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1.3.1 - Through Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old
Everyone follows into the tunnel, more glinting white stone that draws into a receiving chamber. Against a distant wall, Willian stands with his hand over his mouth. "Master Reginard... the wall... it..." he sputters. You have known Willian to be especially unflappable, but it takes him a moment to resume his usual demeanor. "I beg your pardon," he says, "Master Reginard must have been seized by the influence of this place. He ran directly into the wall, there, and was swallowed by a coruscating burst of light." He looks about the room. "I pray that he is unharmed."

The room itself is not especially large, at least in comparison to the city-sized tree outside. It is roughly octagonal, each wall stylized with a sculpted frieze. The friezes are dazzlingly detailed with thousands of tiny figures or pictograms. Deciphering them would takes years of archaeological research, but a number of figures recur regularly: slender humanoid figures, insects that look like wingless bees, and a decorated eye with a star-shaped pupil.

Your two torches are the only source of light, though they are sufficient to see all the way to the ceiling. The stone beneath your feet glows very gently where you are standing. As you study the walls, you suddenly realize that the door through which you entered is gone. The walls are an unbroken series of friezes.

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