUS!Ē
While itís rarely that annoying, and comes in various forms more or less subtle, itís still bad. We have no real problems with this at AdSoul, but we must remain ever vigilant.

Skill Moding is where you have a person who is already highly experienced and skilled expecting to get around a situation- just because theyíre highly skilled. Now before I go any farther, Iíll confess. Iíve done this before.
Yes, itís true. But Iím getting better.
Now what does Skill Moding look like? Well, some theoretical examples:
ďCaptain of X division Shyunpaís past the gate guardians onto their blind side and rips their kneecaps out with his bare hands! But the gate is locked? Ohnoes! Fortunately, the captain can pick locks! Zmog, weíre through! But whatís this, a broken bridge? Iíll just tear a chunk out of the stone wall with my Ban Kai and throw it across the opening!Ē
Again, rarely this obvious. But you get the idea. Highly skilled and intelligent characters can still get stymied by certain problems. What works should be left to whoeverís designed the scenario. And again, not a real problem at AdSoul, but it never hurts to cover the bases.

A Diplomatic Moder really wonít work in AdSoul, but I include it for the sake of completeness. This is for people in RPGs with skill sets and stuff like that (DnD/d20, Palladium, Exalted, ect) where thereís a skill that simply lets you talk people down. And a person does that all the time. Itís very annoying, but canít happen much here at AdSoul.

Fourthly, thereís Mighty Morphiní Power Rangerís Moding. This is also sometimes called Team Moding. It occurs when one or two players have a group of perhaps three to five characters (total, not each) that are completely balanced by themselves. BUT, they are almost always together/within easy access of each other/intuitively know when their friends are in danger, and can always rally to meet any threat, resulting in a ridiculously overpowered group that cannot be harmed.
Now I donít like to pick on the twins or the girl and her dog, but theyíre the most obvious examples. Itís true, Shin has behaved himself wonderfully. I havenít seen Breaker in action yet, so I canít fairly say about him. It even seems hard to see Shinís characters ever having the potential to be MMPR Moders. Still, be careful with groups like this (this is one of the reasons I try to have my own characters avoid each other as much as possible.) And for pityís sake, try not to always place your character with the characters they already work best with. Real life is almost never like that, and it shouldnít be like that in AdSoul either. Now Iím not saying you shouldnít role play with the other players you like to role play withÖ but try to even it out some, neh?

Finally, Speed Moders. These are most highly observed in Chat RPGs, especially Ayanee (if you donít know what it is, donít worry. Youíre better off that way.) Basically, these people just out talk the other players. They dictate their own actions so fast the rest donít have time to respond. Most speed moders rule unregulated chat games where thereís only a general code of conduct, and no real moderators. However, AdSoul has its own equivalent.
People, I know itís boring to wait for other people to show up and post. But itís even more annoying to have one person be able to travel half-way across the scene, sit down, eat a sandwich, read the paper, cast a spell or two, hold a deep philosophical discussion on the meaning of life, love, happiness, fish and the number 42, in the same amount of time it takes another person to swing their sword. Show a little consideration for your fellow players and temporal mechanics, and hold back on the posting a little. I understand thereís a time to push on, but itís often later than most think. Wait around a little, huh? Especially if itís the moderator running a thread who hasnít posted yet.

Anyways, thatís the end of my little tirade tonight. Think about it if you want. Or just ignore it. That works tooÖ

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Character Development (by BlueIllumination)
BlueIllumination"]This is supposed to go in the Venting forum, but I donít want to post a thread of me whining. The following rant isnít directed to anyone in particular, in fact, I have been guilty of a few of these myself, but this is based on my RP experiences.

Character development:
I cannot even begin to explain how character development is essential to RPing. Without spiritual, emotional, mental, and overall personal growth, a character is nothing more than a one-dimensional figure of someoneís imagination. Treat your characters like real people, with real flaws. Keep them true to themselves, and keep them realistic. One of the many reasons why I wonít play Shinigami is that, because of their age, most of them are well-seasoned veterans who have witnessed death and are therefore not as shaken up as their adhuman/spirit counterparts. This is not true for all of them, but is true for the majority. Though a death of a comrade, especially by oneís own hands, can rattle anyone, at least many of the Shinigami here have, or tried to learn how to cope with such trauma and devastation from the Quincy purge. Characters like that are no fun for me to play, hence, I stick with my two adhumans who will gleefully be emotionally scarred after seeing the slaughter in 2nd arc, one way or the other.

