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Thu 7 Jul 2016
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1.1 - Finding Dol'kuruk
What remains of your supplies is disappointing. A'kum ate a preposterous amount of your rations during the march, and without the apes' continued assistance, you decide that the wagon is too much trouble to take along. Should you need it later, you can find your way back to the monolith. You cram the useful supplies into your backpacks, and prepare to part ways with A'kum, who steadfastly refuses to go any nearer to the city.


If you wish to ask anything further, now is the time. It is dawn, and Dol'Kuruk is supposedly merely hours from here if A'kum is to be trusted. When you do decide to depart, an Int-based Navigation check will be required. Perception checks are optional, but encouraged.
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Fri 8 Jul 2016
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1.1 - Finding Dol'kuruk
As the group moves away from the apes, Lothi releases a long-held laugh. It's a disused laugh, ragged and halting. She explains without prompting. "There is an elven story about a buffoonish human ruler, meant to ridicule cities and men. The story is true, or not; it doesn't matter. But the ruler's name is A'kum. I suspect an elf called him this, and it stuck. He was like a character from a story!" She laughs again, hard, and falls quiet.

Since the venture had lost its ourang trailblazers, Lothi draws her own scimitar and begins to hack through the foliage with efficient, sweeping strikes. It's not the ideal tool for the task, but it's certainly better than the dull blades the ourangs had been using.

While she works, Lothi keeps her eyes open, and there is a frenetic tinge to her movement.

Lothi rolled a 12 on Perception, which she is trained in.

M:11/15 S:18/18 I:11/11

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