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Request-To-Join Form and Character Creation in 8 Easy Steps
This RP takes place in Leyland, where armies from Veridia have penetrated its borders seeking to gain control of the capital. By default you roleplay as someone volunteering, drafted, coerced, or forced into fighting for the Veridians against your will, but I'll also accept the possibility of people wanting to fight for Leyland from the start if enough RTJs for that come in.










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Character Creation in 8 Easy Steps
Step 1
Select a Class.

This will determine your base stats and growths. See the Class thread for available classes.

Note that the starting weapons are not set in stone, if you want to be an axe-wielding Wyvern Knight or a Soldier with Swords instead of Lances, that's fine.

Step 2
Select an affinity.

Add the specified bonuses to your base stats and growths.

Fire - HP Stat +1, HP Growth +5%
Ice - Def Stat +1, Def Growth +5%
Wind - Spd Stat +1, Spd Growth +5%
Dark - Str/Mag Stat +1, Str/Mag Growth +5%
Light - Res Stat +1, Res Growth +5%
Anima - Skl Stat +1, Skl Growth +5%
Lightning - Luk Stat +1, Luk Growth +5%

Step 3
Select a race.

Each race has their own specific bonus to add to your stats. Halfbreeds are possible (in which case one would simply gain +1 to their parents' racial stats), but anything custom will have to be approved by the GMs.

Human : They come in countless variations. The race with the most variance and inner conflict. +2 Luck

Snow Elf: Elves of pale skin sometimes bearing an icy shade, they originate from cold regions. +2 Magic

Sun Elf: Elves with a history tied to the desert, some bear a pale to pink complexion while others simply look tanned. +2 Strength

Dark Elf: Elves shaded light to dark bluish hues, they can be found all over the world with the vast majority residing in underground city-states. +2 Skill

Panthera: Without their feline qualities, they could be mistaken for wilder humans. A Panthera is easily identifiable by cat-like ears and a tail. +2 Speed

Step 4
Determine your homeland.

See the World thread for background information.

Leyland: +5% to Accuracy (added directly to your Hit%)

Yotai: +5% Avoid (subtracted directly from enemies' Hit%)

Rizvhil'vic: +5% Critical (added directly to your Crit%)

Kharuzar: +5% Critical Avoid (subtracted directly from enemies' Crit%)

Bells: 10% off all weapons and items. (This bonus is used outside of battles).

Maedwen: Positive effects of the weapons triangle doubled. (+2 might, +30 hit % for unit with advantage)

Ritherworld: Negative effects of the weapons triangle doubled. (-2 might, -30 hit % for unit with disadvantage)

Kolleria: +25% Gold for Wins (Bonus gold if you win the battle)

Veridia: +20% Gold for Kills (Bonus gold for each kill)

Alarym: Allows units to walk on water with no movement penalty

Step 5
Distribute bonus points.

To further customize your unit, add 1 stat point to any one stat. Also, add 5% to any one growth.

This bonus applies to everyone, Leaders and SiC's included. Leaders also get several additional bonuses, described in step 7.

Step 6
Weapons and Items

For weapons and items, you start with:

- Vulnerary (3 uses)
- One E Rank weapon (ex: Iron Sword)

All available weapons and items are listed in the Shop thread. Players are advised to pick a weapon their chosen class can actually wield.

Step 7
Leader bonuses

If you are a guild leader, you get a few extra stats and growths: +3 Stats, +15% growths. No more than 2 of these points can go into the same stat and no more than 10% of this can go into the same growth.  Also, you cannot put points into MOV, CON, or AID.

Note that this comes with the responsibility of managing the guild's income, and making sure everyone of their troops is properly equipped. There is a maximum of two Leaders ingame at any given time, one for each side.

See also the Rules thread for additional ingame effects.

Step 8
Skills (optional)

If you want, you may now select one (and only one) of the following skills for your character. You do not need to pick a skill if you do not want one. Skills may be purchased at a later date.

If you do decide to take a skill, reduce your HP growth by 5% and make further stat adjustments, as the individual skill requires.

If you later on remove a skill, add back on the 5% HP growth, and add back on the stats subtracted from that skill.  Should you purchase and add another skill afterwards, subtract -5% HP growth, and deduct the appropriate stats as usual.

Adept: Have a chance to attack twice in a row. Activation chance = SPD. Subtract 1 point from STR, DEF, and RES.

Vantage: Always attack first in combat.  Subtract 1 point from LUK, DEF, and RES.

Savior: Receive no penalties while carrying a rescued unit. Subtract 1 point from HP and LUK.

Wrath: Critical rate increases by 30% when HP is half or lower. Subtract 1 point from HP, LUK, and DEF.

Awareness: Cancels enemy’s battle skills. Reduce all stats by 1.

Renewal: Recover HP at the start of your turn. Recover 3 HP per turn when non-promoted, 5 HP per turn when promoted. Reduce all stats by 1.

Counter: Deal half the damage you receive in combat. Activation chance = SKL + LUK. Subtract 1 point from HP, DEF, and RES.

Celerity: Boosts movement by two spaces. Decrease HP, SPD, DEF and LUK by 1.

Provoke: NPCs always attack this unit if possible. Decrease LUK by 1.

Shade: NPCs only target this character if there is no other target available. Decrease STR, and SKL by 1.

Congratulations, you have just survived character creation. Good luck in the RP :)

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