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The World
The story takes place in the continent of Atlinus. The dawn of the Age of Machination began when Veridia a war against the guardians protecting the ancient Altar of Flame. Tapping into it, they saw to a successful fusion of magic and technology, enabling them to dramatically prosper and develop things thought to be impossible.

In the 13th year of Fusion tensions between the triumvirate consisting of Veridia, Alarym and Yotai championed by Queen Nefitar against the rest of the world spiralled into a war for domination. Whether they unite the continent under one Empire or be swept aside by valiant heroes is yet to be seen..

Veridia: The Scarlet Empire

Capitol: Sunport
Ruled by Nefitar, The Empress of Flame

Once known for rolling green plains and gentle hills, Verdia was always known as a cultured human kingdom helping keep the mighty Iron Empire of Maedwen in check. In recent years, the former ruling powers were deposed by the powerful Scarlet dynasty who took power and made sweeping changes to the nation's power structure, unifying it like never before. Traditionally the lords of Verdia kept a distance from Phoenix Valley where powerful dragonkin-human hybrids safeguarded the Altar of Flame, a structure housing the goddess Aevidra's connection the physical plane. When the Scarlet dynasty took power, the Empress Nefitar worked tireless to bring the nation together to take Phoenix Valley for the nation. A year-long and extremely costly war saw the kingdom wiping out the ancient defenders, granting the Verdian's access to studying the Altar of Flame for themselves. With an unlimited energy source at their disposal, the Scarlet Empire was formed, leading to the discovery of Magi-Tech which allowed the nation to harness the Altar's power to create a nexus of almost unlimited energy. Newfound prosperity gave rise to sprawling cities of elegant ornate architecture unrivalled in beauty and cleanliness. More importantly, it provided the means to enormous military potential which led to the largest standing army in the world.

Leyland: The Northern Sanctum

Capitol: Ilia
Ruled by Avaena, The Sapphire Sorceress

The Northern Leylines have always been known as sources of intense arcane energy. It was here that Magic was first discovered by Snow Elves and refined for practical use. Hundreds of years later it still remains the might of magical power in Atlinus. Although a land of perpetual snow and ice, Leyland boasts a significant human and Snow Elf population that prospers from exports of innovative magi-tech inventions and energy crystals.

Yotai: The Island Kingdom

Capitol: Zipangu
Ruled by Yurra The Tempest

A nation of many islands dependant on imports and goods from the sea for survival. The development of magic and industry was always slow in Yotai due to non-existant infrastructure and cultural resistance. Despite a lack of development, the Kingdoms makes up for the fact with some of the deadliest soldiers in the world second-to-none in blade mastery and stealth.  Yotai also boasts the largest naval force in the world, making up for its outdated and primitive designs with sheer numbers. Being close to Viridia, the island nation went to war many times with their coastal neighbour, often coming out on top and equal-footing. However the Age of Machination tipped the scales of balance, forcing Yotai into an alliance with their old enemy or face annihilation.

Kharuzar: The Shimmering Sands

Capitols: Shariz and Goldenwall
Ruled by King Gefrid and Magister Selonius

The sands of Kharuzar have long kept a reputation for being very mysterious. It is uncommon for lost treasures and deposits of precious stones to turn up unexpected in the dunes.. - but unfortunately demonic entities have shown up just as frequently. The Humans and Sun Elves who live here have held contention with each other for centuries, but in recent times have abandoned their wars and made a defensive pact in the face of increased demonic anomalies and the Scarlet Empire making moves at their borders.

Maedwen: The Old Empire
Capitol: Ironstar
Ruled by Emperor Xanthius

In earlier times the might of Maedwen was undisputed, and came to be known as the Iron Empire that at one point had borders that swallowed nearly the whole of Atlinus. Rich iron deposits enabled the empire to field a colossal well-equipped military that for a long time had the most advanced technologies around, being the first humans to develop rifles, artillery and tanks. The rise of Leyland and its magical innovations greatly contested Maedwen's power however, and the Empire's prosperity diminished steeply after a costly war with Ritherwold. A mountainous land with stretches of wasteland and strips of woodland, the Empire long set its eyes on Kolleria and its lush rainforests. Small wars between the two nations are frequent.

Ritherwold: The Valleys of Shadow
Previous known capitol: Cloudspire Ascent
Last ruled by Deemer Blackmore (missing for seven years)

A land comprised of razor-edged mountain chains, dark wasteland, endless swamps and violent volcanic activity in the southern reaches. Ritherwold is home to a perpetually violet sky that forever crackles with dark lightning. Centuries ago the land may have been a prosperous kingdom as the ruins of ancient castles and cities dot the desolate landscape. Functioning towns are very rare in Ritherwold, and those found are small and poor. Black citadels jutting out of mountains or rising from plateaus in the swamplands are uncommon, but few dare approach. Ritherwold has been known for being the domain of Necro-Lords in earlier times but haven't been seen or heard from in decades since the Tempest War.

Kolleria: The Untamed South
Capitol: Moonlit Isles
Ruled by Mirri the Caretaker

Most of Kolleria is deep jungle with a coastland dotted with numerous small islands. The land is primarily home to Panthera and the Amazons. Constant invasions have led the two groups to working together for survival and eventually co-habitating on the Moonlit Isles, a place long known as a safe-port without codes and regulation. Kolleria's jungles are marked with many scars and its warm turquoise waters dotted with shipwrecks from generations of warfare.

Bells: The Mercantile State
Capitol: Bell City
Ruled by Chancellor Caius Lancristir

A modest civilized nation unscarred by warfare with relatively quiet towns and tranquil woodland. Bells is the only kingdom that successfully combined Human and Elven culture to co-exist as one.  Although the Dawn of Machination made it lose its position as the most wealthy power, it still enjoys large monopolies in trade and brings in the most gold from exports due to the sheer volume of high-quality goods produced within. Although not a military power, Bells is home to many talented mages and soldiers that enjoy artisan-crafted defences and a small but advanced fleet that held back Alarym's ambitions throughout many wars.

Alarym: The Divine Theocracy
Capitol: Varrok
Ruled by King Vanderhal

A land of rocky highlands and constant rains. It was once inhabited by warring tribes and bloodthirsty sea raiders. A great chieftain guided by a mysterious Silver Prophet eventually unified the land and founded the kingdom of Alarym as it is known today. Temples of the Silver Sun are very common here and hold an enormous sway over the populace. The Almyran military is well known for its Knights and Valkyries dominating the open-fields of battle but also known for numerous failures to invade Bells. The rulers of Alarym forever felt they were living beneath of the shadow of the mercantile state's prosperity and numerous attempts at conquering its rich territory have been met with increased resentment. The kingdom also faces the problem of Tribal raiders worshipping dangerous gods of old, particularly Coldshadow.

Rizvhil'vic: The Underground Domain
Capitol: Quarphyx
Ruled by High Priestess Quellyn

A very old Dark Elven kingdom marred by centuries of division and in-fighting among noble houses. Known for being a place of worship for dozens of lesser demipowers that rise and fall in power at chaotic rates. Recent times saw the kingdom bound together by an unsteady alliance for survival in the face of the Earth Spider and his followers taking over a significant portion of the state's territory. Once a place of religious fanaticism, Rizvhil'vic is steadily becoming more modernised in its ideals and open to links and commerce with the surface-world although elements of prejudice and deep-set traditionalism always remain. Being relatively separated from the rest of the world, Rizvhil'vic seems destined to face its problems alone.. but whether or not is it safe from the Scarlet Alliance's grasp remains uncertain.

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