On that note of keeping things reasonable realisticÖ there is something disturbingly wrong if your character just saw people getting chopped up, mutilated, dismembered in the most gruesome ways, and the only thing he/she can do is look sad, sigh, and walk away. Different people react to things in different ways, but címon now! They just saw the freakkin holocaust! Itís one thing if he/she is used to seeing blood and guts and all that good stuff, but even a captainís gotta think to him/herself something other than ďAh crap. Just killed good old Johnny. Guess Iíll need another 6th seat.Ē And if they do, explain why in their posts! What is your char feeling right now? How will they react to the lost of their loved ones after the mayhem? My main concern is that people are going to go one with their merry lives as if nothing life-changing ever occurred; unrealism can ruin a good RP. Horrific situations such as these are great times to reveal other sides of your characterís persona [for they DO have other sides to them, rightÖ..?].

Unique characters:
Itís very hard to think of a character that is truly unique. Demon kids and rich girls with a heart of gold are hardly original. But donít rip off the bad-guy or gentleman-who-likes-roses stereotype, without a twist of your own. Likewise, if you have an insane character Ė which are very fun to play, I will admit Ė could you explain why they are insane? Are they suffering dementia, schizophrenia; are they a sociopath ,what? What trauma triggered this behavior? Itís not necessary, but it gives him/her some depth, and letís others appreciate his/her insanity, to some extentÖ

Demons/Angels/Elements/ ďGoing DarkĒ:
I really do regret giving Lilith a demon-fey, because itís not original. Though I am a firm believer that any theme, any character idea can be good if done by a good RPer, the fact is, demons and angels, as well as a character whose abilities are based on the four elements [one is okay, but having all four is overkill] are pretty much a tiresome theme in movies, if not in just about every genre that uses them. Likewise, having your character going evil i.e. going dark, is just as boring. If he/she has lost their hope in humanity, and are redefining their moral values, and you want to expound on their inner conflict, by all means do it! But donít say ďsome mystical-tistical energy thingie has possessed my char, and now he/she has strange dark powers and is going to kill all his friends.Ē I canít think of many movies that HASNíT done that.

Powers are nice. Powers are cool. But donít give them a hodgepodge of random stuff just because it sounds cool. Since powers in Bleach are usually not given from person-to-person [Ichigo the exception], they are usually a reflection of a personís soul. Orihime has a cute, childish mind, so her powers are fairies, fantasy-type characters. Chad wants to use his physical strength to protect others, so itís not surprising that he possess armor. This RP is not directly based on the canon, you can take a different route, but sheeshÖ wouldn't it make sense for your charís powers to be an extension of themselves? And if they are not [example, their abilities are handed down from their family], make them kinda original.

Love is a strange thing. But no matter how drunk Cupid can get when he shoots his heart-shaped arrows in peopleís asses, there has to be some basis for it. If two very random people get together and randomly fall in love, without even dating, and get randomly married, then something is wrong. Randomly wrong. You shouldnít force your char to fall in love just because you want them to get married and have children for God-knows what reason. Let them do it naturally. If they are impulsive, horny people, thatís fine and very IC. If not, thenÖ.

You may not like another RPerís writing style. You may think he or she is a complete newb. You might be his or her archnemesis off the boards and want to completely and utterly ruin their lives, shatter their hopes, dash away their dreams, murder their families and run over their pets. Thatís cool. But have the decency to read their posts and adjust your own posts accordingly. When Character A punches Character Bís teeth out, donít write that Character B is eating a ham sandwich, watching a ballgame, venturing into another dimension, or anything of the sort. Not only does it ruin the whole thread with inconsistencies, but itís just rude. And yes, this does include spelling their charís name right. Itís in the [bleep]ing sig, for crying out loud!
And if I have done that to any of you, PM/IM me at once, I will be glad to correct it.

A pet-peeve of mine: Please people, donít ever say ďevil grin, evil smirk, evil look on their faceĒ or anything of the like when talking about your char, unless you are purposely trying make them look cheesy. Itís so F$%^ clichť, itís not even funny. At least say ďsinisterĒ, goddamn!

One-dimensional characters:
Simply put, make sure your char has some depth. Maybe your char is just a sad individual and cries a lot. Thatís very IC and very fine. But be aware if they cry all the time, or laugh all the time, or sigh all the time. People donít act a certain way ALL the time. In fact, itís very IC to act OOC on occasion. I know some very depressed people, and even they manage to smile once in a while. In short, let them react in a variety of different, but still IC, ways, depending on the situation.

There are too many people who value powers over personality, in B|AS and abroad. When your char ShyunpoĎs for the sole purpose of Shyunpo-ing, when the only time you can write an in depth pages-long post is when describing an attack, when your list of abilities and spells/arts are longer than your background, then you, my friend, are focusing too much effort on power. In a hard-pressed situation, when all of your attacks are worthless, what are you going to do? Give two sentences of your char whining about itís helplessness? Rpingís not about getting stronger and kicking more bacon [though, itís a nice perk], itís about watching your char develop and grow as a person. Remember, powers can be taken away, but individuality can only flourish.

On that note, let your chars be flawed. PCís arenít as strong as youíd like them to be. So donít write a post detailing how Character B easily sideswipes an NPC, dodges another attack with grace and style, and then executes an excruciatingly long sequence of attacks with perfect, flawless accuracy. Thatís BS. I want to see a captain trip in the middle of an attack, or an adhuman be completely off her mark and accidentally hit a fellow char. Itís okay to be human. Let them err. Itís fun, itís interesting, and gives a much need break from all those others characters who try [and fail] to act cool.

Long applications:
Nothing wrong with adding some meat to your profile. But I KNOW Iím not the only one who hates reading tediously, and needlessly long character sheets. You donít have to write about the creamy taste of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich your character was eating on January 29, 1972. Quantity does not equal quality, for there are a couple of applications that are short and concise and easy on the eyes, and extremely long, boring apps that take me days finish. And to be brutally honest, if I donít have the patience to read your profile, I simply wonít let my own chars interact with yours. Give your character some leeway to add onto history during the actual RP. Thereís no fun in revealing every minute detail in the profile. As the saying goes, leave some room for imagination.

And if you do write a marvelously long application, you better damn well write marvelously long posts. You canít tell me that you can whip up pages and pages to get in the RP, yet only have a few three-liners in the real storyline thread.

Rping yourselves:
Iím going to have to disagree with Ranko when she had once claimed that RPers canít work with characters unless they are representing some part of them. People, we ďroleplayĒ ourselves all the time in real life, so whatís the point in basing a character on yourself? RP is the time to explore new options, new ideas; hence, most of my characters either have nothing in common with me, or even better, people whom I normally would dislike. I donít like music, yet Mei is a pop-star. I donít like snakes or kids, yet hereís Lilith, a combination of both. Iíve played circus-performers, rapists, and mute undercooks, and I can honestly say that they and I are worlds apart. Playing such chars that are different from me gives me new prospects, and is simply much more interesting and fun for me to play, instead of a char based on myself.

Okay, I am done for the night.

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Character Personality (by Ninia)
Next up, a rant of my own, which to me was a BIG help on describing the personality. I'll quote the original poster from it, but you might not know who it is simply because she doesn't post here.

Again, edited slightly (bold, added the list tag) and i only quoted part of the post. Dibs to for the quote.

When characterizing your character, begin by selecting one of each set of the following personality traits, and describe how they are that, and to what degree are they that?

Personality Traits

  • Optimistic or Pessimistic
    This indicates the outlook your character has on the world around them
  • Idealistic or Rational
    Idealistic characters are those who follow their hearts, whilst Rational characters tend to follow the facts
  • Imaginitive or Logical
    Imaginitive characters are artistic, asthetic thinkers, while Logical characters tend to see things from a cause/effect, this/that, true/false mindset.
  • Playful or Serious
    Playful characters are laid back and enjoy enjoying yhemselves, while Serious characters perfer to stay directly focused on their goals.
  • Extrovert or Introvert
    Extroverted people perfer to be with other people, and are sometimes uncomfortable with being by themselves, while Introverts are uncomfortable with other people, or simply perfer working and travelling on their own.
  • Couragous or Cowardly
    Couragous characters usually can stand in the face of at least a mild amount of danger and death and not flinch. They tend to be confident as well, and are commonly considered heroic. Cowardly characters tend to be self-concerned, and usually are out to take care of themselves, by any means required.
  • Confident or Insecure
    Confident characters are self-assured,a dn know themselves well, their strengths and their weaknesses, Characters can be overly confident, and still be considered confident, but that is an unhealthy extreme. Insecure characters suffer some negative self-image, either feeling too weak, or too ugly, ect.
  • Clever or Naive
    Clever characters are capable of seeing through plans and deceptions, and pretty good at making their own as well. A Naive character is one who is easilly tricked or decieved. While not relating to intelligence, this determines both how well others can pull one over on the character, and how well the character can pull one over on others.
  • Caring or Cold
    A caring character is one who's emotions give them a strong guiding, as opposed to an emotionally cold character. Characters who are Cold can still feel emotion, it simply isn't a powerfully impacting force to them.
  • Organized or Messy
    An organized character perfers to be in neat and organized enviroments, and usually perfers planning to simply haphazardly doing things. Messy characters are often slobbish, and tend to perfer things when they are scattered and in a state of disarray.

(added by me)

With your character in mind, describe each of the ten sections for him, her, or (in the case of a Hollow) it. Then, glue them together for a killer Personality section ;)

Also, keep in mind that you're not trying to describe what you would do, but what your character would do. Stay away from that pitfall and unless you end up contradicting your own Background you're good to go in the Personality section ^_^.

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